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Author, Shaman & Peruvian Guide Jorge Luis Delgado
is an internationally recognized teacher of Inca spirituality and a modern Inca chacaruna. Jorge Luis works with Andean Shamans and many groups of indigenous peoples. In addition to his native Spanish, Jorge Luis speaks English fluently, as well as three indigenous languages of Peru. He is with us throughout this amazing journey, teaching us the ways of the shaman and performing the powerful Inca ceremonies that are part of his native tradition.

Jorge Luis has been featured as a recognized authority on Inca philosophy and traditions for many years. He is featured in the History Channel’s series, “In Search of Ancient Aliens”. The BBC featured him in a documentary production of “Everyman” and he is often interviewed for local television programs in Peru. He has also represented the Inca Nation when elders of North, Central and South America have gathered. Jorge Luis was the guide for Don Miguel Ruiz (the author of “The Four Agreements”) when Don Miguel visited Peru. In his book, Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru, Jorge opens the door to his mystical homeland as he describes his own journey of awakening. You will want to read his book as you plan and prepare for this journey. Purchase it here on

Debra Stangl, founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, has assisted thousands of seekers with their spiritual transformations. Her special passion is Sacred Travel, taking groups of people to experience the incredible energies of power spots around the world, in particular Egypt, Bali and Peru. After traveling to Peru for the first time in 2004, Debra began organizing the first of Sedona Soul Adventures’ annual pilgrimages to this mystical land. Ceremonies here, especially in Machu Picchu and on the island of Amantini, have been life changing for her.

“Jorge and Debra helped guide me through spiritual healing that has been needed to free my mind and spirit from past resentments, fears and pain. All of the ceremonies were beautiful and enlightening.”

– Stephanie Springel

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