Spiritual Transformation

YOU are the greatest LOVE affair of your life!

Enocha “Ranjita” Ryan

Enocha “Ranjita” Ryan is the steward/owner, hostess and facilitator of a private retreat sanctuary called Your Heart’s Home, which is nestled like a jewel in the heart of Oak Creek Canyon Sedona, AZ. She has been a resident of Sedona for over 35 years.

Ranjita’s passionate gift to the world is in the Transformational Healing Arts, facilitating her clients and guests to wake up to their innate divinity. Through a cornucopia of healing skills, coupled with her intuitive nature, her sessions and personal retreats are customized to their specific needs.

It was during several personal retreats at Your Heart’s Home where Debra Stangl was inspired to make Sedona her home, to be one of the founders of Sedona Soul Adventures.

SELF LOVE is the key to your Spiritual Life and Soul Connection.

Coming H.O.M.E – Heaven On Mother Earth

In this signature session Enocha Ranjita Ryan introduces you to your Three Aspects of Your True Power. She clearly explains how your Power Trinity was separated in the course of your early development. In order to survive, you protected yourself by creating a wall, which ultimately blocked you out of your heart-center. Your heart chakra is the very portal to the kingdom of heaven on earth that is here now within you. Discover the key to open your heart!

She will then guide you on your own personal journey to re-member and reclaim these Three Aspects of Your True Power. You will experience your protective wall dissolving, and then entering your now open heart-center, you will behold your “Soul Fire”. This is the Light that has always been burning brightly within you. It is the Light of your Soul. Heaven truly is within. Welcome H.O.M.E.!

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$250 /90 min


Spiritual Transformation

Enocha Ranjita Ryan will personally explore with you any self-imposed judgements, blocks, or limitations to truly experiencing unconditional self-love. She will expose with you any self-sabotaging or undermining pain-body activity, helping release you to the effortless, effervescent joy that lives in the well-spring of your heart. This session is designed to bring you H.O.M.E. to your heart center.

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$225 /60 min

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