Kissing on Camels and Kissing the Sphinx

Egypt group 2020

Debra and Richard and camel 2020

We have had the first few days of our fabulous Egypt trip! People from all over the country and Canada are here with us and as usual, we’re having the time of our lives on this amazing journey.

We always start right out with a camel ride to the Great Pyramid. Woman in orange on camelThey are so sweet and it’s so magnificent to just look up and there’s the Great Pyramid! Every year it’s just so stunning to be in the presence of this amazing structure that is so full of mystery.

Here’s Sherrilene getting a nuzzle from one of the camels! She came on a Soul Adventure last year and said to me “I must go to Egypt!” and now here she is! I love how that happens with so many people!

The camel guys always get a kick out of taking pictures of us kissing on our camels!

Kissing on camels 2020

And then it was on to the Sphinx, and this year we took a lot of photos playing around with the Sphinx.

Sphinx 2020

Here’s me kissing the Sphinx.

Debra kissing sphinx 2020

And now the Sphinx is kissing my hand.

Sphinx kissing debras hand

This is a new one and it’s my favorite – me putting sunglasses on the Sphinx!

Sphinx sunglasses

We did a beautiful ceremony in the desert at the Solar Cross, definitely the highlight of the day.

We also drove past the new Egyptian Museum which opens on 10/10/2020! The scale of this place is absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it next year and have it be a huge part of our trip next year, which will be February 15-28, 2021!

If you think you may want to go on the trip next year, I highly recommend getting yourself on our Waiting List. This year’s trip sold out in a little over 2 weeks and I’m sure that’s what’s going to happen for this next trip. Especially with the addition of the new Egyptian Museum. Click here to put yourself on the list – and we’ll send you all the information as soon as it’s available.

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