Help! I’m at the end of my rope! Sample Itinerary

endofropemHere are some of the healing sessions that can offer you a lifeline:

  • Nurturing Massage to reconnect you with the power of a loving touch, and soothe your jangled nerves
  • Intuitive Reading to give you another perspective on what’s happening, and why, and what your soul needs to get through these circumstances
  • Karmic Clearing to “take out the trash” you’ve been accumulating emotionally, mentally and spiritually, by clearing karma, soul contracts and soul agreements
  • Emotional Clearing to get rid of the “gunk” and blockages that are holding you back from living your best life
  • Inner Journey with Breath and Sound to move you through your fears, blocks and resistances; and allow you to open up to your own power and wisdom
  • Earth Energy Meditation to set new intentions for your life, and to amplify those intentions by using the powerful earth energies found in Sedona
  • Spiritual Reunion to reconnect with your abandoned soul and inner child; and to find your own direct pipeline to Spirit
  • Bringing It All Together Session to gather all the insights you’ve gained, and create a new approach to life that brings you more of what you want and need

Your Investment

If you want to experience a truly life-changing transformation, we recommend devoting 3  to 5 full days to your Sedona Soul Adventure. Travel time and sightseeing can be added to either end of your stay.

Since each Soul Adventure is designed and personalized for the individual, there are no “package prices”. Prices are not determined by the number of days, but by the number of sessions included in your retreat.

Your Angel Guide will assist you in designing a retreat with exactly the right sessions to serve you best. We can also work with you to design a retreat that fits within your budget. Payment plans are also available.


Call 877-204-3664 toll-free today, and speak to an Angel Guide. At no cost or obligation, your Angel Guide will begin a conversation to explore with you, your needs and your goals and whether a Soul Adventure is the right match for you.

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Give us 3 days and your life will be transformed…

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