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“Our 12 year marriage was saved by Sedona Soul Adventures”

“My wife of 12 years (Together for 14) and I have two children ages 4 and 8. Up until about 18 months ago we lived a “fairy-tale” marriage. we played together, laughed together, and enjoyed life together. We thought alike, shared the same dreams and values and it seemed nothing could tear us apart. In short, about a year and a half ago that all suddenly changed. My wife became increasingly introverted and obsessed with metaphysics. I, an earthly, and frankly not so spiritual person, became confused, then upset, and at times very angry. I could not understand what was happening to my wife whom I had shared so much in common with. The connection was deteriorating. After months of marriage counseling we were able to manage through this stormy period, and yes we did even have sunny days along the way. But the “D” word was coming up more and more often despite our desperate attempt to put the pieces back together. We never were able to get to the core of what was sending us in different directions. Then around June of this year, a few unfortunate situations had us hanging from the proverbial cliff. At that moment we had an “awakening” of sorts at marriage counseling, and we both decided that our relationship and our family were #1 and we were going to work through our differences. Things lightened up, but I could tell we were not quite there yet. Our 12 year wedding anniversary was approaching. We have always spent some alone time together for our anniversary. I wanted to do something special for her, and our relationship. I also wanted to do something special for me. I wanted to bring back into our relationship all that had been stripped away. Trust, passion, communication and most importantly the connection. I decided I was willing to learn more about my wife’s new interest, combine that with her learning more about me and blend that together to find that special place all over again. I was searching for something with a spiritual base, designed for a couple like us, in a special setting. I sent my wife the link to Sedona Soul Adventures… she could not believe that it came from me. She was so excited, and so was I. I cannot share the details, but what I can share is that our relationship is renewed, passionate, and loving. We are connected more than the day we married back 12 years ago. I learned I do have a spiritual side. I am a spirit having a human experience. My wife is beautiful just the way she is. She now loves her new found ability to communicate. Our communication is better than ever, and our romance is better than ever. Our marriage is safe, and there is no turning back. Thank you to you and your entire team of loving and talented individuals for all you do. Thank you from me & my wife. Perhaps someday my children will thank you too. A-ho!”
– Frank & Valerie Farmington

“Sedona Soul Adventures completely surpassed my expectations. If you had told me that the connection between my partner and myself could be this deep and spiritual, I would have said it couldn’t be done. The depth of our relationship is far beyond anything we expected. We also have the skills to keep that bond, and keep working on our individual journeys. Sedona Soul Adventures has changed our lives, forever! Thank you from the bottom of our heart.”
– Jim Spangler & Kate Wilford

“Our Soul Adventure was a 10++! As for all of your practitioners, it was a very positive experience. From a professional standpoint, mental health, cognitive therapy etc., can only take you so far. These sessions can take you the rest of the way. I was also very surprised that the practitioners were well versed in traditional modalities. Please count on any support we can give your work.”
– Vivian and Pete Gutierrez

“We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Sedona Soul Adventures and would absolutely recommend that anyone traveling to Sedona seeking renewal go through Sedona Soul Adventures. Without a doubt, you and your team made all the difference in our experience. For someone traveling to Sedona, having the guidance of your team is incredibly invaluable because there are many different “healers, therapists, and guides” in Sedona, at least some of which are, for the lack of a better word, phony (either misguided or intentional, or perhaps a bit of both). All of the practitioners we met with during our adventure were the real deal. Also, the overall experience had a flow and purpose to it that we could never have created on our own (and we are pretty resourceful). We’ll be back!”
– Sharon and Mike Golsby

“Sedona Soul Adventures was a truly wonderful experience from every vantage point. It was relaxing, refreshing, all venues were extremely professional and a life remembering experience. At first we thought it would be “too far out there”, being a Conservative Christian Catholic, however the experience was 100% opposite — it was “RIGHT ON THE MARK.” Rena and I will highly recommend Sedona Soul Adventures to whomever wants to experience a relaxing beautiful time and learn more about life itself from a place or position affording a good view of something different.”
– Rena & Mark Norcross

“Sedona Soul Adventures gave my husband and me a set of tools to work on a new partnership. As a result of my experience I feel that I can be more honest and kind with myself. In short, I’m much less weighed down with the past, so I feel a new sense of hope and excitement about the future. I also have a better understanding of the need to be more present in the present!”
– Alexandra & John Shively

“I don’t think I could do it in a few sentences…lol, but let me just say this, my partner and I have been on this journey for over a year. We decided to do a different kind of vacation and see what was out there in terms of spiritual retreats, seminars etc. We both found your website at different times in our searching. We eventually looked it over together and made the phone call, thus the leap of faith. It was one of the best experiences we have ever done together. I can honestly say without hesitation we were led by spirit to your company and were incredibly blessed in taking that leap of faith and trusting it would work out. It was more than we hoped for, more than we bargained for, and more than we could have dreamed of. It stretched us both and we will never be the same, and we are so grateful. Grateful for the incredible practitioners we were so blessed to meet, seriously words cannot describe my gratitude to them for sharing their knowledge and love, it touched my heart deeply. Grateful for your vision, Debra, in bringing together such incredibly talented and gifted people who care about this spiritual walk we are all on. Who share it with such life and enthusiasm and who are such wonderful vessels where the energy and love flow through them. I don’t know how one cannot be touched and changed by such an experience. Honestly it was difficult to come back to reality, but I have some homework to do and plan to incorporate the techniques and knowledge gained through my adventure there in Sedona to enrich my life and live more in spirit than before. Thanks so much to all the practitioners and people we met through SSA. Thank you, Debra, for your creative vision, it was an honor to experience it on such a deep and personal level.”
– DeAnn Cain & Ellen Crownover

“This was probably the most amazing experience we have had in our lives and definitely as a couple. We did not have marriage challenges going into the retreat, but we still came out of the adventure much closer and with a renewed sense of direction. We feel like we are on fire! We are ready to go out into the world and live our lives with joy and purpose! We want to make the most of our human experience and use our close partnership to support each other’s life purposes. Our lives have changed forever because of our Sedona Soul Adventure and it was just the boost we needed to grow in marriage and in life. We have a whole new perspective on our lives and we can truly see the endless possibilities now. We both feel so blessed that we were able to experience this adventure together and we will most definitely return to discover even more about our true selves as we travel along this path. Thanks to everyone at Sedona Soul Adventures who made this experience possible. We wish for everyone there to receive love and joy that they have given us.”
Josh & Jen Barcher

“Sedona Soul Adventures allows you to venture out to discover the inner you without any worries. My husband and I have found the connection that was missing for a true soul partner experience.”
– Sally & Jack Schlesinger

“Thanks to Sedona Soul Adventures our visit to Sedona was more than what either of us ever dreamed it would be! Wonderful spiritual practitioners in Sedona (without having to search for those individuals on our own). Thank you for our terrific adventure in and among the red rocks.”
– Jack McKenzie & Glenda Atwater

“I went to Soul Adventures really as a last resort, I was facing so many issues and they were all piling up on me, these events were effecting every aspect of my life, being a practitioner myself, I knew this all went much deeper then I could see or even possibly cope with on my own. I had snapped to a point where I don’t recall the last 24 hours prior to my call to soul adventures. I made the call in desperation, within an hour I had a call back and an itinerary was in action. The Angel Guide put together the most awesome adventure for me, it was so intense, but like I said I was really at last string. With the help of Soul Adventures, I was able to put all the events into perspective, some that I would have never ever imagined! It has been a few weeks back home and I can not believe the difference. I am very stable. I am very calm, and my whole family has made a transformation from this experience. Their transformation began before I returned, the whole energy had shifted from the distance. My husband transformed before my eyes as well, we are now working on a new beginning in our 33 year relationship. We lost a child in utero 12 years ago. I actually met him in one of my sessions, so that was really the topper! This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself, I am planning another adventure with my husband in a few months. Thank you Soul Adventures”
– Pam Dinkowitz

“Sedona Soul Adventures knew we were looking for way more than just a “vacation”. We were looking for a spiritual awakening. Little did we know that over the course of a week, both my husband and myself would work with some of the best practitioners in their fields to wake our “inner selves”. We didn’t return to Virginia just refreshed, we returned “renewed”.”
– Bud & Laura Lieberman

“Felicia and I came to Sedona Soul Adventures knowing this experience would change our lives. We are both amazed at how much we have grown spiritually from the experience and how much has been revealed to us about ourselves by these wonderful people. Our lives are now on a higher plateau.”
– Will & Felicia Grant

“Sedona Soul Adventures was truly a life-changing experience. My wife and I found a renewed depth of intimacy and connection during our sessions. We grew in ways that we weren’t even aware were possible, and that have forever changed us individually and as a couple. The staff at Sedona Soul Adventures went out of their way to make our visit as comfortable as possible and their attention to detail was impressive from the beginning. Thanks to their professionalism, we just had to show up and do our work with the individual practitioners, knowing that all the other details had been taken care of for us. All of the individual practitioners were extremely professional, yet warm and welcoming to us. They all went beyond the call to make our sessions meaningful and productive. It was an intense three days, but looking back on it, Sedona Soul Adventures knew exactly what we needed and we are grateful for the blessing of our experience with them.”
– Scott & Shelley Jessup

“Our Couple’s Soul Adventure was a unique and spirit-filled experience that showed us how to achieve inner peace and a relaxed, grateful attitude. There truly is a place in your heart where you can become and evolve into a being of spirit and peace. Everything about our Soul Adventure was beneficial and exciting.”
– Kim & Rick Price

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