Personalized Retreats in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Soul Adventures can help create the personal spiritual retreat or Sedona vacation retreat that’s right for you. We offer a wide variety of highly personalized weeklong and extended weekend getaways. Whether you need a holistic retreat, spa retreat, couples retreat or a Sedona retreat getaway, we can custom design your retreat to meet your needs. Whatever kind of getaway you need to get your life back on track, we’ve got it!

Why do people come to us for personal spiritual retreats?

Everyone has their own reasons, of course. No two people are the same, which is why we personalize all of our retreats to meet your specific issues, needs, timing and budget.

But over the years, we’ve found some retreat themes that keep recurring.

In today’s crazy world, a lot of people feel desperately out of balance. They’re crying: “Help, I’m at the end of my rope!”

Other people are seeking answers to the meaning of life, especially their own. They’re saying: “I’m lost. What is the purpose of my life?”

Then there are those who have achieved some measure of success, but feel stuck on a plateau. They’re asking: “Take me to the next level.”

And still others want a getaway that feels as nurturing as a spa, with the added bonus of spiritual healing. They say: “Pamper me! Heal me!”

Do any of these sound familiar? Or is there another way that a Sedona Soul Adventure could help you with your life? Here are some more focused retreat themes that you may want to consider.

Couples Retreats

A romantic getaway that’s also a private retreat: that’s the magic formula to shift your relationship back into bliss. Sometimes an ordinary marriage retreat is too much group action and not enough time focused on just the two of you. Try the personalized healing sessions in our weekend retreats and in no time at all, you’ll both be back in your hearts and ready for love. Learn More ›

Spiritual Retreats

Often when we’re floundering with 1001 problems, the real issue is with our neglected spiritual growth. We need a spiritual healing to get us back in touch with our own heart and soul, and to get right again with God. Come on a spiritual journey with Sedona’s best healers and spiritual counselors, and find your way back home to yourself. Learn More ›

Sedona Spa Retreats

When you’re desperately craving a Sedona spa weekend of absolute indulgence, why not treat yourself to all that and something more? Try a Sedona spa weekend getaway that pampers not only your body, but also your soul! Treat yourself to a soul journey facial, sound healing, nurturing body & energy work, and more. Let us fine-tune a “Pamper Me, Heal Me” package just for you. Learn More ›

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