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Massage - LargeNurturing Massage – 1.5 hours
Delicious nurturing massage,  incorporating energy work simultaneously so that the experience goes even deeper. This is a wonderful way to “seal in” your Soul Adventure experiences on a cellular level.  $175

Nurturing Massage with Hot Stones – 1.5 hours
The hot stones add such a delicious extra to the nurturing massage.  $195

Deep Tissue Massage – 1.5 hours
Deep tissue massage seeks to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow, penetrating strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas.  $195

Integrated Massage – 1.5 hours
Using various modalities to help your body more fully release toxins and regain balance, this massage helps to tap into the amazing self-healing ability of the body.  Modalities utilized include using a moderate, sustained pressure to move and tenderize tense connective tissue (the fascia) and a hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the central nervous system. $195

Transformational Body & Soul Guidance – 2 hours         Much more than massage!
Ready to be pampered as the unique spark of light you are? Prior to your arrival for this session, your practitioner will connect in with your energy, guides and Spirit to create a truly unique and special ambiance filled with all the things Spirit shares would be really helpful and meaningful for you – from specific colors, to crystals, to music, etc. Your customized session will include a potpourri of intuitive services such as body work, energy work, angel cards, chakra clearing, massage, etc., and you will be surrounded by wonderful scents, colors, or stones for a truly wonderful, warm blissful and healing experience. Limited availability. $330

Soul Touch Massage – 2 hours     This is delicious beyond words!
This intuitive based massage may include deep muscle work (when requested), neuromuscular therapy, cranial sacral work, reiki energy work, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, and other Divinely inspired modalities. It is a powerful, heart-centered, body-mind-soul pleasing journey!  $225

Cocooning in Bliss – 2 hours
This is so much more than a bodywork session. You will be anointed with essential oils and massaged with warm stones to relax and open your body for the Kita Peace creating experience which takes you on a profound inner journey after which loving hands assist your re-entry.  The sounds, vibrations and frequencies guide you home to yourself. This session easily melts way stress & assists with transitions in a loving nurturing haven. Experience the bliss of being alive and in your body! $275

Myofascial Release Massage – 1.5 hours
Moderate, sustained pressure is used to move and tenderize tense connective tissue (the fascia) which can ease neck and back pain and lessen persistent headaches.  $195

Lymphatic Massage and Energy Work – 1.5 hours
Relaxing, yet very powerful, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is designed to move lymph, which can create and store toxins in the body. The massage is gently soothing, but very effective, and can assist in reducing swelling or edema anywhere in the body, can be preventative for breast problems and is wonderful for the skin.  $200

Mayan Abdominal Massage – 2 hours – For women only
This is an incredible form of therapy for core emotional healing and balancing in women. It works with specific issues having to do with the uterus and pelvic bowl area. It is an ancient practice passed down from the last Mayan Shaman in Belize. Women will be taught how to continue this practice on their own.  $250

Couples Massage – 2 people – 1.5 hours
The ultimate in togetherness! Join your beloved in a beautiful, nurturing massage so that you can both relax, renew and luxuriate in deliciousness.  $350






Body Wraps • Facials • Reflexology

Soul Journey Facial – 1.25 hours
Energizing, revitalizing and moisturizing. Relax and renew while your skin cells are energized and moisturized. Soothing warmth and the ultimate in pampering. Energize your face with the energy of Sedona with this all-natural facial.  $175

Chakra Balancing Facial – 1.5 hours
This session is deeply meditative and profoundly relaxing and grounding. Your practitioner will explain the chakra system and how it helps us better cope with life. Oil blends are used that correlate to each of the 7 chakras. A classic facial ensues: deep cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, hand and arm massage, extractions (if necessary), masking, hot towels, moisturizing and protecting, closing massage. During the masking phase there is guided meditation with affirmations specific to each chakra and lower leg and foot massage. The experience soothes the senses with aromatherapy, nurturing skin care, healing touch, and massage and instills a sense of security and stability through reconnecting with one’s higher consciousness. 100% organic and natural.  $175

Reflexology – 1.25 hours
This powerful foot massage connects with acupressure and meridian points in the body to release toxins throughout the body and nurture and relax the entire body.  $195

Delicious Body Wrap & Massage – 1.5 hours
Delicious is definitely the word for this incredibly soothing, detoxifying and moisturizing body wrap and massage, incorporating essential oils and hydrating oils.  (Limited Availability) $200

Non-Traditional Massage

Transcendent Bodywork – 1.5 hours (wear comfortable clothes – uses no oil)
This form of bodywork is designed to open energy centers and promote health by influencing and promoting the state of chi or energy in the body.  The practitioner’s work with you is like a moving meditation as you receive the benefit of rejuvenating stretches, deep rhythmic pressure and the calm satisfying sensation from energy coming into harmony and balance so the body can do its own healing. This session is a springboard for personal insights, emotional clearing, and spiritual growth.  $195

Craniosacral Massage – 1.5 hours (wear comfortable clothes)
A hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the central nervous system and to tap into the amazing self-healing ability of the body.  $195

Raindrop Therapy 1.5 hours  
This modality uses high quality essential oils applied in sequence to the soles of the feet and along the spine.  It is not really massage, it is much more about the oils and their properties and the energy work being used to create a deep and profound relaxation for body and soul. $225

Jin Shin Jyutsu 1.5 hours
Jin Shin Jyutsu is gentle yet potent hands-on energy work akin to acupuncture without the needles.  This ancient art harmonizes the flow of natural life force energy, releasing mental and physical tension and allowing fuller embodiment of our soul’s potential. Whether offered as an opening into the possibilities of the soul’s journey, or as a way to integrate new concepts and experiences, this session invites body, mind and spirit into balance with one’s natural Essence. $195


Ayurvedic Abhyanga – 1.5 hours
This incredible massage session begins with a basic Ayurvedic analysis of your body type, so that all treatments are in complete alignment with the specific needs of your body. The practitioner then uses an ancient Ayurvedic technique of massage, which involves using the warm essential oils identified in the analysis to gently and thoroughly give a complete, soothing and overall massage to enliven and revitalize the entire physiology, tone the muscles and promote healthy circulation. (Limited Availability) $195

Journey Into Ayurveda – Analysis Session (not a massage) – 1.5 hours
Ayurvedic Medicine is the oldest modality of Holistic healing, originating long ago in India.  This is not a bodywork session, but rather an analysis wherein the practitioner identifies your “Dosha(s)” the unique combination of what makes you the unique being that you are and then offers insight into lifestyles and practices that will empower you to be your true and healthy self, with information on the optimum foods, environment, energies, and spiritual and physical practices for you. (Limited Availability) $210

Befriending Your Body

Befriending Your Body (not a massage) – 2 hours
What type of relationship do you have with your physical body?  Is it merely a vehicle to be used….  A part of you that only receives attention when it is in distress?  Or do you experience the joy and passion that naturally evolves out of fully embodying and embracing your physical experience?  This herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner will facilitate you in moving into a deeper relationship with your body by helping you to uncover and release unconscious patterns that may be preventing you from connecting to the innate wisdom held within your body.  You will discover that you can reach a joyful balance by establishing a partnership with your body. Limited Availability. $330


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