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Couples Retreat Itinerary

Time To Focus On Us

Couples Retreat In Romantic Sedona, Arizona

The nonstop stresses of today’s busy world can knock the wind out of any relationship. That’s why we invented the couples retreat! When heart and soul are given time to realign with a romantic getaway or weekend retreat, then bodies and minds will follow…

Time To Focus On Us Couples Package
(4 days)

Remember this is a sample couples retreat, as we customize all our Soul Adventures for exactly what you need!

Orientation – Together
We’ll connect with both of you in our beautiful office in Sedona (with stunning views of Cathedral Rock and Thunder Mountain) and go through all elements of your retreat, so you feel completely taken care of. Then we’ll do a brief ceremony to set intentions for your beautiful time here together.

Intuitive Reading – Why Have Your Souls
Brought You Together – 1-1/2 hours – Together

During this time you will be connecting with a gifted intuitive and receiving information on why your souls have found each other, what are the lessons you are working on together and, quite possibly, what are the past lives that are influencing both of you in this lifetime?

Emotional Clearing – 2 hours – Each separately
This session is designed to energetically remove and lift off all the years of emotional damage that have happened, clearing blocks from your chakra system and etheric body and moving into higher states of consciousness. Many of our clients report feeling physically lighter after this experience.

Blissful Couples Massage – 1-1/2 hours – Together
This will be a wonderful, nurturing massage, just what you’ll need to completely relax and re-connect. And it’s so blissful to do it together!

Inner Journey with Breath and Sound – 2-1/2 hours each – Each separately
Using the simple, special breathing technique and sound healing, you will enter a very expanded state of awareness. People experience the movement of energy, release of blockages and direct connection with Source on all levels – physical, mental, emotional spiritual. The last 1/2 hour will be spent in integration.

Deepening Your Heart and Soul Connection – 4 hours- Together
Your love is a holy connection that can lead you to the deepest levels of communion with each other and Spirit. Learn to open to love and the Divine during this 4 hour experience which incorporates energy work, effective communication and opening to your deepest emotional levels.

Intuitive Integration – 1-1/2 hours – Together
This session is a wonderful combination of intuition and energy work, but also combined with very specific grounded information about how do we take this home? How do we integrate this into our everyday lives? How do we live this together 24/7?

All of this will be you working individually (or as a couple) in private sessions, not with groups. This will be very focused on you and your needs, wants and desires both individually and as a couple.
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Other fabulous sessions which you can also add:

Releasing the Past through
Changing the Story of Your Relationship – 2 Hours – Together

Your relationship (the good parts, the “bad” parts) are all comprised of your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your partner and the relationship itself. By looking at the underlying assumptions and spiritual principles operating in the situation, your perceptions of the situation and your story about it, can shift dynamically and become meaningful in a wholly different way. When that happens, problems melt away, behavior patterns change, relationships improve and life seems to become better immediately.

Sanity in Relationships – 2 hours – Together
This will be an opportunity to investigate any issues that appear as stressful, painful or difficult. It’s an opportunity to identify and release deeply held core beliefs, judgments and expectations that negatively impact your relationship and sense of well being. Learn how to listen fearlessly and to speak with integrity.

Connecting with the Vortex Energy – 3 hours – Together
Attuning YOUR “nature” to the “nature” of all existence, you will be guided through your own Sacred Ceremony – into your heart…where Truth abides. You will learn to utilize all the physical senses, conscious breathing, movement, the vortex energies & breathtaking beauty of the Red Rocks and native rites to release old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you; create and call in a vision and commitment to experience your Life of ABUNDANCE, LOVE, GRACE, EASE and JOY!; returning “home” to the “TRUE Spirit” that you are! For we are all one within “nature” and the Spirit of nature is within ALL of us! You will then have the experience of creating sacred ceremony to take home and practice in your own life, loving and honoring the Heart Spirit that you are!

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At no cost or obligation, the Angel Guide will begin a conversation to explore with you, your needs and your desires and whether a Couples Retreat Soul Adventure is the right match for both of you.

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