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Machu Picchu & Peru - June 17 - 30, 2021


We do our absolute best to make this the trip of a lifetime and we always want to make sure we are all on the same page. So this says by making your deposit with us you understand and agree:

The trip will book on a first come-first served basis. The first people to send in their deposits will be going on the trip. The 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 tours sold out; it was necessary to cancel the sold out 2020 tour because of the pandemic, so we anticipate there will be huge response for this tour and it will sell out.

Tour Price (paying balance by check or money order): $5995* per person (Double Occupancy – meaning two people in each room in the hotels, twin-bed rooms).

Additional Optional Hotel Costs
Single Supplement – $950 (your own private room in the hotels) (subject to availability)

PLEASE NOTE: No fees will be charged on your $1000 deposit. Because our travel partners do not accept credit cards, the 3% credit card fee we pay to the bank will be charged on the balance when paid by credit card.

Tour begins in Lima, Peru and does not include International Airfare.

Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc., as the business agent of Kontiki Tour Company (and not as a travel agent), will provide through Kontiki Tour Company, all group transportation expenses inside Peru, lodging, excursions as noted on the Itinerary, entrance fees as noted on the Itinerary, the services of professional guide and teacher, Jorge Luis Delgado, and those meals as noted on the Itinerary; beverages not included.

*All fees are based on current rates of exchange and present listed fares (August, 2020) and are subject to change. We will make every effort to maintain the listed price. In the event prices shall increase, the additional payment must be made to Sedona Soul Adventures prior to April 1, 2021.

Fees are based on double-occupancy in twin-bed rooms. If you prefer a queen size bed, please request this in advance, each hotel charges additional amounts for same, we will do our best to accommodate you. We will make every effort to accommodate your roommate requests, however, these requests cannot be guaranteed.

Travel insurance (not Trip Cancellation insurance) is provided in the cost of the tour package for U.S. Citizens with U.S. passports. It includes the following coverage:

Trip Interruption Return Air Only: $750
Trip Delay: $1000 maximum/$200 Daily
Missed Connection: $500
Baggage & Personal Effects Loss: $500
Baggage Delay: $200
Medical Expense: $25,000
Emergency Medical Transportation: $500,000

If you are not a U.S. citizen, it will be necessary for you to obtain your own travel insurance with a minimum of the coverages listed above and we will provide you with a credit of $50 toward the cost of your trip.

Trip cancellation insurance is NOT included but is highly recommended.

Items Not Included:
Transportation from your home to the starting point of the tour in Lima, Peru and return, airport taxes, passports, visas, excess baggage charges, laundry or dry cleaning, telephone calls, telexes, faxes, cables, wines, liquors, beer, water, soft drinks, coffee and/or tea, meals not stated in the Itinerary, excursions listed as optional in the Itinerary, room service, ceremonies, hotel expenses incurred by arriving prior to 3:00 p.m. on June 15, 2021 or from not accompanying the group on any portion of the trip, items of a personal nature and gratuities, trip cancellation insurance.

Balance is due April 1, 2021.

If you find it necessary to cancel your reservation or to cancel any part of the Tour, the following cancellation policy will apply.

Our 7-Day Risk-Free Booking Guarantee: Your deposit is fully refundable for the first 7 days after making your deposit (except if the trip begins in less than 60 days). Secure your place and take that time to look at flights, make arrangements at work or with your family, etc.

Prior to April 1, 2021: After the first 7 days, 100% of all tour monies received will be refunded for cancellations received in writing prior to April 1, 2021.

NO REFUNDS as of April 1, 2021: No refunds will be made for cancellations received on or after April 1, 2021 OR for any portion of the trip unattended. In the event you decide to leave the tour at any time, there will be no refunds and you will be asked to sign a declaration stating that it is your decision to leave the tour. This is a firm policy, please do not ask us to deviate from it; please obtain trip cancellation insurance if you have concerns that you may have to cancel the trip.

Assumption of Risk: 
Traveler understands that participation in any and all activities on the Tour shall be Traveler's own decision and Traveler assumes any and all risks associated thereto.

Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc. acts only as a business agent through Kontiki Tour Company (and not as a travel agent) for the suppliers and contractors providing air or other transportation, hotels, and sightseeing activities and neither Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc. nor Kontiki Tour Company assumes any responsibility, however caused, for your personal injury or personal property loss or damage in connection with any service. For any circumstances arising as a result of military, terrorist, political action, weather, acts of God, criminal or negligent acts of others, criminal or negligent acts of Traveler, or any other circumstances over which Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc. or Kontiki Tour Company has no control, neither Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc. nor Kontiki Tour Company shall be liable to you. Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc. and Kontiki Tour Company reserves the right to alter, change or omit any part of the itinerary, reservation, conveyance or routing at any time without notice, where necessary or deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of the group.

Written Release and Agreement/Medical Release:
You further agree to sign a Release and Agreement which sets forth the conditions above and such other conditions as may be deemed necessary. You further agree to sign a Medical Release which states that you are physically able to complete this physically demanding trip (we recommend you consult with your physician). Failure or refusal to sign said Release and Agreement and Medical Release will be grounds for cancellation of your reservation; monies paid to date will not be refunded.

In the future, it may be necessary for Sedona Soul Adventures, Inc. to make modifications of the above “Terms and Conditions” and in that event Sedona Soul Adventures will forward a copy of such modifications to you both by email and postal mail. The “Terms and Conditions” in effect on the date that travel begins on June 15, 2021 will be binding on all participants.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with your Tour Leader, Debra Stangl, founder of Sedona Soul Adventures, please call Debra toll-free at (877) 204-3664.

For our friends outside the US and Canada, call our direct line, (928) 204-5988.

You can also reach Debra by email at: [email protected]

  • Walk the path of the Shaman with Jorge Luis Delgado (from the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”)
  • Enjoy 3 full days in Machu Picchu for ceremony and your own personal reflection time
  • Experience the teachings of shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado, one of the most important teachers of our time and author of Andean Awakening
  • Meditate at the mystical temples and altars on the shores of Lake Titicaca
  • Travel by boat on Lake Titicaca to the Island of Amantani, and stay overnight in the home of a local family
  • Visit Uros, floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca
  • 4 days in Cusco & the Sacred Valley
  • Feel the energies at the altars of Kenko and Aymara
  • Visit Ollantaytambo, power place of the Llama and Puma
  • Experience Aramu Muru… the inter-dimensional gateway
  • Participate in ceremony at Sillustani, a temple of the forerunners to the Inca Culture
  • Special ceremonies and meditations throughout the journey
  • Connect with other like-minded adventurers


“Machu Picchu & Sacred Peru”

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