Are you ready to elevate your coaching business to align with your soul's mission?

An Exclusive Opportunity for Transformational Soul Coaches whether you're a seasoned coach or embarking on this journey, it's time to authentically supercharge your business for growth and scalability.

We understand the challenges you face, from fear and impostor syndrome to navigating the overwhelming world of technology and marketing. That's why we've crafted the perfect program to guide you toward a thriving coaching business that aligns with your authentic self.

Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt: Our expertly designed program will help you conquer the fears and energies holding you back, turning them into sources of strength and growth.

Master Technology with Ease: Say goodbye to tech frustrations! We provide you with an easy-to-use technology system and step-by-step guidance to help you effortlessly navigate the digital landscape.

Find Your Ideal Clients: Discover strategies to attract the perfect clients who resonate with your unique coaching style and soulful mission.

Unlock Powerful Marketing Techniques: Harness the power of authentic marketing to build your brand and bring in your perfect clients.

Personal Growth: Just as you guide others on their spiritual journey, our program fosters your personal growth, empowering you to lead with authenticity.

Do you want to effortlessly attract your dream clients?


The next generation of business building where your Soul and business unite in perfect harmony!

Soul Coach Support System

You've been called to become a coach because you're here to help others achieve their dreams and unlock their potential. Now it's time to heed the guidance your soul is offering and take action - just as you'll encourage your clients to do - to align their outer world with their inner beings.

Become a Founding Member today! Joining the Soul Coach Support System will not only equip you with the powerful skills to serve your clients at a soul level, but it will give you the insights and practical skills to launch a thriving practice offering a service for which demand is growing rapidly - and that will change the world!

It's time for you to embrace the full potential of your coaching business and welcome your dream clients with open arms! They're waiting for you!

The Soul Coach Support System was uniquely designed to deliver an all-inclusive system exclusively for coaches. It's the catalyst you need to propel your coaching business to soaring heights. We cover everything from refining your coaching techniques to energetic alignment with your clients to authentic marketing strategies.

The next generation of business building where your Soul and business unite in perfect harmony!

The best part? It's not just about coaching, it's about crafting a thriving business aligned with your unique mission and values to elevate your coaching practice, attract dream clients, and watch your business flourish. Don't miss this opportunity to turn your coaching passion into a prosperous reality!

There are Four Parts to our Unique System


Live Weekly Masterclasses

  • Immerse yourself in alternating wisdom from our two experts dedicated to elevating your coaching skills, turbocharging your business, and addressing your burning questions.
  • You will learn to enhance your coaching techniques, build your business, and grow yourself as a coach.
  • Focus areas include marketing, finding clients, new coaching techniques, hot-seat coaching, how to use AI to elevate your business, clearing the energy of your business, so much more!


Business Coaching

  • When joining, you will receive 6 months' worth of comprehensive business development materials crafted to guide you through the creation of every facet of your business.
  • Content will coincide with the Live sessions to bring to you the best support in building your business as possible.
  • Enjoy a quick-start program that will have you up and running, ready to connect with clients in no time!


All-In-One Technology System

  • Embrace substantial cost, time, and energy savings with the power of an all-in-one integrated system.
  • Craft your website, funnels, forms and grow your email list.
  • Manage client sessions, appointments, and payments effortlessly.
  • Create engaging proposals, courses, vibrant communities and so much more - the possibilities are endless!
  • We are here to guide you in setting up and customizing your platform to perfectly align with your coaching business through weekly group calls, done-for-you, done-with-you, and done-by-you services.


Energetic Alignment

  • Learn the intricacies of the energy of your business so you can work with it for your mission
  • Learn on a deep level how the energies around you are affecting the business and how to change them
  • Understand your business on a soul level to streamline energetic communication for purposeful creation
  • Learn how to balance the masculine and feminine energies for your business for aligned manifesting
  • Align to the cycles of your business so you are not pushing against the grain

Here are Just a Few Reasons Why You will Love this Program

Weekly Masterclasses: Rick and Alannah will be rotating weeks for an immersive 90-minute session. Join Rick to learn techniques for sharpening your prowess as a coach and diving deeper into those key elements you need to master the world of coaching. Join Alannah to learn business-building techniques, powerful marketing, and molding your business to energetically align with your dream clients. These two unique perspectives and skills will bring you everything you need to thrive in your coaching business.

Combat Your Fears: Break free from the chains holding you back. With a community by your side, you'll overcome the fears and hesitations that prevent you from taking bold steps in your Transformational Soul Coaching career.

Refresh & Reinforce: Forget the worry of forgetting! With consistent reviews of the vital concepts and materials from your original training, you're always in sync and ready to shine.

Experience to Expertise: Get hands-on with live demonstrations of effective techniques. Witness, learn, and imbibe methods that have transformed ordinary coaches into Transformational Leaders.

The Power of Collaboration: Engage in enriching one-on-one coaching sessions. Give, receive, learn, and grow. Every interaction with your classmates will be a step towards refining your unique coaching style.

Ongoing Skill Enhancement: The coaching landscape evolves. Stay ahead of the curve by constantly honing your skills, keeping them razor-sharp and in tune with current trends and demands.

Unblock Your Path: Overcome personal barriers stopping you from implementing your learnings. Let's clear the path together, transforming your newfound knowledge into actionable steps.

AI in Coaching: Understand the role of Artificial Intelligence in coaching. Learn to harness AI tools, ensuring a holistic, efficient, and futuristic approach to addressing client needs.

Authentic Marketing: Learn methods to speak to your dream clients in an authentic way that touches their hearts and aligns with your energy. Easily allow your dream clients to flow into your business.

Create a Soulful Business: Your business is more than just you. It has a soul and an energetic voice. Become relentlessly aligned with the energy of your business to allow it to expand in the perfect way.

Build a Solid Foundation: Having a software platform that is fully automated is a key to business success. Have full control over your technology and know that it is working for you!

How the Soul Coach Support System Works

Being an effective business leader requires more than reading a book or watching videos. That's why we designed this program to be experiential and immersive with a combination of learning and engagement techniques.

Here is what you will receive and experience when you enroll:

This membership program is ongoing! As long as you are a member, we are here to support you!

We created this program with busy schedules in mind. Attend when you can and learn as you go. You will have access to all Live recordings and every pre-recorded training when you need them.

LIVE masterclasses each Saturday from 11am-12:30pm ET, 8am-9:30am PT

  • You will learn to enhance your coaching techniques, build your business, and grow yourself as a coach.
  • All sessions are recorded, granting you the freedom to revisit them at your convenience. Your journey, your way!
  • This program was designed to fit your needs and schedule without disruption to your business and personal life.

Access to an all-in-one technology platform - Transcend

  • Start building the foundation of your business to allow clients to find you
  • Experience the convenience of having all your business essentials seamlessly integrated into one platform
  • Receive personalized support from a fellow coach to help you implement every aspect of your business system
  • Receive all new future features and enhancements to continue to expand your practice

Business Coaching & Energetic Alignment Program

  • The secret sauce of the program is integrating energy into the business, which is often forgotten
  • Access pre-recorded content that will coincide with the live training to build your business through action, learning, visualization, and energy clearings


  • You'll have the opportunity to join an invitation-only community where you'll forge meaningful connections with fellow coaches beyond the confines of social media

Become a Founding Member and lock in your price for life!

Experience the new and evolving content that adapts to the ever-changing business world we are living in.

Allow your ideal clients to flow effortlessly into your practice!

Blending business development strategies, coaching expertise, technology, and the harmonization of business energies into a holistic program can truly transform your practice into a magnet for your ideal clients.

Your potential clients are eagerly searching for you, but it's essential to open the door and make yourself visible to them. Discovering your unique voice, embracing your flow, and connecting deeply with your purpose are pivotal aspects of the Soul Coaching Support System.

This integrated approach empowers you to not only attract but also serve your dream clients authentically and effectively. It's a transformative journey that aligns your spiritual mission with your business goals, creating a powerful synergy for growth and impact

This isn't just another offer, it's your catalyst for business success!

This opportunity IS for you if:

  • You are ready to step into your power and help your dream clients
  • You are ready to break through frustration, overwhelm, and fear into a life of purpose
  • You are willing to stay open-minded to different business strategies and techniques
  • You’re committed to taking action to grow your business
  • You welcome the idea of learning best practices for building a coaching business - and then putting them into practice on your own.

This opportunity is NOT for you if:

  • You are interested in the idea of becoming a coach, but you aren’t fully committed to investing your time and energy into your business
  • You don’t need to continue developing mastery or building your business
  • You aren't ready to grow your business to new and exciting levels
  • You aren’t fully convinced that Soul Coaching is right for you or you think it’s a little too “woo woo.”
  • You don't want to be in charge of your own business and would prefer someone else to help your dream clients

Similar Programs and Service Sell for Thousands a Month!

But none are uniquely designed to be holistic and integrated like this one!

Some of the costs of running a business:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions $1,200/mo
  • Business masterclasses & live courses $1,000/mo
  • Multiple disparate business systems $2,434/mo
  • Website & System support $99/hr
  • Website developer $6,000
  • AI & Marketing Courses $500 to $5,000

Over $4,600/mo and an additional $11,000!

Soul Coach Support System:

  • Weekly group coaching & masterminds
  • Comprehensive business-building content, continuous updates & expansion
  • All-in-one business system
  • Direct support for your technology and website needs
  • Business energy alignment and masterclasses
  • Up-to-date AI, marketing and business growth strategies

Only $497/mo!!!

Meet Your Guides

Transformational Soul Coach, Master Practitioner, and Trainer Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds

Rick has been a Certified Life Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master since 2003. In 2011 he joined Sedona Soul Adventures as a Practitioner and a Soul Guide. He helped launch the Sedona Soul Adventures Coaching Program and has coached more than 1300 of our graduates over the past decade.

He’s a graduate and former faculty member of HCH Institute where he was a part of their spiritually based Hypnotherapy training program.

Rick was previously a trainer and leader for a billion dollar Health and Wellness Company, and he’s also studied and mentored with John Gray of “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” fame.

Rick was raised in spirituality. His parents are authors of books on transformation and founders of a spiritual foundation. His grandmother was among the first Reiki practitioners in the United States.

Rick’s compassion, expertise and incredible experience plus his sense of humor make him the perfect trainer for this program.

Glenda Hesseltine

I can fully recommend Rick Reynolds as a life coach, spiritual guide and healer. His way is gentle, intuitive, humorous, uplifting, patient and calm. If you are looking for a kind human being to help you reach clarity, Rick is the best.

Glenda Hesseltine
Tai Chi For Everyone

Beverly Taylor

Rick is incredible! He has great talents and you will not be disappointed. I recommend him highly.

Beverly Taylor
Best Digital Marketing Hub

Spiritual Business Leader, Teacher, and Healing Practitioner Alannah Dance

Alannah Dance, certified coach,

Alannah is a certified coach, practitioner, spiritual teacher, and three-time best-selling co-author. After many years of challenge and struggle, Alannah discovered through her energetic blueprint and soul path that her mission in this life is to help you step into your power and expand your businesses to create a life of true joy, authenticity, and abundance.

Alannah believes that you hold the key to your own healing, happiness, and transformation and she has dedicated her life to helping you rapidly reach your greatest potential in the easiest way possible. Creating freedom is the ultimate goal in all her practices and programs.

Alannah previously successfully managed multi-billion dollar software implementations and customer service programs for the government. She also holds two Master's Degrees in Business and Technology Management.

What truly sets Alannah apart is her remarkable fusion of these accomplishments with her innate gifts as a spiritual teacher and practitioner. This unique blend enables her to wholeheartedly pursue her life's mission: healing the world by empowering coaches and healers to expand their reach and connect with their dream clients. It's a journey filled with passion and promise, and Alannah's the guiding light leading the way.

Courtney Pouzieux

Alannah has made such a difference in balancing my personal and professional energy! Her intuitive and business approach has my business flourishing. If I hadn't experienced it, I may not believe it! The money and investment in time paid off exponentially! Highly recommend.

Courtney Pouzieux
Bespoke Nutrition & Health Coaching

Jikara Starita

Since working with Alannah, my Instagram following and attendance on my webinars have increased. I can feel the energy truly flowing in my business. For the first time, I felt heard when creating my website and implementing my business processes. I truly recommend Alannah for your business needs!

Jikara Starita
The Blooming Lotus Healing

You may be wondering...

Do I have to be certified to enroll?

No! We want you to get your coaching business up and running as quickly as possible! Starting to build the foundation of your business as you are receiving certification is a great way to jumpstart your successful business. We are here to help you every step of the way, wherever you are on your journey!

Is this program appropriate for established coaches?

Yes! Business strategies and techniques are constantly changing. We are here to bring you unique business views to help you at any point in your business. Scaling a business is just as important as starting!

What features does the Technology Platform - Transcend provide?

This platform is always evolving and growing. Below is a list of major features that is not all-inclusive, along with their comparison system. Please know that many systems do not offer "unlimited" capabilities like Transcend does.

  • Website, funnel, blogs, form, survey builder (replacing - Kajabi, Zenler, Wix, Jotform, Squarespace, Clickfunnels)
  • Course platform (replacing - Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific)
  • Community platform (replacing - Circle, Kajabi, Facebook)
  • Calendar booking (replacing - Calendly, Appointy, Acuity)
  • Email marketing (replacing - MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit)
  • Social Media planner (replacing - MetaBusiness, Loomly, Guidely)
  • AI content & image creator (replacing - OpenAI, AdCreative, ContentBot, Tome)
  • Automation Workflows (replacing - Zapier, Pabbly)
  • Referral & Affiliate program (replacing - Samcart, Everflow, Topfiliate)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (replacing - Hubspot, 17hats, Honeybook)

Other features include - client management, task management, reputation management, document management, invoicing, and opportunity & pipeline tracking.

What technical and administrative support is not included?

Here is a list of what is not included in our services (this is not all-inclusive):

  • Graphic design for custom images, logos, templates, etc. However, the AI image generator is included as a fee per use (more below). Also, all images from Inspired Stock Shop only, are included ($49/mo value).
  • Copywriting and editing services (writing & editing for websites, emails, blogs, etc.) however, the AI content generator is included as a fee for service (more below).
  • Social media management (the scheduler module is included but not content creation or management)
  • Virtual Assistant service including client management, social posting, etc.
  • Subscriptions/costs for external platforms (zapier, pabbly, etc.)

Other features include - client management, task management, reputation management, document management, invoicing, and opportunity & pipeline tracking.

Do you provide done-for-you services for building Transcend?

Absolutely! We have done-for-you (DFY) and done-with-you (DWY) services for an incredible price! You will receive more information after registering!

I already have a website, is this service for me?

A website builder is included in Transcend along with so many other features. However, you don't have to use every feature if you don't want to. For example, if you have a website but would like to move email marketing to Transcend, you can integrate the email marketing portion of Transcend into your website.

You can also build out Transcend and prepare to change your website at a later time if you choose. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to fit your needs wherever you are in your business.

Transcend also integrates easily with WordPress for a small monthly fee.

*Are there any additional costs outside of the monthly or yearly fee?

Yes, there are a few costs that will occur based on the services you decide to use. All of these services are optional.

The best thing about these services is they are cost per usage. You can either use them or not! Most service providers charge based on the number of clients in the database which can be a waste of your money because you may not be using it.

Here is a basic breakdown but it may not be all-inclusive:

  • $10 will allow about 10,000 emails to be sent. For example, if you have 250 people on your mailing list and you send 1 email a week, it will take you about 10 months to spend $10.
  • $10 will allow about 105,000 AI-generated words or 150 images. For example, the recommended length of a blog post is about 1,000 words, therefore you can create 105 blogs for $10. 105,000 words in OpenAI will cost about $16.
  • Other AI features like appointment booking bots and AI workflows are also available for an additional but minimal cost.
  • Business phone number for SMS text and calls, about $1.15-2.15/mo per number, approx. $20/one-time registration fee, cost per text equates to about 850 texts or 650 outbound calls per $10 and other carrier fees may apply. Small businesses using the number on their website for appointment reminders typically spend about $10/mo for this service (depending on the number of clients/appointments).
  • Advanced workflow triggers include external integrations (google sheets, slack, etc.), webhooks, and APIs. You'll be able to run about 950 tasks for $10. These advanced triggers are not needed very often except in very advanced businesses that integrate with multiple external systems.

Things to think about:

  1. How much time are you spending doing all of the communication manually? OR how many clients are you losing because you aren't communicating with them? Now equate that to cost and evaluate the comparison.
  2. Most services charge by the contact or word on a monthly basis whether you use it or not. You are restricted in what you can send and use which could cause you to not use all of it or use too much and then be charged more (or not be able to complete your work). How much money are you losing because of these scenarios?
  3. When you're ready, turn on the service! You are not charged until you use it. These are great features to have at your fingertips when you are ready to scale. You don't have to worry about searching around to find yet another system to use.

Will the training calls be recorded?

Yes, these calls will be recorded and you will receive the replays. This program is designed to be flexible allowing you to pick which calls you want to attend live and which you'd like to view later. However, we always suggest joining the live calls to get the most out of the program and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Will Sedona Soul Adventures be providing me with leads or marketing support?

The Soulful Business Profit Path is an extension of the marketing strategies that you learned in the Transformational Soul Coach program. We go much deeper into many marketing methods and also teach the energetics behind business success in a unique way.

However, we cannot and do not make any promises or guarantees about any leads or business that may result from this training. We also do not provide leads or referrals directly to Sedona Soul Certified Transformational Coaches.

What happens if I cancel?

Canceling your membership will remove you from the weekly calls, community, and coaching training and cancel your Transcend account. You can request to cancel at any time which will terminate at the end of your billing cycle. We will have a phone call with you to evaluate all options and to ensure you understand the full impacts on your business.

Is there a guarantee?

The success of your business relies on many things that are out of our control. Our program is risk-free because you can cancel at any time. The knowledge and skills that you gain during your tenure will be absolutely priceless.

Is this cost tax deductible?

Yes! Education, technology, and coaching related to your business is tax deductible!

The Soul Coach Success System is an ongoing program, starting on October 21, 2023!
When you enroll today, you’ll receive:

Access to weekly masterclasses.
Learn to enhance and build your coaching skills, hot-seat coaching, marketing tactics, business energetic alignment, and so much more! ($400/mo value)

Access to pre-recorded business building course.
6+ months of evolving and expanding content to build your soulful business. ($500/mo value)

All-in-one technology platform. ($297/mo value)

Access to the private, invitation-only community. ($30/mo value)

Support from expert coaches who have been in your shoes to help you build your successful soulful business and care about your success. (Priceless)

The total value of everything you’ll receive is with over $1,200/mo.

But your investment will be a fraction of that – just $497/mo if you become a founding member today!

If you join in by midnight on October 9th, your price is locked in at the founding member price!

Payment Options

$497 per month
$1,243 per quarter (2 weeks free!)
$4,970 per year (2 months free!)

Lock in your price for life as a founding member!

Many pay for disparate systems, training, and coaching sell for as much as $4,600/mo. Not only does the Soul Coaching Support System provide a superior value…

You’ll also discover best practices for packaging your services, pricing to maximize value and appeal, marketing to attract your ideal clients, and proven enrollment techniques to fill your schedule. Although we can’t legally make revenue guarantees, you will learn how to recoup your modest investment.