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The Lost Pyramids of Caral, Peru – A Peaceful Civilization?

In the last few years the world has been buzzing about the discoveries of the Lost Pyramids at Caral, Peru. Caral has been brought into my awareness 3 times in the past 7 days, so I think that’s a message that I’m supposed to pass this information to you.
Many archeologists (and others) now believe that Caral is the oldest site of civilization on the planet (Jericho was previously thought to be the oldest).
The picture above is over the main Pyramid in the incredible complex at Caral that includes Pyramids, an amphitheatre and houses. The Pyramid itself covers the size of almost 4 football fields and is 60 feet tall.
Although it was first discovered in 1948, it has taken many years for the excavation to take place. It appears that the area was a thriving population center, but amazingly, no evidence of war has been found in all the artifacts that have been discovered. No weapons have been found, no battlements, no walls, nothing to indicate that warfare ever took place here. There are many who believe this was an incredibly peaceful civilization that belies the common belief that war is somehow genetic or part of the human “make-up”.
As I send this to you I am about to embark on our annual Egypt trip where we’ll do ceremony inside the Great Pyramid once again. It is so incredible to me, the connections that I continue to find between Egypt and Peru – the pyramids, the mummies, the belief and devotion to transformation and a higher way of living.
Watch this amazing video “The Lost Pyramids of Caral” on You Tube that was part of the BBC Learning Documentary. It’s the first of 5 videos (10 minutes each), the first time I watched it I got the chills.
If you got the chills (hair standing on the back of your neck, or your heart opening, etc., etc.), let me know. I love making those connections.

What is a Vortex Anyway?

A Vortex is believed to be a special spot on the planet where higher dimensional energies are concentrated to an extent to which it can be felt by humans. These energies, according to popular belief, especially in Sedona, enhance the flow of energy in our own bodies – what the Chinese call “chi”, or the Hindus “prana”. You could say that vortex sites are akin to acupuncture points on the earth’s surface – and that the acupuncture meridians of the planet are the “ley lines” posited by the ancient Druids.
Many assert that the vortex energies and the energy that flows through our subtle bodies is basically the same – that it is an electro-magnetic energy.
Whatever your belief, it’s hard to either prove or disprove that vortexes truly exist. While there’s been talk of measuring the force of the electro-magnetic fields at these spots, we’re not aware of any credible scientific experiments along this line.
But… that doesn’t mean they’re not real. Many very real experiences are difficult, if not impossible, to measure. For example, how do you measure the very tangible experience of love? So many people have reported feeling “something” at these vortex sites (including us!) that we know there’s something to them.
But don’t come expecting that you will automatically feel heightened energy, bliss, or some other positive or transformative state. While many do report these kinds of experiences, it’s our belief that an increased flow of spiritual energy in the body will go to where it’s needed for healing. So, you may feel sadness come up, if there’s something you’ve needed to grieve but haven’t allowed yourself to feel. Or you may feel an old injury ache, as the energy moves through that area of your body. And, you may simply just feel good!
So, despite the hype, we believe that vortexes are real. And we invite you to come and experience them for yourself! We can help you by guiding you on a vortex hike or tour as part of your Sedona Soul Adventure.

What is all the Hype about Sedona?

Is Sedona really so special? The hype and the reality?
The short answer is, “yes it is…” Virtually everyone who comes here marvels at its amazing natural beauty. Not only the awesome and deservedly famous red rocks, but the lush, surprisingly green environment of Oak Creek with its crystalline waters.
And then there’s the area’s reputation as a spiritual center, or sacred site. Many visitors feel something indefinable when they come here. They feel the call of their soul, asking them to look at life more deeply, and to seek more meaning and fulfillment.
What is this all about? Well, Sedona has been regarded as a “place of power” or an area of sacred ground for centuries by Native Americans. And those in the metaphysical movement have picked up on this. But is it real?
We think so – even though we acknowledge it has been “hyped” a little too much at times. There is a palpable, discernible energy here, a force that nudges us in the direction of our spiritual development and soul’s purpose. It’s something that seekers have reported in many sacred places around the globe. And it’s especially powerful in Sedona.
I felt the call of this energy when I first came to Sedona, and it led to the founding of Sedona Soul Adventures – to support others in their spiritual journey, in a place that naturally supports and enhances that process. It’s hard to use words to describe it – that’s why we encourage you to experience it for yourself.

Transforming a Bad Day

How do you change things around when you’re having a bad day? Scientists, psychologists, as well as alternative thinkers are demonstrating over and over again the perils of staying in a bad mood (elevated cortisol, elevated blood pressure, extra work required by the heart and nervous system) and the importance of what the Institute of HeartMath calls “staying in coherence”.
Two days ago all kinds of things were going on and I felt funky and gunky. I decided to just leave the office (thankfully I didn’t have any appointments or sessions) and I went home and told myself, “Debra, you know how to pull yourself out of this”. It worked great, and I ended up having an amazing day, so I wanted to share some of these ideas with you.
1) Breathe. Go somewhere (your car or bathroom) and take some really deep breaths. Focus on your heart and feel as though the breath is coming from your heart. After 10 deep breaths, you’ll be amazed how much better you feel.
2) Wring your Hands. This sounds a little crazy, but it works. If you’re upset, especially if you’re angry, really wring your hands! This is based on Chinese medicine – the energy meridians all meet in the hands so wringing them really moves the energy. This is the one that really worked for me the other day.
3) Have a good cry! A good cry will release bottled up emotions. (Just don’t do it in the middle of an important meeting!).
4) Blast those tunes. Find your best pump up music and blast it in the car. Dance or sing at the top of your lungs. Moving your body moves your energy.
5) Think of something that makes you happy, like your children, your dog, your kitty or the last incredible vacation you took. Close your eyes and get that vision and think about it.
6) Be thankful that it’s not worse. Most of what throws me off during the day is really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. Isn’t it true that many people in the world have it much worse off than you? As quickly as possible, go into gratitude for everything wonderful in your life.
Here’s some good things to do to prevent bad days from happening in the first place:
1) Get enough sleep. So many studies out there are showing what a huge difference sleep makes for us, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How many hours do you need? 8? 7? 6? You know what your number is, so make the decision to make that happen.
2) Take a little time to take care of you. Relax a little. Make yourself a hot bubble bath and add a little aromatherapy with the calming scent of lavender. Or come up with some other simple thing that feels delicious to you.
3) As Scarlett O’Hara would say, “Tomorrow is another day”. As you go to sleep, remind yourself of that, and set your intentions for a wonderful day tomorrow.
4) Wake up on the right side of the bed. Before you get up and hit the shower, close your eyes and repeat “this is going to be a good day” three times. The key is believing it when you say it!
Print this list and keep it with you in a place where it will be available to you when you are starting to feel yourself slide.
Do you have things you do to help you make a shift when you’re having a bad day? I’d love to hear from you.

2012 – What Does it Really Mean?

We have finally entered the year that has been the source of anticipation for many: the year 2012. There are many reasons why this year is striking such a cord with people. Over the millennia, it has been predicted that 2012 could be the year of our destruction. And while many people have dire concerns, my belief about what is happening is much more hopeful.
So here are the dire concerns – Many people are worried about this year and about December 2012 in particular. People are primarily panicking because the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Many have interpreted the abrupt ending of this 5,125-year-old calendar as a prophecy from the ancient Mayans, warning us that this date signifies the end of the world.
Another reason for concern involves the prophecies of the well-knownseer, Nostradamus. The prophet is most famous for his predictions about the massive destruction and possible end of the world caused by a comet that is expected to hit Earth during December of 2012. What makes Nostradamus’ predictions of even deeper concern are the accuracy with which he hasforetold numerous events, such as World War II and the rise of Adolph HItler.
The year 2012 is interesting on an astronomical level, as well. During the December solstice of every year, the Sun and Milky Way align together. However, for the first time in 25,800 years, a length of time known as a “Great Year,” the Earth will also enter into this astral arrangement. Taking place in December of 2012, this special confluence will result in the alignment of the Earth with the Sun and Galactic Equator. Since the Galactic Equator marks the mid-point of our galaxy, this will place Earth in the very center of the Milky Way galaxy. This astral occurrence also ties into Egyptian folklore. The Egyptians believed that we came from the Milky Way and that the Nile River is actually the Milky Way’s reflection on Earth. There are also ancient Egyptian predictions claiming that a catastrophic event is set to take place in 2012.
By examining the different predictions and influences involving 2012, it is obvious that something is set to happen. But instead of interpreting these prophecies with fear, many choose to view them in a positive light. According to astrologers, 2012 marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, a time of expansion, awareness and consciousness. This signifies the year that everyone will “wake up.” People may awaken in different ways and at different times, but the point is that everyone is going to wake up. The only annihilation to occur will be the death of our old selves upon our awakening to a new awareness. This new consciousness means accepting ourselves foremost as spiritual beings with the realization that our spiritual connection is the most important aspect of our existence.
So this is what I believe is the transformation of 2012. Death to the old way of being and a rebirth of spiritual consciousness, with each of us truly living lives of spiritual connection.

What to Expect on a Spiritual Tour of Egypt

Our busy lives often leave us with little time for ourselves. Without quiet, peaceful introspection, we can easily fall victim to stress and life worries. Our souls are crying out for our attention. Sometimes, it takes a voyage to an awe-inspiring locale to get back in touch with our spiritual side.
Spiritual travels are becoming increasingly popular. Many journey to renowned spiritual locations famous for their mysticism, such as the Egypt pyramids. Spiritual journeys allow us to direct our attention inward, forcing self-reflection. The right kind of pilgrimage will not only allow for peaceful introspection, but will also leave you feeling centered and renewed. Throughout your travels, you are sure to meet others also in search of a spiritual reawakening. Sharing this sacred journey of self-actualization with others can make the experience even more touching and memorable. If you are looking for an escape to renew your soul, then a spiritual tour across Egypt may be your answer.
The mysterious and sacred country of Egypt is an amazing place to visit. Its wonders alone already make it a breathtaking place. Egypt is exotic, yet barren; deserts stretch out as far as the eye can see, as if the sand were dirt and the ripples were water. Immerse yourself in your surroundings, standing in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. With ancient artifacts such as the Sphinx that watches over the Giza Plateau and the Valley of the Kings, where Egyptian Pharaohs found their final resting place, one cannot help but be personally inspired by the creations of the ancient civilization.
A spiritual tour of Egypt is not one that consists of some mere sightseeing and a visit to the Cairo Museum gift shop. On your spiritual journey, any number of places may resonate within you. Meditate in front of the Sphinx, looking to this majestic beast for empowerment. Witness with your own eyes the oldest out of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. Take a calming cruise down the Nile River before visiting Karnak, the largest man-made temple. Experience a five-star room displaying your own private view of the pyramids.

Spiritual tours are more than just sightseeing and taking time away from a busy schedule. Instead, they serve as an opportunity for meditation, reflection and self-growth. An Egypt spiritual tour is sure to be a memorable trip packed full of enough experiences to last a lifetime.

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

A spiritual retreat is the perfect antidote for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Personal spiritual retreats and couples retreats are ideal for people who want to get back in touch with themselves, reach a new level of spiritual and emotional empowerment or simply have a relaxing experience away from the stresses of everyday life. When work, family and daily toils bring you down, a three, four or five-day personal spiritual retreat can get you back where you want to be.
Many people visit Sedona Arizona for a Spiritual retreat. Spiritual retreats in Sedona place participants in a calming environment where they can relax, let go of stress, overcome challenges or achieve a life-changing experience with the help of dedicated practitioners. The best spiritual retreats offer a variety of sessions that venture into the esoteric arts with energy healers and spiritual guides.
A personal spiritual retreat is different from a conventional retreat that gives you room and board and makes you attend a group workshop and follow a set schedule, forcing you to compete for the instructor’s attention. A personalized, one-on-one retreat is focused on you and what you need to do to restore your soul. These retreats usually take three to five days and are charged by the number of sessions. While the guide will work with you to make your retreat affordable, you can expect to gain richness in your life that is infinitely more valuable than money.
The best retreats give participants access to a comprehensive range of practitioners who specialize in yoga, intuitivereadings, massage, energy healing, emotional healing, chakra balancing and cathartic ceremonies. Access to a wide range of activities gives participants the ability to reflect on several different perspectives or solutions to the same challenge. Practitioners from all over the world are drawn to Sedona Arizona to do their sacred work giving participants access to a wide variety of experienced practitioners.
The people who have completed personal spiritual retreats say it best. It is the life-changing experiences and tools participants take back home with them that make personal spiritual retreats meaningful and worthwhile. Personal retreats and couples retreats in Sedona are exactly that. They are personalized to meet the needs of each participant and couple, to help them get the most out of their experience and to achieve lasting change and personal growth.
A spiritual retreat may be the greatest trip you will ever take in your life. When you restore your soul, you restore your body and your mind, making your life much easier and less stressful. It will enable you to deal with the pressures of the modern world with ease and improve your relationships with those you love.

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