Breathing In Sedona

Breathing In Sedona

Below is the link for the music for “Inner Journey with Breath and Sound”. You can easily download this to your computer, or your smart phone or onto a CD. If you have any problems, please contact Anthea in our office at

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A Message from Debra – I’m so glad you’re going to continue to do the Breath Journeys! I have been doing this for over 20 years, and I’m still amazed at what happens! Over the years we’ve found that if you commit to doing one Breath Journey per week for 10 weeks, the results are quite astounding. After that, do it on an as-needed basis. It is quite literally, the best way to maintain everything that happened during your Soul Adventure. Even better, it will allow the transformations to continue to deepen and deepen.  You will also find that each Journey is different.

And below are directions for the breath as well as Daily Breathing exercises that will make you feel great. Enjoy!


Jaw and Mouth exercises

Close your eyes:
Open and close the mouth wide 3x
Move the bottom jaw side to side
Move the bottom jaw in a circle, then change direction
Open and close mouth wide, stick tongue out
½ circles with the head, shoulder to shoulder, pause at tight spot breathe and sigh 3x
3 long breaths, vibrating sound from torso on exhale
Release lips, vibrate on exhale

Opening the throat

Close your eyes and notice the inside of your throat. Notice if you feel tension. Notice if you see colors or textures. Now, notice the space inside your throat. As you bring your attention to the space, see if that space expands.

The Breath for the Journey

Now that you have a relaxed jaw and mouth and an open throat, you can begin the breathing. Drop the mouth and jaw open, keep the throat open and begin to slowly inhale through the mouth. Breathe in through the diaphragm. The body will automatically direct the breath. As you breathe in, you are focusing on the sensory aspect of the breath: how the breath feels in your mouth, your throat. Notice how the breath expands the body. Then when you reach the top of the inhale, when you absolutely can’t take any more in, you release into the exhale. The exhale is a complete letting go, not only of the breath but also of all that is no longer serving you. Consciously release, let everything go on the exhale, like a big sigh, even bringing your voice in, if you like. Feel that release in your body, the shoulders might slump slightly. Then pick the inhale back up. The most important aspect of the breath is that it is connected, there is no holding or pausing as you breathe.

As you breathe, follow the pleasure, as opposed to trying to do it right. Everyone will find their way with the breath. So focus on the pleasure of expansion through the inhale, the pleasure of release on the exhale. If you find you are in your head, wondering if you are doing it right, focus on your senses, breathe even more fully and vibrate some sound on the exhale.

As your body relaxes and you drop into presence, your breath will start to relax. That’s perfect, you can let the breath become organic at that point, even closing your mouth if you want to. If you find yourself back in your head, breathe more powerfully again, and make some sound.

Tips on a Successful Breathwork Journey at Home

Give yourself 2 hours for your journey so you don’t feel rushed and can journal afterwards.

Before settling down, establish a ritual of any sort that denotes that you are moving into Sacred Space, and intending to connect in (lighting a candle, saying a prayer, saying “I’m willing”, etc.).

When you lie down on the mat, take a moment to connect to your body and breath before you begin.

At the end of the journey, before you roll over to write in your journal, take a moment to notice whatever it is that you are experiencing of yourself.

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