Client Comments

What do our clients have to say about Sedona Soul Adventures?

ceremony Testimonials, of course, are designed to show a business in the best possible light. Amazingly, however, the comments below are absolutely typical and representative of most of the comments we receive. It’s what we’ve come to expect. And we’re not satisfied with anything less.

Either our clients are wonderful and very appreciative or they are having great Soul Adventures. Or both.


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The recommended time for planning an adventure is 2-3 weeks. Debra and the gang were able to organize a 6-day Soul Adventure for me within 2 days, and I traveled in from a foreign country. I made a leap of faith, and the Sedona Soul Adventures was my net! I have realized things about myself in one week, that I have not been able to figure out in a lifetime of tears and turmoil! I am so blessed to have found this group of people who helped me find myself, and who don’t want anything else from you but your own personal peace. It is the most life changing experience I never knew I could have hoped to have… If you don’t give this gift to yourself, give this as a gift to someone you love! Thank God for the internet and all the Angels at Sedona Soul Adventures.

Ginger Powers

Santa Ana, Costa Rica

I went on my Soul Adventure searching for purpose and meaning in my life. Not only do I feel like I finally have a direction I’m excited about, but I feel fortunate to have met so many wonderful people who made me feel like I’m not alone in my way of thinking. Thank you!!!

Valerie Parrish

Mt. Laurel, NJ

My Soul Adventure was the absolute high point of my life since the death of my husband last year. My guides and angels here on earth and from the beyond helped me to bring peace and joy into my life. My Soul Adventure validated all the signs, visions and spiritual experiences I encountered since my husband’s death. I was able to leave my comfort zones and approach my adventure with a open mind and heart. I received the love and light with open arms. I experienced a rebirth that will enable me to meet my new life without hesitation and reservations.

Gail Pedescleaux-Muckle

Edison, NJ

Seeking to refresh and renew mind, body and spirit, I was led to Sedona by a power beyond myself. While experiencing the Sedona Soul Adventure, I connected with forces within and around me that touched deeply into my inner being. A sense of peace, calm, wisdom and courage continued to grow as each day unfolded. I felt the healing and loving force of the Divine. I take with me a new spirit and deeper longing for oneness with all that is of the Spirit.

Sr. Marilyn Jean Runkel

Springfield, IL

Sedona Soul Adventures was exactly that. The kindness and love of Debra and David in working with Spirit created a true “soul adventure.” My life was completely transformed in a few days and the transformation was guided by my Spirit Guides and the Angels of Sedona Soul Adventures.You know I love you guys and am so very grateful for everything… I’ll be back!

Rob Wergin

Seal Beach, CA

Thank you for a great soul adventure. I have already recommended you, and passed on your website to several people I know. My experience was “awakening” as Debra could tell you. I definitely came away with an “amplified vibration” which was my intention.

I really believe in and support your journey and I thank you again for “stepping out” into your power and bringing it to so many of us… Love and Light to you both – Let’s stay in touch…

Angel B

Long Beach, CA

I rate Sedona Soul Adventures a 10! My favorite part was the Breathwork with Tom. I feel that the healing that took place during that time was remarkable – I have been working toward healing some really old wounds, unsuccessfully, for a long time. There was NOT one session that wasn’t helpful to me, thanks to you, Debra for organizing my sessions. I have already, and will continue, to recommend Sedona Soul Adventures to anyone who will listen!

The gift I came home with from my stay was a brand new love for myself – I truly have never felt like this! No one can take this away from me. I feel like for once, I really know and Love who I am. What a gift. I look forward to going back to Sedona soon! Thank you Debra and David for all of your love!

Maureen Steenbeke

Concord, NH

My Soul Adventure was incredible!!! Wow! All of it was great! More than I could have ever imagined it would be. A truly Life changing experience to find your soul! Thank You Sooooo Much!

Terri Westphall

Lynnwood, WA

Sedona Soul Adventures is a place to transform your life if you make the intention to do so. Through guided journeys into the depth of your being in safe, majestic and sacred places in Sedona, one can experience the meaning of their life’s purpose and wade above the murky water and see the sunlight in order to continue the most amazing journey down your life’s path.

Lis Johnson

San Diego, CA

I could have planned a trip on my own, but to be truly guided and supported by Sedona Soul Adventures made a 3-day trip the experience of a lifetime. I am forever changed and blessed to have had such beautiful souls guide me through. Thank you!

Trina Dutcher

San Diego, CA