Machu Picchu & Peru

April 27 - May 10, 2019

Lost Pyramids of Caral, Peru

Exciting 1-Day Add-On Excursion – June 17, 2017


Journey with us to this absolutely spectacular place that many archeologists now believe is the oldest site of civilization in the world (Jericho was previously thought to be the oldest).

Caral has only recently been completely excavated and the Pyramid is incredible – it covers an area the size of almost 4 football fields and is 60 feet tall. In addition to the pyramid, there are temples, an amphitheater and houses. All told, it covers more than 150 acres.

Caral was a major population center, but amazingly, no evidence of war has been found in all the artifacts that have been discovered. There are many who believe that this was an incredibly peaceful civilization that belies the common belief that war is somehow genetic or part of the human “make-up”.

There is wonderful information about Caral all over the Internet (Google Caral Peru), but we recommend watching the first of 5 videos (10 minutes each) on You Tube that was part of a BBC Learning documentary. Go to:

Excursion Details

The 1-day excursion has been added to the beginning of our Peru trip, going to Caral on June 17, 2017. This will necessitate arrival in Lima, Peru on June 16.

The tour will be by bus, departing the hotel in Lima at 7:00 am and returning to Lima around 7:30 pm.

Cost for the all day tour is $289 per person (minimum 5 persons), which includes transportation and guided tour (this tour will not be guided by our shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado, but is being arranged through his office). The cost of lunch is not included.

Cost for extra night at the Costa del Sol hotel is US $238 (Single) and $252 (Double-2 people in a room/$126 per person). These prices are subject to change, subject to confirmation by the Costa del Sol.

Join us for this incredible adventure. Click here to place your deposit.

Or if you have questions, please contact Debra at Sedona Soul Adventures either by email at

Or by phone at: 877-204-3664 (toll-free – US and Canada).

For our friends outside of Canada call direct – 928-204-5988.

Decide now to join us on this exciting adventure!

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