Stress Makes You Fat and Sick – And What You Can Do About It

December 19th, 2013 in Blog, Transformation

As discussed in the last blog, chronic stress elevates your blood pressure, triggers racing thoughts and agitation, and, especially in women, makes you hold onto fat. Left unchecked, prolonged stress also damages muscle tissue, suppresses the immune system, and impacts mental health. Chronic stress causes major damage to your body, health, moods, productivity and general quality of life.

The good news is you can control your stress levels simply by becoming more aware of your thoughts. You can slow your body’s stress processes down with deep breathing techniques, meditation and becoming more mindful. Changing your mindset is free – and key!

Research has shown that positive thinking is very powerful and raises your vibrational level, while negative thinking creates more negative thinking.

How can you increase your energy as well as boost your mood and keep stress at bay?

Meditate. This involves quieting your mind and letting all thoughts pass without judgment. It is a state of thoughtless awareness – a state of profound, deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet alert. It slows the excessive stress producing activity of the mind and the stress hormones released into the body. It enables you to focus on the present moment rather than ruminate on the past or future. Meditation is one of the most effective forms of stress reduction. Just 20 minutes a day will gradually change your vibrational set point to a higher frequency.

Be happy. Do something that makes you happy and occupies your mind. Maybe it’s writing or reading, playing with your children, dancing or going to a movie, or taking a walk in nature. Happiness and joy vibrate at a much higher frequency than almost any other emotion. When you feel happy, you cannot also be depressed.

Breathe. Breathing deeply and slowly – and consciously – takes your attention away from your thoughts. It slows your heart rate, brings oxygen to your brain and makes you aware of this life-giving activity.

Take a nap. If you feel tired, rest. The body often gets compromised and sick after prolonged periods of inadequate rest. Make sleep a priority and try to follow a regular sleep schedule. When you sleep, you naturally return to a high vibrational state. Your body and mind get some relief from the heavy emotions and thoughts.

Beyond the above tips, managing stress comes down to good self-care habits – establish a sleep routine, watch your diet, and find time for regular exercise. The holidays can be hectic, but view any time off as a chance to relax, let go of a little control, and be present with your family or partner. Learn to laugh at yourself. Watch a funny movie and laugh with your kids, or take them ice skating or to see Christmas lights. Remember a Christmas tradition that speaks to your heart and honor it.

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