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Seeking more peace, spiritual connection and purpose?

“Free Guide Reveals How a Private Meditation Retreat in Sedona Can Transform Your Life … in Just 3 Days”

Sedona Soul Adventures has been
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  • How to tell if a meditation retreat really is what you need right now (there are 4 major life scenarios that meditation retreats are perfect for resolving – which one are you facing?)
  • Why Sedona is the premier destination for people seeking meditation, spiritual healing and fulfillment (hint: the world’s most gifted healers and spiritual teachers flock here for this unusual reason)
  • 3 rarely discussed reasons why group retreats often prevent significant spiritual growth and healing (this explains why group retreats are a poor investment of time and money, despite appearing “affordable”)
  • The most important thing to do first to ensure your meditation retreat delivers the results you want (Sedona is home to hundreds of healers and spiritual teachers – this time-proven strategy quickly pinpoints which ones will best meet your unique needs)

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“I can’t imagine anything I could have done for myself at this point in my life that would have been more beneficial than my Soul Adventure. I had major changes in most areas of my life in the last year and I knew they were happening to get me going in a new direction. This experience helped me better understand what that is and helped to give me the insights and courage I’ll need.”
~ Terri Pitcher

“I was experiencing a profound lack of conviction and passion in my life before going to Sedona. Now, after my Sedona Soul Adventure, I have clarity for the first time in my life about what I was put on this planet to accomplish. Many emotional burdens – I was not aware of – have also been lifted. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this energetic and passionate.”
~ Donald Smith
Waco, Texas