Intuition: Learning to Connect to Yourself

December 10th, 2013 in Spirituality, Transformation

Trust yourself. Listen to the voice within.

You can describe intuition in many ways. Inner wisdom. An innate knowing. A still, small voice nudging you. Even God, or the Universe, or your Higher Self, speaking to you.

It sounds simple enough, but how do you really know when your Spirit/Life Source is trying to get your attention?

It can be hard to explain, especially when you are making a major life decision like a job change, a geographical move, or whether to marry or have kids. Learning to go with your gut can be particularly tricky when it comes to matters of the heart.

The message or answer can come through communing with nature, solitude, prayer, fasting, meditation and other mediums. Maybe it’s what led you to find Sedona Soul Adventures. Maybe you stumbled upon this website or blog. It is likely no accident. Maybe you have always wanted to visit Sedona on vacation, but it’s time to unearth your deepest desires, heal old wounds, come to terms with what is, and find your way back home to yourself.

Your logical mind can play tricks on you. So can your emotions. If you are really wrangling with a decision, tune into your body and its sensations. Do you feel pressure on your chest? Like you just got punched in the stomach? Queasiness in your gut? Pain? Fear? Anxiety? A fight or flight stress reaction?

If you are trying to force-fit something or manipulate someone to do or get what you want, there will be resistance from the other person and the Universe. It should not cause excessive worry and rumination and asking others if it’s the right thing to do. There’s often an undercurrent of energy that manifests itself as stress, depression, illness, weight gain, or debt when you ignore it or go against your instincts and your intuitive sense of what is best for you.

Simply put, the decision should feel right. Things should happen with relative ease. There might be uncertainty, there might be sadness over the loss or change, but there is not regret. And there is not a sense of dread.

Some call it faith or God’s plan. Others call it tapping Source and honoring the natural flow of life. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. What matters is you connect to it – that whispery sensation of peace that pulsates deep within your soul.

When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. The answers will come when the time is right; the next step will be revealed. Sometimes, it takes silence, meditation and prayer.

Or now might be the time to plan a customized Sedona Soul Adventure trip. Your Angel Guide and other practitioners want to help you rediscover and re-experience your spiritual connection and essential spiritual nature, regain a sense of clarity of purpose, focus and direction, and a renewed confidence in your ability to consciously create the life you want to live. Call now toll free 877-204-3664 or Click here and your Angel Guide will call you today!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Be patient. Be quiet. Be brave. Above all, be gentle with yourself. When you ride on the tide of Spirit, you will feel calm, content and connected.

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