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Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Our 2 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow, October 7. I’m so happy we were able to get married surrounded by the beautiful red rocks of Sedona and family and friends (we were limited to 40 guests for the wedding, so later that evening we had a huge bash that included all of our friends).

I can hardly believe it’s been 2 years! So much has happened in the past 2 years – most of it absolutely wonderful and some of it painfully sad.

It’s incredible to me that in the past 2 years we’ve lost three of our beautiful fur babies – first Richard’s dog, Prancer, 2 years ago, then my sweet Katie Kat last year and my beautiful, amazing Daisy this year.

Richard and I still talk about how we can’t believe they’re gone.

We still have our sweet Missy and she is so adorable (and we definitely feel their presence at certain times). This photo was taken shortly after Richard moved to Sedona; that’s Daisy the Golden Retriever on the left, Missy the Labradoodle in the middle and Prancer on the right.

But the most joyous thing has been that Richard is such a true partner. In our wedding ceremony, there was a portion added that I knew nothing about beforehand. My two dear friends, Ranjita and Yana, officiated the wedding. Eighteen years prior to that, I attended a Couples Workshop by Ranjita and during that workshop, one of the men said to his partner, “I’ve got your back.”

That day and throughout the years, Ranjita and I were constantly referencing that and talking about wanting to find a man who would “have our back.” Shortly after Richard and I connected, we were talking about something and he suddenly said “I’ve got your back, baby.” I couldn’t wait to get off the phone to tell Ranjita!

So she incorporated that into the ceremony, with us making the pledge to each other to always have each other’s back (the funniest part was that we were unprepared for this, she had us leaning against each other, we were on slick grass, I was wearing high heels and we both felt throughout this part of the ceremony that we were about to fall over, which would not have been the most auspicious start!).

And throughout these past two years, Richard has constantly been showing me how he has my back (and I hope he feels that way about me as well).

It is also such a dream come true that he has become such a support for me with Sedona Soul Adventures. With his extensive business background in Silicon Valley and his love of what we do, he’s just the perfect partner. He’s been to Peru with me three times and Egypt twice.

When I was preparing to write this, I went back and found the email I sent 2 years ago saying, “I got married yesterday.” What a blast from the past! I enjoyed reading it so much, I’ve included it below if you’d like to read it. I talk about how incredible it was that we even met in the first place and I included the poem that Richard had written, “735” (which is the number of miles between Sedona and San Jose, where he was living when we met).

Richard read the poem at our wedding and one of our clients who had been on the Peru trip with us that year and had done a Soul Adventure, got inspired after she read the poem in the newsletter and did a multimedia piece for us as a wedding gift entitled “735.”It includes the poem, a map between San Jose and Sedona, and beautiful colors. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s so beautiful and we have it hanging in the feng shui relationship corner in our home. Thanks again, Stephanie!

To finally be in a happy, joyous, amazing relationship at this stage of my life is almost unbelievable. And don’t get me wrong, we still have our stuff. We see some of our Sedona Soul Adventures Practitioners regularly because we always want to stay on top of everything. We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make this love and joy last and to be operating at the highest vibration.

Do we do it all the time? No, but we’re trying really hard in a wonderful way.

A few years ago, I was starting to believe that maybe this wasn’t possible, but I’m so happy to have found out that it is.

I wish all of you that kind of joy and love in your lives,

And here’s the newsletter from 2 years ago:

I got married yesterday in the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona. My whole family was there and it was so incredibly beautiful. At least, I’m assuming it was. I wrote this on Monday, because I won’t have any time to write this once everyone starts arriving on Thursday. This photo was taken at our photo shoot on Thursday out in the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona (Cathedral Rock, to be precise).

But the part I can say without any question is how amazed, surprised and happy I am about everything, and how incredible this whole thing has been. And I have to say it’s all because of Sedona Soul Adventures that this thing has happened at all.

After my divorce 7 years ago, I was hurting and really at a low point in my life. I was amazed that even after all the spiritual work I’ve done over the years, I was still having feelings of “not enough.” I was having thoughts of, “Is there something wrong with me?”, “Why wasn’t I able to make the marriage work?” and all that stinkin’ thinkin’ that goes with all that. I was stunned, because I thought I had dealt with all that sort of stuff a long time ago.

But you know, these core wounds run deep. They go back to our childhoods and some threads are even deeper than that, going back to past lives and beyond. Luckily for me, I had my amazing practitioners to help me. I practice what I preach. I know from 15 years with Sedona Soul Adventures that everything can be turned around. It’s not necessary to stay stuck or to stay unhappy. So I dove in, just like I tell people who come to do a Soul Adventure to do.

I discovered I still had some deep wounds from my childhood and from my past marriage. Isn’t it so interesting how that stuff just comes out in layers? Think onions… and at each layer one cries from the release of that stuck energy of the past. I did a number of very intense sessions with many of my practitioners, some of the deepest work I’ve ever done in my life. It was so liberating to come out of the other end of that.

But the best part was that I emerged from all that happy and whole (not perfect – we never reach that – but grounded and secure in the knowledge that I WAS enough). And I see now that’s what set everything in motion for love to come back into my life. If Richard and I had connected 7 years ago, I’m sure this wouldn’t have worked out. I just wasn’t in the space that you need to be in for a healthy relationship to come in and stay.

But when we connected, we were both in that happy and whole space. And it’s so interesting to me, that Richard and I should never have connected in the first place. We both had been on for a long time and I had made the decision over 2 years ago that if someone contacted me who was more than a two hour drive away that I wasn’t interested. I had done a long distance relationship 3 years ago and it was just too difficult. So if someone contacted me who was far away, I simply wouldn’t respond to them. At first that felt a little rude, but if I did respond to people that I wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship, that would always start this back and forth of them saying, “Oh come on,” “We can make it work,” etc. So I just didn’t respond at all, because I avoided all that.

Then last year I was sitting in the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica with my sister watching another gorgeous Southern California sunset and drinking champagne. We were celebrating my book having reached Amazon #1 Bestseller, plus my sister loves sunsets. Suddenly I got a ping on my phone from Match. Richard had seen me on Match and he “liked” me. I saw his picture and his beautiful blue eyes, and then I read his profile. I loved what I saw, especially the way he spoke about his work and when he was speaking about his spiritual life and how important that was to him, I had a real reaction. But then I saw that he was from San Jose, California and my heart sank. I showed his picture to my sister and she said, “Cute!” I thought to myself, “This one I’m not going to be rude to” and I wrote him a message that said, “You look great, but you’re in San Jose.” I thought that would be the end of it.

Instead, he wrote back, “I know, I saw the potentially insurmountable distance. But I saw your picture and I see what you’re doing in the world and I just want you to know there’s someone out here who appreciates who you are.”


I showed his response to my sister and she said “Good answer!”

We texted back and forth a little and then I told him I was visiting my family and we should talk next week. He called me the following week and that started the talking, texting and Skyping that went on for six weeks before he came to Sedona to visit me. Shortly after we were together for the first time, he wrote a poem called “735,” because it’s 735 miles between San Jose and Sedona. We read the poem at our wedding. He’s given me permission to share it with you.


Seven-hundred-thirty-five miles is a long way
They said
To travel so far to meet her
I was reminded that after hundreds of lifetimes
With and without her
With a hundred decades between our last love meeting
We have both come so far on our separate paths
Weaving, bobbing in-and-out of our crusted, heavy worlds
Falling, rising, drowning in our own lives only to surface again
To find each other
Forever, again
735 miles was nothing
~ 2-9-17 RMK

I feel so blessed. I feel so happy. I’m so full of love that I want everyone to have that and share it. One of our gifts from my bridal shower was a couples massage and we did that last Tuesday. As I was leaving, one of the women there who had been helping us all evening said to me, “I wish you every happiness and you give me hope that I could find a relationship again.” It’s been so amazing how many people have said that to both of us and we love that so much. We want to give people that hope. We feel blessed to be able to inspire others to reach for their hearts-desires.

Whether you’re looking for love or for happiness and wholeness, please do something to make that happen. Do what I did – come here and work with our practitioners. They are masters and they can help you.

Connect with us and speak with one of our Retreat Guides. They’ll know if in a very short period of time how we can help you.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll-free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Guides will call you.

Wishing you a week filled with love, connection and laughter,

Saying “Goodbye” to Our Sweet Daisy

Our beloved Daisy passed away this past week and worse, she passed while we were in Egypt. I wasn’t able to be with her and that has been devastating for me.

In late January, we discovered that Daisy had lymphoma, with one tumor in her heart cavity and another on her spleen. At the time she told us through our pet psychic, Sharon, that “my work here isn’t done” and she felt very strongly that she could heal.

She told us she wanted us to do everything we could. We were working with two vets, our regular vet, who was doing chemo, and our homeopathic vet. She was taking 25 supplements and we were using Young Living oils on her, especially Frankincense on the location of the tumors, and putting her on the Bemer twice each day.

In the first week of chemo, it looked as if she was responding, as her white blood cell count went down dramatically and her red blood cell count increased dramatically. But by the third week, things were starting to go in the other direction.

We were in weekly contact with her through Sharon and just before we left for Egypt, she told us that she very much wanted to heal and felt that she would. The first week we were in Egypt her beloved caregiver, Terri, sent us a video of her romping and playing with the other dogs. And then in the second week she wasn’t interested in food. We did another session with Terri and Daisy said she still wanted to heal, but for the first time she said that if she didn’t, she could accept that.

She also told us that there was a white-gold light that she was starting to see that was making her feel really good and that our sweet Katie Kat (who passed last year just before the Egypt trip) was with her, helping her. She said “if I do go, I can’t go until you get back, it won’t be possible for me to go if I’m not with you.” But two days later, our sweet girl was gone.

We spoke with her tonight through Sharon and she told us that Katie Kat was still with her, helping her. At the time of her passing, Katie was saying to her “I’ve got you, we’re helping you, you won’t get lost, we’ve got you.” And then she said that she felt so much love on the other side and it just sort of took her in.

As Sharon said, “Katie Kat shows this force of love magnetizing her out of her body.” Isn’t that beautiful? And it struck me that in the ceremony that we do in King’s Chamber, at the end, I have each participant whisper in my ear “I am the mighty, living force of love.” And now, just 3 days later, Katie Kat was telling us about a “force of love” that was magnetizing Daisy out of her body and over to the other side.

Daisy was the sweetest, most wonderful dog. She was so beautiful and she absolutely loved everyone. She was a big golden retriever/yellow lab mix (100 pounds) and one of her things was that she was always jumping up on people. She would jump on people who would come to the house and strangers when we were hiking, and it was very overwhelming for a lot of people to have this hundred pound dog jump on them.

When I tried to get her to stop through training and speaking with Sharon, she told me “the people I jump on need more joy in their lives and I’m jumping on them to give it to them.” She simply wouldn’t stop the jumping, she just had to spread that joy around!

Her brother, Boulder, lives in Oak Creek Canyon with my dear friend Ranjita and it will be very comforting for me to spend time with him. They’re so identical that when they were running and jumping, I had to look at their collars to make sure who was who. But it will be bittersweet to be with him as well.
Daisy’s amazing entrance into my life…
I have felt so blessed to have had communication with Daisy throughout her entire life with the amazing people I’ve worked with. It has brought me to such an incredible appreciation of these beings and who they are. And it started with how Daisy came into my life in the first place.

Our beloved dog, Emma (a golden retriever/English springer spaniel mix), passed very suddenly 2 weeks before our Peru trip in 2009. She’d been having some pain in her shoulder and suddenly woke up at 5:30 am, vomited, and one hour later she was gone. We connected with an amazing psychic, Tara, and Emma told us “I’m going to help you find your next dog,” to which I responded, “I don’t want another dog, I want you.”

After we returned from Peru in April, we Googled “Golden retriever mix” and found breeders in Phoenix who breed dogs who are 3/4 Golden and 1/4 Yellow Lab. They had a wait list of over 30 people and said it would probably be 2 years until we could get a dog through them. They said they weren’t going to breed Honey until the fall, but then we suddenly received a group email from them saying that Honey had gone into heat.

They had sequestered her in their Arizona room, but a storm came up and a sudden gust of wind blew the door open, and they thought she and Luke had “done the deed”; if so, there would be puppies by July. We let them know we wanted one of the potential puppies and then received an email that they were quite surprised that all but one of the 30 people on the list said they still wanted a puppy, they just didn’t want one right now and that we could have one of the puppies.

One week after the puppies were born (are they the cutest or what?) we did another session with Tara to connect with Emma. We hadn’t told Tara about the puppies and suddenly when Emma came in, Tara said “what’s happening, Emma says you already have another puppy and she says, ‘How do you like how I blew the door open?’

So our sweet Emma brought us our sweet Daisy.

In all the sessions with Sharon over the years, one of the things that came through all the time is that Daisy had a core wounding. Some of it came from a past life that she had with Boulder and I where there was a flood. Boulder and I were swept away and Daisy tried to save us, but Boulder and I drowned and Daisy died trying to save us. She felt that she hadn’t done enough and brought that “I’m not enough” into this lifetime.

When my ex-husband and I divorced, Daisy felt abandoned and that she had done something to cause it, and no matter what we told her and explained to her, just like children of divorce, she took that on and it intensified her feelings of “not-enoughness.” Sharon and I used to joke that Daisy needed a Soul Adventures retreat, because just telling someone they are enough isn’t enough for them to believe – they have to have something happen so that they “get it.”

No matter how much I told her or showed her that I loved her, it was never quite enough.

Somehow when my dear husband Richard came into our lives two years ago, Daisy fell in love again. She loved Richard so much and wanted to please him, and would always say she was trying to be a good girl for him, trying to be “good enough.”

Finally, in our last two sessions with Sharon, Daisy said she finally “got it.” She said she finally felt a complete love. She finally got it that she was good enough, that she didn’t have to do anything to be loved except to be her own sweet self. I’m sobbing as I write these words, because I love it so much that she finally really “got it” and I feel that’s part of what was able to allow her to go into the light.

It’s been so bittersweet these past two years, as we lost Richard’s dog, Prancer, eighteen months ago, then Katie Kat one year ago and now Daisy. That’s us hiking in Sedona shortly after Richard moved here. We still have our sweet Missy and we thank God for her.

Our four legged friends are such a blessing. They are their own little beings, with their own complexities and such a deep capacity for love. They bring us such joy and it’s so painful when they leave. Sharon said Daisy is still with me, licking my face like she used to, so I’m trying to feel that. I certainly feel her love.

I love you, Daisy, you were such a huge part of my life. Thank you for coming into my life and being with me. I will never forget you.

Would you like to see “Hamilton” and go to Egypt?

As one of my faithful readers you have a very special opportunity – to see the musical “Hamilton” and go to Egypt! First come, first served!

Are you familiar with the musical “Hamilton”? I saw it when it first came out. I really splurged and spent $750 for one ticket, making it a combination Christmas and birthday present to myself. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier about splurging on something that was just for me. It’s the most amazing theatrical experience I’ve ever had.

Every year when I go to Egypt, I always go to New York (we all meet and leave from JFK) a few days early so that I can run around in New York City and see some shows. My undergraduate degree is in theater and dance, and it’s one of my passions. This past February, I checked on getting “Hamilton” tickets so that my husband Richard could see it (his brother saw it and said it was “transcendent”) when we went to Egypt this past February. I checked on them 6 months in advance, but they were so expensive, we decided not to do it.

Ever since I first saw “Hamilton,” I’ve been on their list as a “Verified Fan,” so I get notices when new blocks of tickets come out. A few weeks ago I got another notice, and then a second notice saying I was part of a pool of special fans who were getting first access to the new block of tickets. They said I could get up to 8 tickets and Richard said, “Let’s get all 8 and make them available for people on the Egypt trip.” Brilliant!

That morning, at 7am sharp, I was on my computer and I was able to purchase 8 tickets for $199 each! Amazing!

So here is your opportunity to check off two bucket list items at once! Seeing “Hamilton” and going to Egypt!

Here’s the deal:

  • The tickets are for Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 8 pm. We leave for Egypt on Monday, February 18, so you’ll be coming in for a few extra days in New York (perfect for seeing the Egyptian exhibit at the Met, running around Times Square, etc.)
  • These are tickets through Ticketmaster, which is the official site for the tickets.
  • $199 is the price that I paid (plus a $15 service fee which was paid to Ticketmaster); this is the price you will pay, so this is not a scalping situation.
  • They are not front row center seats, they are in the Mezzanine, so not premium. However, I went online right now and similar tickets are selling for $449. The highest price was $1,170 which is insane (but people are paying that!).
  • This will be a first come-first served situation. You will need to make your deposit for the Egypt trip ($1000) and pay for the ticket.
To give you more backstory about “Hamilton,” it makes no sense that a musical about one of our Founding Fathers would be so incredible, but it is. It has love, passion, sex, incredible songs, fantastic staging…everything! It won the Tony Award for Best Musical.

So what an incredible combination – I’m so excited to know that we’re seeing “Hamilton” and then going to Egypt! Wow!

To see all the information on the Egypt trip, Click below.

If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at [email protected].

Or feel free to give me a call – I love talking about Egypt! 1-877-204-3664

If you already know you want to go, Click here to make your deposit.

And then send me an email with “I want to go to Hamilton!” in the subject line.

Isn’t this exciting?

The Moon is Void of Course today (January 15) at 11:52 PM (Eastern) until January 16 at 8:00 AM (Eastern) and the Moon is in Cancer.

The Moon is Void of Course today from and the Moon is in Cancer. Don’t make any important decisions while the Moon is Void of Course. For a deeper explanation of Moon Void of Course Click Here. Cancer has to do with emotions and our homes and our families. The Moon’s home base is Cancer, so the Moon feels the most at home here.
When the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of deep emotions. It’s a time when we can connect with people on a deeper level, especially with our families. It is a time when we yearn for peace and serenity. It is not a good time for change, as we will resist any kind of change during this period and we will be more attune with things that are familiar (notice that the root of the word “family” is “familiar”).
Anything you would want to do around the home now would be favored, especially making your home a more comfortable place. Also anything having to do with helping your family or nurturing your family is very beneficial. Family get-togethers can be very harmonious during this time, especially if “neediness” is not involved. People can tend to be a little more secretive and moody during this time and also overly-protective.
This can be a very healing time and a wonderful time to really connect with our deepest desires and what it is that drives us. Be very careful during this time about your stomach, gall bladder, and lymphatic system. Avoid over-eating, especially “comfort” foods. Give your family a big hug and tell them you love them.
And always remember, Astrology and other tools are simply that – tools. It’s good information to have, but it does not mean that this is the determining factor or controlling your life. We all have free will in all the choices that we make. I like to look at it as good information that can be
Many blessings,
Debra Stangl
Sedona Soul Adventures

Nurturing Relationships Through Spiritual Retreats

Getting in touch with yourself through Spiritual Retreats

Relationships define the meaning of our lives. One of the most important relationships in an individual’s life is your relationship with yourself. The value of strengthening your relationship with yourself will take the center stage during spiritual retreats. Understanding that if you can get in touch with your inner self, you would then be able to connect better with the people and things in your life.
Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to reflect on your life as a whole. During this process, it is not surprising to find out that your life revolves around relationships. Your relationships define the dynamics of your decision making and create results which could directly affect you and those around you. By going to spiritual retreats, you can look closer on these bonds and understand your role in the success or failure of these valuable connections.
Spiritual retreats are considered to be transformational processes in which you can achieve spiritual health. Our spiritual lives, like our physical body, need nourishment as well. By being spiritually healthy, you can look beyond the outer clichés of relationships and realize that genuine connection to the people and things around you starts with how you connect with yourself. Spiritual retreats can help you uncover issues which may be causing strain to your most important relations. By taking a closer look of how you relate with yourself, you may discover how to connect well with others.
Spiritual retreats vary depending on the needs of a person. The best spiritual retreats are those held one-on-one and private with a professional practitioner. By having this time of reflection and recuperation alone, with the guidance of an expert, it will be easier to understand yourself and evaluate situations that revolve around you. Spiritual retreats are not solutions to problems but rather one of the steps in tapping the power within you to come up with a more positive approach in building and maintaining relationships, either with yourself or with other people.
Couple’s retreat is one of the spiritual retreats designed to rekindle love between partners. Spiritual retreats for couples can rejuvenate the spark which have been worn by the pressures and challenges of daily lives. As change is inevitable, you and your partner may not be the same people who fell in love a few years ago. These spiritual retreats designed for couples present discoveries about the new individuals within the relationship. Spiritual retreats can help you and your partner rediscover each other and improve the way you relate with one another.

Sedona Spiritual Retreats

One of the most ideal places to have spiritual retreats is in Sedona, Arizona. Considered as a power spot, the red rock steep hillsides and breathtaking landscape serve as an amazing setting for these spiritual retreats. Sedona Soul Adventure’s practitioners and guides can help you tap your soul’s power and uncover it through the wonder of Sedona’s vortex energy. If you want to take that soul journey to strengthen your relationships with yourself and your partner, check out Sedona Soul Adventure’s and learn more how you can start your own soul adventure.