Sedona’s world-famous vortex power spots

People travel from around the world to experience Sedona’s famed vortex energies. Visitors scramble up steep red-rock hillsides and crawl into forested canyons seeking a hit of vortex energy. Some expect their skirts to blow up and their hair to stand on end, but that’s not really what a vortex does. So what exactly do they find?


What is a power spot?

All around the world, the earth reveals her deepest energies in areas known as power spots. Here the electromagnetic pulse lines of the planet come to the surface, much as underwater rivers surface to form geysers and springs.

The effects of power spots are not so readily apparent to the senses; they play upon the more subtle perceptions of heart and soul. Geomancy, the study of the earth’s energy grids, often uses pendulums and dowsing to uncover the hidden ley-lines that lace the landscape.

Power spots around the world

Many power spots have attracted the spiritual attention of men and women throughout history. Areas where the hidden realms break through into the human world have often become the sites for chapels, temples, oracles and cathedrals.

From Machu Picchu to the Great Pyramid of Giza, from the Oracle at Delphi to the Mother Temple on the slopes of Gunung Agung in Bali, power spots and sacred sites can be found where the energies of heaven and earth come into special alignment.

The size and scale of the Sedona Vortex

In the vast and starkly beautiful Southwestern desert, the Earth Mother bares her red-rock heart in the landscape of Sedona. Here we are invited to enter her eternal embrace.

For several miles in every direction, from the top of Oak Creek Canyon in the north to the sentinels of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock in the south, from Red Rock State Park on the west to the Mogollon Cliffs on the east, the entire valley is one huge energy vortex, pulsing with the love-song of heaven and earth.


Its physical reflection is a landscape of staggering beauty for all of the senses. Its impact on the soul is one of awe and wonder. Its emotional effects can be intense and profound, heart-opening and life-changing.

The energy saturating the entire valley is of a higher, wilder, purer frequency. Sedona is a transformation chamber, pulling up and spinning out whatever thoughts and feelings have been stagnating in us. Sedona quickens energy, accelerating the vibratory rate in everything that enters her great vortex.

Specific power spots in Sedona

Within this larger landscape, there are many smaller vortexes, each with its own distinctive character and gifts. Most guide books list a half-dozen major vortexes: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, Airport Mesa, Indian Gardens, and the Chapel.

Dozens more are scattered within and even beyond the valley. Every local has found a special power spot that speaks to them, that soothes or quickens their life journey. Evidence of native ceremony and activity is found at almost every major vortex.

Many locals differentiate between the “masculine” or electrical vortexes, and the “feminine” or magnetic ones. Some power spots blend these two elements. The energy in some vortexes is challenging and fierce, while others lull you with feelings of unconditional love.

What a vortex does

Just as a magnet will line up metal filings, a vortex will bring our emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment with the heartbeat of the planet.

Just as electricity is raw energy that can power many different devices (clocks, trains, radio receivers, etc) so can vortex energy power and activate many subtle mechanisms in the human body. Vortex energy can cause power changes in the chakra system, the acupuncture meridians, the endocrine system, the pineal and pituitary glands, unleashing psychic awareness, emotional release, and spiritual unfolding.

How to get the most out of the vortexes

It’s always useful to be introduced to this special energy by someone who’s familiar with its special qualities. Our guides can show you how to best experience the magic of the energy of Sedona.

Tools like meditation, chanting, toning, guided visualization, yogic breathing, prayer, asanas, and hands-on energy work can gently open you to these powerful energies.

Everyone experiences vortex energy in unique and individual ways, depending on their own sensitivity, psychic receptivity, emotional openness, and spiritual awareness. No matter what you perceive consciously, though, the electromagnetic pulse is at work within you.

What the vortexes can do for you

No one who comes to Sedona with a pure heart seeking spiritual growth will leave empty-handed. Whatever lessons Sedona has for you, whatever your own personal intentions, Sedona and the special people who live in her embrace will be delighted to assist you in coming home to your soul.

Find out more about Sedona as a spiritual power spot. If you’re curious about Sedona and the spiritual growth opportunities that await you here, please browse through the rest of our web site. We’d love to introduce you to the magic of Sedona.

We can guide you

When you feel Sedona calling, count on us to be your guides. Allow our many healers, intuitive guides and spiritual artists to usher you into the experience of a lifetime. We would love to arrange a personalized, one-of-a-kind Soul Adventure designed especially for you.

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