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What is a Sedona Soul Adventures Retreat Intensive?

It’s a Retreat Intensive like no other, because we custom design each of our retreats for exactly what YOU need so that you can get exactly what you want in your life or your relationship, plus you’ll be working one-on-one or two-on-one (for Couples) in private with the Master Practitioners of Sedona (we have over 60!). We work only with individuals and couples, not groups, so you get the private one-on-one attention that assures you receive the best possible outcome from your Retreat Intensive (either in Sedona or At Home online). Before you begin your Retreat Intensive, you will spend time speaking with your Soul Guide, in depth, about what your specific situation is, where you’re at right now and what you are looking to achieve with your Sedona Retreat Intensive. Based on that deep conversation, your Soul Guide will custom design your Sedona Retreat Intensive. The private sessions for your Sedona Retreat Intensive will be carefully selected and orchestrated by your Soul Guide, to bring you into the life or relationship of your dreams. For a more in-depth description, visit our Sedona Personal Retreats page or Couples Retreat page. Read more about Our Breakthrough Approach

What's so special about our Sedona Retreats?

The short answer is 1) Because your Sedona Retreat Intensive is custom designed for you, based on your needs and desires; 2) Your Sedona Retreat Intensive is completely private, with one-on-one or two-on-one (for Couples) sessions (so you won’t be opening up in front of a group of strangers), working with the Master Practitioners of Sedona (we have over 60 and many of them have over 20 years of experience); 3) you’ll experience our Sedona Proven Process which has over a 20 year history of helping people transform their lives; and 4) you’ll have tools and ongoing support to make sure your transformations last a lifetime! Read more about Our Breakthrough Approach  

What is the price of a Sedona Soul Adventures Retreat Intensive?

Because each of our Sedona Retreat Intensives is a custom-designed blend of sessions (whether In Sedona or At Home Online), there is no set price and the cost is determined by the number and type of sessions included in your Retreat Intensive and how deeply you want to commit. Our Personal Sedona Retreat Intensives start at around $1100 per day and go up from there, depending on the custom design of your Retreat; Couples Retreats start at around $1500 per day and go up from there, depending on the custom design of your Couples Retreat. Personal Retreat Intensives are a minimum of 3 full days, Couples Retreats are a minimum of 4 full days (not including travel time). Other cost considerations are your lodging and transportation. We can send you an email listing special places to stay in Sedona that are conducive to your Retreat experience. After you speak with your Soul Guide and they custom design your Retreat Intensive, you will know the exact cost (and there is no cost or obligation for speaking with your Soul Guide). Read more about Our Breakthrough Approach  

How long does my Sedona Retreat take?

From our experience of over 20 years, we know the best results come from a minimum of 3 full days (not including travel time) for your Personal Sedona Retreat Intensive and 4 days for a Couples Retreat. Most people are here 4 or 6 days, but we can custom design your Sedona Retreat Intensive for any length you desire. Of course, it's also wonderful to add in additional days for sightseeing in spectacular Sedona, Arizona.

How can I have the optimum experience on my Sedona Retreat?

For your private Retreat Intensive in Sedona, we highly recommend that you come just by yourself (or just the two of you for a Couples Retreat),  so you can focus exclusively on you and give yourself the experience of that deliciousness. Treat yourself to a comfortable, peaceful room with beautiful views and lovely energy. Try to disconnect from the outside world as much as possible. Be in Sedona long enough so that you can take the time to see this beautiful place and so that you can hike, rest and journal, and so that you can deeply integrate your sessions.

If you are doing a virtual Retreat online, make sure that you have a good internet connection (we can help you test that!) and you’ll want to have a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed during your sessions. We’ve even had people rent a room in their hometown so they could be alone and quiet during their Retreat!

Are you open all year round for Sedona Retreats?

Yes, we’re here for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our office is open 8 A.M. – 5 P.M. Monday through Friday, 10 A.M. – 2 P.M. on Saturday and 9 A.M. – 3 P.M. on Sunday. Sedona, Arizona is on Mountain Standard time year ’round.

Do you do the retreats on weekends?

Yes, we do our retreats 365 days per year, so you can come whenever you want, including week-ends, but be sure to plan on a minimum of 3 full days for a Personal Retreat and at least 4 full days for a Couples Retreat (not including your travel time). And we highly recommend adding extra time so that you can really experience beautiful Sedona.

Will my Sedona Retreat include full days and evenings?

Generally you’re scheduled for 4-5 hours of sessions per day for your Retreat Intensive. Evenings are sometimes available, but not required.

Will I  have time on my own during my Sedona Retreat?

The sessions for your Retreat Intensive will be spaced to allow you time to integrate, and depending on how many days you are here, it's wonderful to explore Sedona and the surrounding wilderness and sacred sites. We highly recommend you add an extra day to give yourself enough time to do that in this beautiful place.

How far in advance do I need to plan my Sedona Retreat?

To get exactly what you need and want, we highly recommend at least 2-3 weeks advance planning for your Sedona Retreat. Many of our Practitioners book up in advance, and may not be available at the last moment. Some of our clients start months in advance. Sedona is a small resort town, and during peak seasons, getting a wonderful place to stay can be difficult.

That said, we can usually accommodate last-minute requests for your Sedona Retreat. In special situations, we’ve had clients arrive within days of their first call, and step into their Sedona Retreat Intensive right away.

Where is Sedona Soul Adventures located?

Sedona Soul Adventures is located in beautiful, mystical Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, Arizona is a small resort town located in beautiful Red Rock Country, in the high desert, two hours north of Phoenix, Arizona. It’s the perfect location for your private Retreat Intensive.

Don’t expect a central retreat facility! We are a team of alternative Practitioners, healers, intuitives, energy workers and spiritual guides who work out of home offices, private healing spaces and sacred sites all over Sedona. Our beautiful office (with spectacular views!) is in west Sedona for our administrative staff. Sedona is so small (only 9500 residents) and it’s easy to get around; it’s usually a 5-10 minute drive to anywhere. We’re completely surrounded by gorgeous National Forest and red rock mountains.

Where do I stay for my Sedona Retreat?

We’ve decided to focus on what we do best: transformation and spiritual awakening. We leave the lodging business to the innkeepers. Because your Retreat experience is custom designed, we want your lodging to reflect your desire to stay where you’ll be most comfortable. Some people want just a basic room, others want a kitchen to prepare their own food, some want the lap of luxury. Because Sedona is a high-end resort town, there are many wonderful resorts, hotels, AirBnBs, etc. Rooms in Sedona generally start at $100 per night and go up from there with high end resorts charging as much as $1,500 per night. We are happy to send you an email with our recommendations for the best places to stay for your private Sedona Retreat.

How do I get to Sedona, Arizona for my Retreat Intensive?

The easiest travel plan for your Sedona Retreat is to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), rent a car, and drive up to Sedona. Phoenix is a major hub, with frequent deals to be found, especially on Southwest Airlines. The airport has all the usual car rental agencies. Hint: don’t be talked into renting an SUV for your Sedona Retreat, unless you really want one. Even though Sedona is in mountainous terrain, it’s a straight shot from Phoenix on Interstate 17, ending with twenty miles of gently winding road through spectacular scenery on Arizona State Highway 179. An SUV will cost more and is absolutely not necessary, unless that is your preference during your Sedona Retreat.

Do I need a car for my Sedona Retreat? How about for a Couples Retreat?

Having a car will provide you with the highest level of freedom and flexibility during your Sedona Retreat, whether you drive to Sedona or rent a car in Phoenix (or Flagstaff).

A Couples Retreat will include both individual sessions and couples sessions. Having two cars will provide you with the highest level of freedom and flexibility during your Sedona Couples Retreat. The best alternative is to rent one car in Phoenix and rent a second car in Sedona for the days where you have individual sessions. It’s also possible to use a taxi service or Uber during those days, but taxis and Uber are very unreliable and expensive in Sedona as compared to other large cities. There’s nothing worse than being in the reverie of your uplifting and beautiful session and then hearing a taxi honking at you – we want to avoid that at all costs. We want to do everything we can to keep you in those highest vibrations during your Couples Retreat!!

Having said that, there are some alternatives. You can get an airport shuttle to bring you up from Phoenix (Groome Transportation) and rent a car when you arrive for your Sedona Retreat. If you don’t want to drive at all, you can take the airport shuttle and hire a taxi to get to and from sessions within Sedona. But again, taxis and Uber are very unreliable and expensive in Sedona as compared to large cities.

If you choose the non-driving option, be sure to tell your Soul Guide so that they can assist you in choosing centrally located lodging within walking distance to restaurants and shops. You will also need to schedule your retreat at least one week in advance to give the taxi service enough notice to accommodate your schedule.

Will I be in a group during my Sedona Retreat?

No. Everything you do with us during your Sedona Retreat will be completely personal and private. Your own personal needs and issues simply can’t be met in a group, plus most people are hesitant to open up completely in front of a group of strangers, so your custom designed Sedona Retreat will assure maximum privacy and effectiveness while we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Can I come with a friend for my Personal Sedona Retreat?

A Sedona Retreat Intensive is a time for you to rest, renew, and reconnect. That’s a different intention, and energy, than traveling with a friend. We highly recommend you use this time to find yourself, away from the distractions and demands of others, no matter how beloved.

Can I do a Sedona Retreat with my partner?

If your focus is on bringing connection back into your relationship, and going deeper into intimacy, then we would say “Yes!” We can custom design a Couples Retreat Intensive for the two of you, with a very different focus than a Personal Sedona Retreat. We don’t recommend bringing your partner if they are not part of a Couples Retreat, so you can have this delicious time to focus completely on yourself and not be concerned about taking care of other people.

What if I want to do a Couples Retreat and my partner doesn’t want to do a Couples Retreat?

It never works to try to force or coerce someone to do a Retreat Intensive – if they don’t want to do it, it just won’t be successful. We only want to work with people who are 100% willing and excited. If you want to do a Couples Retreat and your partner doesn’t want to do a Couples Retreat, then the next best alternative is for you to think about doing a Personal Retreat for yourself. We have had so many situations where one partner didn’t want to do a Couples Retreat and after the other partner came here, they had such a transformation that the other partner wanted to come! As Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world” – when one person transforms, it can transform the relationship!

Are there really hundreds of types of sessions available for my Sedona Retreat?

Yes, our team of over 60 Practitioners offers hundreds of distinctly different experiences. And, our Practitioners are the very best of the best of what Sedona has to offer.

How do I decide which sessions to include in my Sedona Retreat?

With all these possibilities, now you know why your Soul Guide is so essential. Your Soul Guide has experienced the work of our Practitioners and is very intuitive. They tune into you and your energies and connect with you to determine which sessions, in which sequence, will best meet your particular needs and desires for your Sedona Retreat Intensive. The custom designing of your Sedona Retreat Intensive is one of the things which makes your Sedona Retreat Intensive so special.

Where do the sessions take place for my Sedona Retreat ?

Many people ask if the sessions will be outside on the land, or held at interior locations. And the answer is -  it’s a mix of both, with the majority of the transformational sessions taking place indoors in private. Our team of Practitioners will work with you in-person (or virtually) from their personal home offices, private healing spaces, and sacred sites across the beautiful spiritual oasis of Sedona, Arizona. We do not use a central retreat facility, our beautiful office is in west Sedona for our administrative staff and you will come to our office for your Orientation at the beginning of your Sedona Retreat. 

What is your refund/cancellation policy for my Sedona Retreat?

Sedona Soul Adventures requires a deposit of one half of the total of your Sedona Retreat at the time you book your Sedona Retreat Intensive. This deposit is your guarantee that your sessions are being organized and scheduled and are being held exclusively for you. The remaining balance is due 5 days prior to the beginning of your Sedona Retreat Intensive (either in Sedona or At Home). In the event that you have a family or work emergency and are unable to attend your Sedona Retreat on the scheduled dates, we will cancel your scheduled Sedona Retreat and provide you with a Sedona Soul Adventures credit for the amount already paid. There are no refunds of deposits or amounts paid prior to 5 days of the beginning of your Retreat. Your credit with Sedona Soul Adventures is redeemable for a period of one year from the originally scheduled date of your retreat and only for the same Soul Adventures sessions (and it is not transferable to Sacred Travel or courses, etc.). If the cancellation occurs 21 days or less prior to your scheduled arrival, there will be an additional rescheduling fee of $100 at the time you reschedule. When rescheduling your Soul Adventure, you must provide us with a minimum of 21 days advance notice. Sedona Soul Adventures must receive all retreat cancellations in writing or by email. Sedona Soul Adventures occasionally books separate, individual sessions that are not part of a larger Soul Adventures retreat for returning clients. These sessions are paid in advance and there are no refunds. In the event that you have a family or work emergency and are unable to attend your individual session(s) on the scheduled dates, we will cancel your scheduled sessions and maintain a credit for you unless the cancellation occurs 48 hours or less prior to your scheduled session(s), in which case, no credit or refund will be issued. When rescheduling your individual sessions, you must provide us with a minimum of 21 days advance notice. Sedona Soul Adventures must receive all cancellations of individual sessions in writing or by email. Sedona Soul Adventures offers prepaid certificates that can be personalized for giving as gifts. These gift certificates are non-refundable and must be redeemed within one year from the date they were issued.

Does a virtual Retreat have the same impact as coming to Sedona?

We started doing our At Home Retreat Intensives during the pandemic and were delighted to discover that they provide the same incredible transformations as doing the retreats here in Sedona. Energy is energy and our team of Practitioners are Masters at utilizing and connecting you with the transformational energies of Sedona, so it doesn't matter whether you're in their healing room or in your home anywhere in the world, our Master Practitioners still deliver the same kind of life-changing, incredible transformations for your Retreat Intensive. And the best part is, you save the expense and difficulty of travel, renting a car, getting a room, etc. Many of our clients tell us they believe they enjoyed their retreat experience even more because they were able to sleep in their own bed, have their pets with them, etc.

Why should I do a Sedona Soul Adventures Retreat?

Because life without heart and soul is a struggle, and a waste of time. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than a deep and nurturing connection with that Highest part of yourself. Because you deserve to become all that you were born to be. Because you were meant to have a fabulous, connected, juicy loving relationship. Because, as Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

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