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What do our clients have to say about Sedona Soul Adventures?

ceremony Testimonials, of course, are designed to show a business in the best possible light. Amazingly, however, the comments below are absolutely typical and representative of most of the comments we receive. It’s what we’ve come to expect. And we’re not satisfied with anything less.

Either our clients are wonderful and very appreciative or they are having great Soul Adventures. Or both.


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I’m back in the saddle again, and galloping at full speed… ;+) Thank you so much for the caring, loving attention and support you gave me on my Sedona, AZ recharging mission. I have not felt like this in over 40 years. Now that the puzzle is coming together, I can see the steps I need to take, to connect to the “Beam of Light” or life. Much Love and Thanks to All of you…

James Bowen

Coral Springs, FL

I really want to say that I came home a new person, but I actually came home knowing better who the real me is and that is the best accomplishment of all. I hope to remember to take some time each day to ground myself and touch base with my heart and soul… it is what makes me happy and whole!!!

Thank you and your practitioners again for me. I plan to write to all of you individually. I certainly will recommend this journey to anyone who is looking to find themselves… Thank you, god bless and peace to you… P.S. I really did feel the energy out there… I hope some of it stays with me or else I will have to come back and recharge myself!!!!!

Donna Siskind

Syosset, NY

My long weekend with Sedona Soul Adventures was by far one of the most exciting adventures that I have had in my adult life. I immediately felt that I had found the right sort of retreat for me the very first time I spoke to Debra on the phone and we discussed potential sessions in Sedona. The accommodations that Debra helped me with were fabulous!

Each practitioner was extremely helpful and made me feel that they were focused entirely on helping me with my journey. The insights, the clarity that I gained around my relationships, my understanding now of my life’s purpose, the incredible landscape…. all simply amazing! Each session seemed better than the last and I cannot wait for my next trip to Sedona!

Lisa Pazol

Northborough, MA

My tailor-made soul adventure was magically adapted to my needs at this time. I met and worked with wonderfully skilled and gifted human beings who helped me to grow and ground myself into who I have become and to look forward with excitement and anticipation to who I am becoming. My life feels like an amazing journey of growth and discovery. Thank you!

Alison Davis

Marlow, England

Having absolute faith in Debra, who was my Angel Guide, I completely trusted her to design and fine tune the perfect spiritual retreat for me, and that is exactly what unfolded for me! Everything went smoothly and was perfect for what I needed at each moment.

Julia Clemons

Chicago, IL

It was wonderful to meet you and work with everyone from Sedona Soul Adventures. My spirit is peaceful and rejuvenated. I have been almost giddy – just filled with joy. I know now that I was being called to Sedona. Thank you for your fantastic assistance and personal touch.

Wendy Billie

Ann Arbor, MI

I never thought that 3 days could change my life so dramatically. Debra and the rest of the beautiful people I met in Sedona did not feed me gimmicks or advice, they merely helped me to find the answers within myself. I would not trade my experience for all the money in the world.

Jennifer Danziger

Rockaway, NJ

Our English vocabulary doesn’t have the words to fully express the experience I had. Only the flooding of spirit that fills me as I try to relate the amazing healings and revelations that I experienced can give others a peek at the possibilities we all have. I felt a warm & loving spirit with each person I worked with and know that they are in the business of healing. I feel truly blessed for the experiences I had with Sedona Soul Adventures.

Theresa Gidell

Chesterfield, MI

I would recommend Sedona Soul Adventures to people who are really ‘Soul searching’ & who are interested in looking deep within themselves. It’s like putting 10 years of therapy into four days. The experience can be amazing if you’re ready to take the journey deep within yourself.

Pamela Kramer

Fort Lee, NJ

I was experiencing a profound lack of conviction and passion in my life before going to Sedona. Now, after my Sedona Soul Adventure, I have clarity for the first time in my life about what I was put on this planet to accomplish. Many emotional burdens – I was not aware of – have also been lifted. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this energetic and passionate.

Donald Smith

Waco, TX