What is all the Hype about Sedona?

Is Sedona really so special? The hype and the reality?
The short answer is, “yes it is…” Virtually everyone who comes here marvels at its amazing natural beauty. Not only the awesome and deservedly famous red rocks, but the lush, surprisingly green environment of Oak Creek with its crystalline waters.
And then there’s the area’s reputation as a spiritual center, or sacred site. Many visitors feel something indefinable when they come here. They feel the call of their soul, asking them to look at life more deeply, and to seek more meaning and fulfillment.
What is this all about? Well, Sedona has been regarded as a “place of power” or an area of sacred ground for centuries by Native Americans. And those in the metaphysical movement have picked up on this. But is it real?
We think so – even though we acknowledge it has been “hyped” a little too much at times. There is a palpable, discernible energy here, a force that nudges us in the direction of our spiritual development and soul’s purpose. It’s something that seekers have reported in many sacred places around the globe. And it’s especially powerful in Sedona.
I felt the call of this energy when I first came to Sedona, and it led to the founding of Sedona Soul Adventures – to support others in their spiritual journey, in a place that naturally supports and enhances that process. It’s hard to use words to describe it – that’s why we encourage you to experience it for yourself.

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