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Would you like to see “Hamilton” and go to Egypt?

As one of my faithful readers you have a very special opportunity – to see the musical “Hamilton” and go to Egypt! First come, first served!

Are you familiar with the musical “Hamilton”? I saw it when it first came out. I really splurged and spent $750 for one ticket, making it a combination Christmas and birthday present to myself. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier about splurging on something that was just for me. It’s the most amazing theatrical experience I’ve ever had.

Every year when I go to Egypt, I always go to New York (we all meet and leave from JFK) a few days early so that I can run around in New York City and see some shows. My undergraduate degree is in theater and dance, and it’s one of my passions. This past February, I checked on getting “Hamilton” tickets so that my husband Richard could see it (his brother saw it and said it was “transcendent”) when we went to Egypt this past February. I checked on them 6 months in advance, but they were so expensive, we decided not to do it.

Ever since I first saw “Hamilton,” I’ve been on their list as a “Verified Fan,” so I get notices when new blocks of tickets come out. A few weeks ago I got another notice, and then a second notice saying I was part of a pool of special fans who were getting first access to the new block of tickets. They said I could get up to 8 tickets and Richard said, “Let’s get all 8 and make them available for people on the Egypt trip.” Brilliant!

That morning, at 7am sharp, I was on my computer and I was able to purchase 8 tickets for $199 each! Amazing!

So here is your opportunity to check off two bucket list items at once! Seeing “Hamilton” and going to Egypt!

Here’s the deal:

  • The tickets are for Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 8 pm. We leave for Egypt on Monday, February 18, so you’ll be coming in for a few extra days in New York (perfect for seeing the Egyptian exhibit at the Met, running around Times Square, etc.)
  • These are tickets through Ticketmaster, which is the official site for the tickets.
  • $199 is the price that I paid (plus a $15 service fee which was paid to Ticketmaster); this is the price you will pay, so this is not a scalping situation.
  • They are not front row center seats, they are in the Mezzanine, so not premium. However, I went online right now and similar tickets are selling for $449. The highest price was $1,170 which is insane (but people are paying that!).
  • This will be a first come-first served situation. You will need to make your deposit for the Egypt trip ($1000) and pay for the ticket.
To give you more backstory about “Hamilton,” it makes no sense that a musical about one of our Founding Fathers would be so incredible, but it is. It has love, passion, sex, incredible songs, fantastic staging…everything! It won the Tony Award for Best Musical.

So what an incredible combination – I’m so excited to know that we’re seeing “Hamilton” and then going to Egypt! Wow!

To see all the information on the Egypt trip, Click below.

If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at [email protected].

Or feel free to give me a call – I love talking about Egypt! 1-877-204-3664

If you already know you want to go, Click here to make your deposit.

And then send me an email with “I want to go to Hamilton!” in the subject line.

Isn’t this exciting?

Debra Stangl

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