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Has the world got you down? Does even the thought of a spa retreat make you tingle? How about a spa retreat where you can be pampered, but also where you can make some meaningful shifts so things will look and feel a little different when you go back home? Come out to beautiful Sedona, Arizona, connect with the powerful vortex energies and heal your heart and soul.

Pamper Me/Heal Me Spa Retreat Package

(3-4 days)

Orientation – When you arrive, we will meet you in our beautiful Sedona center (with fabulous views of Cathedral Rock and Thunder Mountain) and take you in hand. We’ll go over all the parts of your retreat, you’ll receive all kinds of information about Sedona, the vortexes, etc., and we’ll answer any questions you might have. We want you to feel completely taken care of! Then we’ll do a special ceremony for you to set your intentions for everything you want to have happen during your special time here.

Emotional Clearing – 2 hours 
This is an incredible experience. Energetic blocks that are creating problems in your life are literally lifted up and out of you. People report feeling really blissed out and physically lighter after they have experienced this.

Nurturing Bodywork and Energy Work with Hot Stones- 1-1/2 hours 
This is our most popular form of bodywork and massage. Your therapist will utilize the hot (but not too hot!) stones to help you reach a wonderful state of relaxation and then will use the stones to reach those places that need some extra attention. Along with the hot stones will be essential oils and energy work designed to really move the energy through your body, nurturing and healing you at the same time.

Inner Journey with Breath and Sound – 2-1/2 hours 
Combining a simple but powerful breathing technique with consciously chosen sacred music, you will enter an altered state. People experience the movement of energy, release of blockages and direct connection with Source on all levels – physical, mental, emotional spiritual. The last 1/2 hour will be spent in integration. The sacred music and sound used in the session is designed to move the energy through the energy centers.  You will be given a recording of the sound and music as well as instructions on how to continue to do this process on your own at home. The effects of this session are amazing.

Delicious Body Wrap – 1-1/2 hours 
Delicious is definitely the word for this incredibly soothing, detoxifying and moisturizing body wrap and massage. First you lie down on warm towels and essential oil essences. Next, your entire body is gently rubbed with a dry brush, exfoliating dead skin cells. Then a loofah and body scrub to really get the circulation moving. And then here comes the delicious part – you’re rubbed and massaged with an incredible combination of essential oils and other hydrating oils that feel wonderful and leaves your skin soft and glowing. Finally, you and the entire concoction will be wrapped in soothing warmth.

Heart and Soul Transformation – 2-1/2 hours 
In this experience, you are first guided into a deep state of relaxation; next, is to make sure that all blocks have been removed and all connections have been made. You are then taken to your soul. This looks different for each person, but it is an amazing experience of true and deep connection with Spirit and ultimately with yourself.

Intuitive Integration – 1 hour 
A wonderful combination of intuition and energy work, but also combined with very specific grounded information about how do I take this “new me” back home? What are the next steps? How do I integrate this into my everyday life? How do I live this 24/7?

Cost of the package does not include lodging.
Confirm your retreat with a deposit of 1/2 of the total; we will then get to work putting together your personalized spa retreat package for you. The balance is paid when you arrive in Sedona. We like to have 2 weeks notice so we can arrange your Sedona spa retreat with the most wonderful practitioners but we can do great work on short notice, too! We also recommend that you give yourself permission to splurge on a luxurious, nurturing place to stay while you’re in Sedona. We know some wonderful lodging choices and sometimes we can arrange for a discount, depending on the place and the dates you are coming.

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Other fabulous sessions which you can add:

Soul Journey Facial – 1-1/4 hours
Energizing, revitalizing and moisturizing. Relax and renew while your skin cells are energized and moisturized. Soothing warmth and the ultimate in pampering. Energize your face with the energy of Sedona with this all-natural facial.

Cranial Sacral Massage and Energy Work – 1-1/2 hours
A hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the central nervous system and to tap into the amazing self-healing ability of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage and Energy Work – 1-1/2 hours
This feels so good! Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that concentrates on deeper layers of muscle tissue. It seeks to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow, penetrating strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas.

Myofascial Release Massage and Energy Work – 1-1/2 hours 
In this technique, the therapist uses moderate, sustained pressure to move and tenderize tense connective tissue (the fascia). The release of the pressure can ease neck and back pain and can lessen persistent headaches.

Lymphatic Massage and Energy Work – 1-1/2 hours 
Relaxing, yet very powerful. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is designed to move lymph, which can create and store toxins in the body. The massage is gently soothing, but very effective, and can assist in reducing swelling or edema anywhere in the body, can be preventative for breast problems and is wonderful for the skin.

Past Life Regression – 2 hours
What are the past lives that are affecting you in this lifetime? What are the issues that you have carried over that are continuing to have an impact on your relationships, your love life, your financial situation, your level of happiness? This session incorporates spiritual hypnosis with a certified hypnotherapist where you will be led on a journey of self-discovery, bringing in the lifetimes that are most affecting you currently and releasing and healing them.

Yoga Hike – 2-1/2 hours
Connect in with the energy of Sedona in this special way. You will do an easy hike and do yoga movements on the beautiful red earth of Sedona, as well as breathing techniques to release the old energy and bring in the new. Previous yoga experience not necessary – the session is designed for your level of experience, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will love this!

Connecting with the Vortex Energy – 2-1/2 hours
Attuning YOUR “nature” to the “nature” of all existence, you will be guided through your own Sacred Ceremony – into your heart…where Truth abides. You will learn to utilize all the physical senses, conscious breathing, movement, the vortex energies & breathtaking beauty of the Red Rocks and native rites to release old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you; create and call in a vision and commitment to experience your Life of ABUNDANCE, LOVE, GRACE, EASE and JOY!; returning “home” to the “TRUE Spirit” that you are! For we are all one within “nature” and the Spirit of nature is within ALL of us! You will then have the experience of creating sacred ceremony to take home and practice in your own life, loving and honoring the Heart Spirit that you are!

Becoming the Goddess Within (Goddess Initiation) – 2-1/2 hours
Isn’t it time for you to become the Goddess that you are? Are you ready to step into that place? Are you the only one who doesn’t see you for who you really are? This powerful process is a combination of focused energy work which is designed to move you into that person you came here to be, removing energy blockages and other obstructions. Then you will do ritualized ceremony, designed to transform you into the Goddess that you truly are!

Release the Anger – 2 hours
Is anger running your life? Are you triggered easily? Anger, frustration, grief, guilt, fear and similar emotions keep us from living the life of connection that we are seeking. For some of us it is frightening to even think about connecting with our anger, because it can feel like this huge pool of blackness that is so big and so consuming, we could never get to the bottom of it. In this session, you will be taken on a journey to connect in with your anger in a safe and non-judgmental way, releasing the anger, the frustration and these huge energies in a way where they move out of you safely and completely, allowing the space for greater connection with Source and ultimately yourself.

Emotional & Spiritual Healing – 2 hours
In this work, the practitioner facilitates your healing by being a conduit for your own healing powers. This practitioner has the gift of being able to walk with you deep into your core being by synchronizing with you, and helping you from that space beyond this world to release whatever needs to be shed from you. Whether it is physical or emotional blockages, patterns in which you are stuck, past life afflictions, or spiritual troubles, in this session you will be guided by you own Spirit and a deep love for this life to let go of whatever keeps you from realizing your True Self. This Session may involve touching, holding, stretching movements, rocking and/or cradling. It is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing.

Destiny Astrology – 1-1/2 hours
Destiny Astrology is different from traditional astrology in that it is focused on your life purpose and your soul mission. It also brings in information on lessons from past lives that are affecting you in this lifetime. It is of particular interest if you have just turned or are about to turn the ages of 16, 27, 32, 37, 40, 46, 50 or 56 as you will be experiencing major shifts during those times. (1/2 hour of preparation – 1-1/2 hour session)

Learning Meditation and Incorporating It Into Your Life – 2 hours 
Meditation is one of the deepest ways to connect with all that is. But for many of us, we can’t seem to really reach that point of stillness where we can truly feel the incredible benefits that meditation can bring. In this session, you will learn to meditate in a way that fits your lifestyle and your own awareness and consciousness and learn how to incorporate this practice into your life on a regular basis. You will receive a recording of your meditation so that you can continue this practice at home.

Taking Your Creativity to the Next Level – 3 hours
Are you feeling that your creativity is blocked? Or would you like to truly open up to your creativity in a new way? Have a fabulous session with one of Sedona’s outstanding artists and you may even take home some of your own work that very same day!

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