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“Discover the Most Powerful Way to Create the Relationship You’ve Always Dreamed of – and Deep Soul Connection with Your Beloved”

Sedona Soul Adventures has
been planning private couples
retreats since 2002

Named #1 Marriage Retreat
in the U.S. by GuideDoc

Guide Reveals How a Private Couples Retreat in Sedona Can Deepen the Love and Passion in Your Relationship – in Just 4 Days

Request your free copy of The Sedona Guide to Couples Retreats today to discover:

  • What types of relationships may benefit from a couples retreat (discover the revealing feedback that other couples have shared about their retreat experiences)

  • Why Sedona is the premier destination for birthing your new relationship (hint: the world’s most gifted healers and spiritual teachers flock here for this unusual reason)

  • 3 rarely discussed reasons why group retreats often hinder your ability to get to the heart of what’s going on in your relationship (group retreats may seem affordable at first, but usually don’t deliver the biggest results for your precious time and money)

  • The most important thing to do first to ensure your spiritual retreat transforms your relationship the way that you want (Sedona is home to hundreds of healers and spiritual teachers – this time-proven strategy quickly pinpoints the ones who will best serve you)

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“Sedona Soul Adventures completely surpassed my expectations. If you had told me that the connection between my partner and myself could be this deep and spiritual, I would have said it couldn’t be done. The depth of our relationship is far beyond anything we expected. We also have the skills to keep that bond, and keep working on our individual journeys. Sedona Soul Adventures has changed our lives, forever! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
~ Jim Spangler and Kate Wilford
Oak Park, IL

“After months of marriage counseling the “D” word was coming up more and more. After our Soul Adventure, our relationship is renewed, passionate, and loving. We are connected more than the day we married back 12 years ago. Our communication is better than ever, and our romance is better than ever. Our marriage is safe, and there is no turning back. Thank you to your entire team of loving and talented individuals for all you do.”
~ Sharon & Mike Golsby
Plano, Texas