Asking you to send prayers and $$ to one of our grads in flooded Houston - Sedona Soul Adventures

Asking you to send prayers and $$ to one of our grads in flooded Houston

If you’ve been reading my newsletters, you know that 2 weeks ago I got married and went on my honeymoon and sent you newsletters chatting about my happiness and my beautiful trip with my new husband.
I received so many congratulatory emails, which was so sweet and fun, and then suddenly I read one from Teresa dePaula. She and her husband Joe had been here for a couples retreat a few months ago and it was life changing for them. I was stunned to read her email:
Dear Debra,
Thank you for the emails.
Congratulations on getting married!! BEAUTIFUL!
WE FLOODED VIA Hurricane Harvey after they released the Buffalo Bayou in Houston.
Our life changed in a day. First 3 weeks were an emotional & physical Hell; you are a walking Zombie not knowing what to do, in shock and where to live. We have 3 house dogs & it’s very difficult to find a furnished rental that accepts 3 dogs. We will be moving our third time into another friend’s home; like we are living out of a suitcase. Our rebuild has started and we hope to be back in by Dec 15; Hope. This builder is efficient – they work 6 days a week 7-5; of course he didn’t come cheap.
What clothes & shoes we saved are in a storage unit. Most everything downstairs (our master bed was down) was ruined; we had 2 ½ – 3ft in our house for 8 days of SEWAGE WATER.
I wrote Teresa back expressing my sympathy and then she sent me another email:
THANK YOU DEBRA!! And Truly I am happy for you finding your Soul Mate.
We were not allowed in our neighborhood for 6 days after flooding, once we could get in, Joe & 2 buddies canoed clothes, shoes & other out (trash pics is all our trash = 2 frigs, dishwasher, 2 sofas, 7 chairs, settee, tables, 8 pairs boots (etc..)
Pics are from when water was down 8”-10”; after we could get in.
WE ARE LUCKIER THAN THOUSANDS; WE REALIZE THAT. Many we know had 4-5 feet inside their homes; we only had 3’ max; plus we are lucky to not be in California fires.
Going thru this, I now have more compassion for ANYONE who loses their home & belongings in a Sudden Disaster, truly is your own Hell on Earth. My heart hurts for the elderly who lost their homes & for all those who have children & pets living with them. It will be years before some rebuild, if they do.
We did not furnish our house in a day and it may be a year before it’s furnished again. We even have to drain our pool, get resurfaced, etc.. It’s devastating how much you have to replace.
My car was totaled too, Joe’s was not so we are so lucky! SO MANY LOST all their autos.
THANK YOU FOR SAVING OUR MARRIAGE, WE are still using the communication skills, etc.. We lost most papers from our sessions to flood, hated losing the pic from Burning Man of the inner child in all of us.
Hugs to you!!
When I read this, it just touched my heart. I was so amazed that even with everything going on, Teresa was sending me wedding congratulations and still thanking us for saving their marriage. I started thinking how I could help. I had the idea of reaching out to YOU – our beautiful Sedona Soul Adventures family, knowing how generous and loving you all are.
I also loved the idea of you all knowing that any donations you would make would be going to one specific family and helping them directly.
So I wrote Teresa to ask her permission. She wrote back:
I’m humbled & almost embarrassed to accept any gifts, yet, at this point I have sucked up my pride & try to accept (we have received aid from family & friends).
If someone is seeking a tax deduction, our church Tallowood Baptist had 106 families that flooded. I have contacted my church to find out if there are specific families in need. 4 Tallowood Baptist members helped us pack up our house. They could put our name Teresa & Joe DePaula for Harvey Victims in the memo; then they get a tax deduction for writing to the church.
Tallowood is a multi-racial church = various cultures, we have Chinese, Hispanic, Burmese & other worships. Our Pastor is super cool (he & his wife adopted their daughter who was a Hurricane IKE/Louisiana survivor).
You all know that I have never asked you for anything like this before, but if you feel it in your heart, I would ask that you send a check for whatever feels good to you (and every $5 and $10 helps!) to:
Tallowood Church
555 Tallowood Rd.
Houston, TX 77025
In the memo write: Joe & Teresa dePaula for Harvey victims
If you can’t send money at this time, no worries, then I ask you to send love and healing energy to Joe and Teresa and all these people whose lives have been turned upside down.
Please do not send any donations to Sedona Soul Adventures, as we are not a 501(C)(3) organization and we would need to return any donations. Please send them directly to the church and then you will also receive a tax deduction. I know that this will make a difference. Thank you for your generosity.
Wishing you a week filled with generosity and love,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
(877) 204-3664

We helped Joe and Teresa. Let us help you

I loved it so much that even with everything that is going on with her right now, that Teresa thanked me again for saving her marriage. I went back and found the email she had sent to me in April:
I love it when we can save someone’s marriage and happiness and sanity! And that’s what happens with our Couples Retreats. Your relationship so greatly impacts your happiness and sanity, it changes everything when it’s going right.
Call and speak with one of our retreat guides. They’ll help you just like they did Teresa and Joe.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll-free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Guides will call you.
Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
Come with us to Machu Picchu & Peru, April 14-27

“The Sedona Soul Adventures Peru Trip was AMAZING! It is my second Sedona Soul Sacred Travel trip and it, like the first to Egypt, was life changing. The magic of Machu Picchu, the peacefulness of Lake Titicaca, the energy of the Apu mountain spirits is not something you can read about – it must be experienced! On this trip, we had the privilege of being in the presence of Jorge Luis Delgado, our Peruvian Shaman and Chacaruna (bridge person – messenger of light) who is an extraordinary guide, teacher and spiritual Master. I have been on my spiritual journey for approximately 10 years now, and I have learned and experienced many things, but Jorge had an incredible way of saying thing in such simple powerful ways, it was like I was learning them again for the first time. I experienced with him the power of oral tradition – that it isn’t just the words that he spoke, but it was the energy and intention he imbued into his words that is the specialness of oral tradition. It is that energy which touches you and teaches you. He reaches you heart to heart, rather than from your mind. He led me on a Pilgrimage to my Inner Sun that deepened my commitment to a higher level of consciousness, that increased my understanding of the Cosmos and its wonder, and that fueled my desire to shine brightly in the world. I will be forever grateful for this trip and the positive impact it had on my life.”

– Suzanne West, Calgary, Canada


Debra Stangl

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