Pamper Me… Heal Me!

Pamper Me, Heal me!Sometimes the world wears you down. You know that if you don’t take better care of yourself, you’ll end up looking – and feeling – much older than your years.

After all your hard work, day in and day out, you deserve a treat. Time off? Of course! You’ve earned a good splurge. The question is: where should you go? What should you do?

A spa retreat would be delicious. Yes! The mere thought of all that attention and pampering makes your whole body tingle. Facials! Pedicures! Massage! Sign me up!

How about going someplace absolutely gorgeous? You deserve to hop down to the sunny Southwest. Arizona’s famous for its air, its light, its spas. And Sedona is its crown jewel! In a cover story in USA Today, the travel industry voted Sedona as the “#1 Most Beautiful Place in America.” This you’ve got to see!

A spa retreat in spectacular Sedona: so far, so good. This will be a trip to remember! And, you’ll be the envy of your friends.

But how can you make the memories last longer than a manicure? Sure, you’ll feel great the week you’re gone. Who wouldn’t? But then, you’ll be coming right back into the crazy-making life that you so desperately needed to escape from in the first place.

Maybe you need more than pampering. What if you could have a great spa getaway, and come home with changes that are more than skin-deep? What if you found lasting healing on your spa retreat? What if you could use this time away to get to the heart of what’s really going on with you?

You can use this spa time to heal your life. Why get an ordinary facial when you can indulge in a soul journey facial? Why sleep through a plain old massage when you can be revitalized to your core with an energy healing and nurturing bodywork session with (yum!) hot stones and crystals?

Clear up your face and your emotional obstacles on the same day! The holistic approach addresses every level of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s much more effective that way.

Quadruple the value of your time and money. Pamper your body. Rest and revitalize. Be inspired with new insights and intuitions. Find out what’s been blocking you, and keeping you tied to that treadmill you call a life. And then dissolve it away!

It’s like having four retreats at the same time, for one low price. Physical spa treatments, emotional healing, spiritual awakening, and a trip to Sedona!

The inner changes will last a lifetime. Reconnect with your power and spiritual inspiration. Remember what you were born to achieve. Blast through old emotional debris. These kinds of changes will stay with you long after your nails are ready for another manicure.

Allow us to customize a spa getaway that is all of this, and so much more. 

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