The mission of Sedona Soul Adventures is to bring people back into connection with God-Source-Spirit-Oneness and ultimately with themselves so that they can connect with and bring forth the person they came to the planet to be.

Sedona Soul Adventures was founded in 2002 to create powerful, life changing retreats by helping individuals and couples reconnect with their essential, spiritual nature. Our belief is that most of the challenges and difficulties people experience come not from the external circumstances of our lives but from our own misunderstanding of our true nature and why we are here. We have forgotten or lost sight of the spiritual connection that gives our lives meaning, purpose and a clear direction.

That spiritual connection is common to all of us and yet experienced by each of us in our own unique ways. Sedona Soul Adventures helps each retreat participant rediscover and re-experience their spiritual connection and essential spiritual nature and in the process, regain a sense of clarity of purpose, sense of direction and a renewed confidence in their ability to consciously create the life they want to live.

We are able to do this through the unusual confluence of a number of factors. First, Sedona is an amazing, beautiful location that is known around the world for its powerful transformative energies. Sedona is a power spot. When you come to Sedona, whatever you bring with you – intentions, desires, beliefs, feelings and emotions – gets amplified, accelerated and intensified. And everything hidden, sooner or later, comes into awareness for healing and release.

Second, as a result of these unusual, transformational energies, Sedona attracts world class healers, intuitives, spiritual guides, teachers and artists. Sedona Soul Adventures identifies the best of the best of these master practitioners and utilizes their unique skills and talents in the service of our retreat participants. In designing each personalized retreat, we have the luxury of working with practitioners in whom we have the highest confidence and who we know are capable of supporting the deepest transformational healing intentions of our clients.

We recognize that when the right set of ingredients are brought together and combined in a very conscious way, Spirit has the ability to move freely and transform whatever is offered. Through the grace of Spirit, major, permanent shifts can occur quickly and with relative ease. We have seen it happen for thousands of Soul Adventurers… and we would love to see it happen for you.

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Client Comments

"My long weekend with Sedona Soul Adventures was by far one of the most exciting adventures that I have had in my adult life. Each practitioner was extremely helpful and made me feel that they were focused entirely on helping me with my journey. The insights, the clarity that I gained around my relationships, my understanding now of my life’s purpose, the incredible landscape…. all simply amazing! Each session seemed better than the last and I cannot wait for my next trip to Sedona!"
– Lisa Pazol

"Our Soul Adventure was a 10++! As for all of your practitioners, it was a very positive experience. From a professional standpoint, mental health, cognitive therapy etc., can only take you so far. These sessions can take you the rest of the way. I was also very surprised that the practitioners were well versed in traditional modalities. Please count on any support we can give your work."
– Vivian and Pete Gutierrez

"“My journey with the Sedona Soul Adventures was exactly what I needed. I would not change a thing. Everyone was so kind and helpful. My suggestion is going in with a open mind and let the experience just flow and whatever happens let it happen and you will be amazed the work you will be able to accomplish and the healing you will do. I will be back. Thank everyone who made this a life changing experience for me.”"
– Tammy Cole

“Sedona Soul Adventures is the single best decision I have made for myself and the ones I love. My life has changed completely. Difficult decisions have become easy. Difficult people at work have become pleasant and easy to deal with. My relationship with the lady I love has become deep and loving. My children have become happier, outgoing and confident. Good things are happening in a short period of time because I changed me. If it sounds simple, it is! Change ourselves and everything around us changes.”
– Darren Wilkinson

"Sedona Soul Adventures knew we were looking for way more than just a "vacation". We were looking for a spiritual awakening. Little did we know that over the course of a week, both my husband and myself would work with some of the best practitioners in their fields to wake our "inner selves". We didn't return to Virginia just refreshed, we returned "renewed"."
– Bud & Laura Lieberman

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FREE - Sedona Guide to 

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