What's The Situation with Your Relationship?

Named Best Marriage Retreat in the US by Guidedoc (2015-2023)

“Sedona Soul Adventures saved our marriage!”
- Valerie & Frank Farmington

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Where are you in your relationship?

No two couples are the same, which is why we custom-design each of our Couples Retreats to meet your specific issues, needs and timing. Over the years, we've found some Couples Retreat themes that keep recurring.

Couple Situation

Help! Our Relationship is in trouble

Couple Situation

We want to put the spark and passion back into our relationship

Couple Situation

We want to take our relationship to the next level

Couple Situation

Has there been infidelity in your relationship?

Couple Situation

We are thinking about getting married

Couple Situation

Separating consciously

If you want more from your relationship, you are not alone...

Over the evolution of a relationship, it’s normal to hit periods where you and your partner say “We want more.”

How you reach this point, though, varies.

Some couples already have great relationships. They want to take their love to a whole new level… and deepen their connection as soul mates.

Other couples have hit a rough patch and want to get their relationship back on course.

Sometimes a crisis or major life change is to blame… such as infidelity, job loss, serious illness, or the death of a loved one.

Other times, it’s a gradual cooling of the fires. You wake up one day and wonder, “Whatever happened to us? Where did the love and passion go?”

Couple walking

situations where your relationship may need a couples retreat

Help! Our relationship is in trouble!

Is your relationship in trouble? Are you on the verge of splitting up but hoping that one last-ditch effort might save your relationship?

If talking, traditional therapy, seminars, books and counseling haven’t helped you successfully navigate the rocky rapids you’re facing, a private Couples Retreat Intensive custom designed for exactly what you need and want, will give you the focused help your relationship needs to survive and thrive.

When faced with relationship troubles, many people think a vacation is the solution. They may have fun. They may relax. But when they return home, their troubles are waiting … and their relationship falls back into the same negative patterns.

Other people turn to therapy and couples counseling. But after months (and even years) of professional help – and spending thousands of dollars – they’re often still struggling, dissatisfied and in conflict.

Couple Situation
Couples proven process - step 1

“Our retreat saved our relationship, and helped heal our hearts, minds and souls. It is so personal, therefore, it is hard to describe properly to those who have not experienced it, but I assure you, everything about the retreat was excellent. So many caring practitioners, open and honesty was all around us. The program is so well designed for your individual needs and everyone on the team is so focused on your retreat and self improvement. The cost was the last thing I ever think about, because what price can you ever put on saving your relationship and learning so many new life skills?”

- Steve & Lisa

Your relationship will be unrecognizable once your Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat Intensive is complete. Here’s why:

Unlike with talk therapy, we get underneath what’s really going on and what’s really causing the trouble in the relationship. Almost everyone has Core Wounds, blocks, patterns, fears, traumas and limiting beliefs (what we affectionately call “gunk”) that are holding them back from having the life and relationship of their dreams. In our Retreat Intensives, we find, release and heal the “gunk” and bring you back into connection on all the levels, both with the Highest part of yourself and with each other.

The powerful healing nature of the work you’ll do as individuals and as a couple, as well as the focused, one-on-one attention you’ll receive from our Master Practitioners, deliver an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

You can’t put a price on the value of cultivating a deeper soul connection with your beloved. But if your relationship is on the brink of ending, we can tell you this: Investing in a private Couples Retreat Intensive to save your relationship is certainly cheaper than the alternative.

It’s estimated that the true cost of a typical divorce when you tally everything up is a mind-blowing average total of about $50,000 to $100,000! (Not to mention the emotional cost to you and your family).

Talk to us and let us help.

We Want To Put The Spark And Passion Back In Our Relationship!

The relationship with your beloved is the bedrock of your life and family.

It deserves your attention. It deserves nurturing.

And if you’re completely honest with yourself right now, you know that something needs to change.

No matter what challenges you’re facing, it IS possible to swing the pendulum of your relationship back to where the spark and passion are alive again, but at an even deeper level.

You love each other, your values are aligned, you love the same things - but the magic that was so powerfully there has faded and you feel like one day blends into the next.

"Sedona Soul Adventures gave my husband and me a set of tools to work on a new partnership. As a result of my experience I feel that I can be more honest and kind with myself. In short, I'm much less weighed down with the past, so I feel a new sense of hope and excitement about the future. I also have a better understanding of the need to be more present in the present!"

– Alexandra & John 

You are longing for more, you want that excitement, fun, spark and passion back in your life, and you choose it with your beloved.

Maybe the kids have left and you now have a gap in your life, and that’s why this is showing up now... before you were too busy to notice that things had drifted slowly to just a friendship.

Here’s what’s great: there are simple yet profound shifts that can melt away the stuck feelings and bring you, as individuals, back to your True North, the best version of yourselves and as a couple.

When that happens, your freedom to express with each other sparks that fire and reignites the passion to where you can go places beyond where the magic was before.

If you’re ready to renew your love and rebuild passion...

If you’re ready to create a sense of unity and oneness with your partner…

If you’re ready to communicate openly and reveal your true self to your beloved…

Give yourself the gift of a Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat!

We Want To Take Our Relationship To The Next Level!

For many reasons – from the stresses of modern life, to a lack of good relationships to model, to how relationships are often portrayed in the media – most marriages and partnerships fall far short of their potential.

If you think that your relationship can (and should) be so much more … you’re right!

Your beloved is more than someone who shares your home and bed. More than someone who can help tackle the endless demands of caring for your home and family. More than someone who serves as a dining and travel companion.

Your beloved is your soul’s chosen mate. The person who agreed to walk by your side, have your back, and be your champion. A gift from Spirit, your beloved is the exact perfect person to be your mirror, challenge you to grow, and help you discover the lessons of your lifetime.

The relationship with your beloved is one of the most precious gifts you’ll receive in your lifetime. To unlock the full potential of your relationship, you must reestablish your deep spiritual connection with Source – and with each other.

And there’s no better place to do this important work than Sedona!

"Sedona Soul Adventures completely surpassed my expectations. If you had told me that the connection between my partner and myself could be this deep and spiritual, I would have said it couldn't be done. The depth of our relationship is far beyond anything we expected. We also have the skills to keep that bond, and keep working on our individual journeys. Sedona Soul Adventures has changed our lives, forever! Thank you from the bottom of our heart."

– Jim & Kate

If you’re ready to experience a whole new level of love and passion…

If you’re ready to expand the unity and oneness with your partner…

If you’re ready to communicate openly and reveal your true self to your beloved…

Give yourself the gift of a Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat!

Have you had an infidelity in your relationship?

It’s the worst. That punch in the gut when you discover the person you thought you knew and loved has betrayed you. And now you’re left with the questions – What do you want to do? Do you want to throw everything away? Can you ever trust this person again? Can anything ever be the same?

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of couples deal with this complex and hurtful issue. Many of our practitioners have over 20 years experience working with couples and we can help you through this most difficult time.

Unlike with talk therapy, we get underneath what’s really going on and what’s really causing the trouble in the relationship. Almost everyone has Core Wounds, blocks, patterns, fears, traumas and limiting beliefs (what we affectionately call “gunk”) that are holding them back from having the life and relationship of their dreams. In our Retreat Intensives, we find, release and heal the “gunk” and bring you back into connection on all the levels, both with the Highest part of yourselves and with each other.

Talk to us and let us help.

Couple Situation

Are you thinking about getting married?

More and more people are coming to us for a private Couples Retreat Intensive before they get married or re-married.

They want to avoid the challenges and divorces they’ve witnessed with their own parents, friends, or other family members, and find true alignment with each other as they set out on their life journey together.

And many people who have been married before want to avoid the pitfalls that damaged their previous marriages.

Statistics show that in the U.S.

  • 50% percent of first marriages
  • 67% of second marriages
  • 74% of third marriages

End in divorce

Second (or third) marriages have difficulties for a number of reasons:

Many people haven’t learned the lessons from their previous relationships and they’re bringing the same emotional issues to the new marriage.

For instance, if you were co-dependent in your previous relationship, unless you’ve done something to heal that, you’re probably going to find yourself affected by codependency again in your new relationship.

Others enter a new relationship “on the rebound” and they have not given themselves enough time to heal.

We’ve seen these issues and more many times over the years. Couples come to to us to heal the issues of the past for themselves, allowing them to fully blossom in their current relationship, giving them the best chance for a deep, meaningful, long term relationship.

Nurturing You as Individuals to Strengthen You as a Couple

When you entered your relationship, you agreed to be partners. But you’re still an individual with your own unique needs, challenges, purpose and passions – and with your own expectations, experiences and emotional baggage.

You and your partner each grew up in different homes and environments. You’ve experienced different things and suffered different emotional wounds.

These experiences created filters through which you see and experience the world. They color your interpretation of events, how you respond to events, and how you relate to others.

Unresolved issues and unhealed emotional wounds from as far back as childhood, can interfere with your ability to experience the happiness, depth of love, and fulfillment with your partner that you are meant to have.

For example, you might be struggling to express yourself in the relationship, while your beloved is primarily feeling a lack of purpose. Both issues affect how you feel as individuals, and therefore, how you interact as a couple.

During your Retreat Intensive, a practitioner might help you remove emotional blocks that affect your ability to express your truth. Another practitioner might lead your beloved through a process designed to reveal one’s life purpose.

Reunited, you might have a joint session to work on changing the story of your relationship and how you can better give the other person what they need and desire, allowing you as a couple to flourish as never before.

That’s why your private Couples Retreat Intensive includes both individual and couples sessions.

Give yourself the best chance of a deeply loving marriage that lasts a lifetime!

Give yourself the gift of a Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat!

"Felicia and I came to Sedona Soul Adventures knowing this experience would change our lives. We are both amazed at how much we have grown spiritually from the experience and how much has been revealed to us about ourselves by these wonderful people. Our lives are now on a higher plateau."

– Will & Felicia

Separating Consciously

Our founder, Debra Stangl, was a divorce attorney for over 20 years before a trip to Sedona in 1999 changed her life and ultimately led to the founding of Sedona Soul Adventures in 2002.

She knows from first-hand experience the trauma and devastation that divorce can bring to the individuals and the children involved. This is one of the reasons why saving marriages is such a critical focus for Sedona Soul Adventures and in those situations where that’s not possible (or not in the best interests of all concerned), our focus is for people to leave the relationship with mutual respect and understanding, rather than anger, fear and revenge.

Through Separating Consciously, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner and your children. You’ll have a deeper understanding of what has created the issues in the first place, so that you can deal with each other in a conscious and loving way as you move forward. You will also have a deeper understanding of your own issues and needs and desires so that you can have deeper and more fulfilling (more conscious) relationships in the future.

Separating Consciously
Separating Consciously

The emotional and financial costs of a contested and antagonistic divorce can be devastating for you and your children. Doing a Separating Consciously Retreat Intensive can save you so much in terms of emotional distress and financial cost. Put quite simply, separating consciously will save you on all the levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial - as you and your spouse make decisions that will be affecting the two of you and your children for the rest of your lives.

What if your spouse isn’t interested in doing a Couples Retreat?

Of course, the ideal situation is to have both parties participate in the retreat. But in some situations, both parties aren’t willing to do so. In that event, we invite you to consider the idea of doing a Separating Consciously Retreat Intensive on your own. Even having one person in the equation approaching this from a conscious standpoint can have an incredible impact and we’ve found that sometimes it can even turn the situation around. Talk to us about this possibility.

You have been called from an inner voice — now it’s time to follow through on the most important choice in your lifetime!

Give yourself the gift of a Sedona Soul Adventures Couples Retreat!

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