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Announcing our Peru trip June 16-29

“The Peru trip was the best experience I have ever had.”
– Kerry Grant

That pretty much sums it up. The Peru trip is amazing, fantastic, wonderful and incredible. Each year I struggle with trying to find the words that will truly convey all that it is and I feel like I never truly capture it, because it is so incredibly amazing. 

And there is something in the air about this trip! 

jorge luis delgado peru machu picchuWe haven’t even officially announced it (it’s just been up on our website), but already 5 people have signed up for the trip!! It’s kind of amazing — the 2020 Egypt trip sold out in about two weeks, is that what will happen with this trip?

If so, decide now to join us.“The trip to Peru was beyond all expectations”
– Laura McAllister

Why is it so fantastic? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Jorge – We are in Peru for 2 weeks with our incredible shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado. Every year people say that they feel sorry for people who go to Peru without being with Jorge. It’s just not the same experience.
  • Life-changing – The ceremonies, being with Jorge, being with other like-minded people, is transformational and life-changing.

  • Everything is taken care of for you. I’ve been doing this trip since 2004 and I have to say, it’s pretty much perfect. We have everything meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. You don’t have to think about anything, just the transformations you’re having. We handle everything else.
  • Traveling with other like-minded adventurers adds such a depth to this trip, making friendships that last a lifetime.
  • We see parts of Peru that other tourists don’t see. We see the important places in Peru — Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Lake Titicaca, Pisac, the Sacred Valley — but Jorge also takes us to out of the way places that the typical tourist doesn’t see. In particular the Doorway of Aramu Muru, which was discovered by Jorge (and which he discusses in his book “Andean Awakenings”).

  • We are at Machu Picchu for three days – this is important because of the changes. So many other tours only go to Machu Picchu for one day, which I find totally amazing. They take the train, run around for a few hours and leave. Let me tell you, that is NOT the way to experience Machu Picchu.

The fact that we’re there for three days has become even more important because of changes they’ve initiated last year.

Before last year, your ticket allowed you to be at Machu Picchu all day. Now, the Peruvian government has changed it so that you are there in the morning or the afternoon, you are not allowed to be there all day.

On our tour, the first day we will be there for the afternoon.

The next day, we will get up at dawn to be there at 6 am so that we can do sunrise ceremony. The next day we will also get up as early as possible so that we can spend the entire morning there. We want everyone to be able to luxuriate in their experience of Machu Picchu.


  • We’ll be at Machu Picchu on the Solstice! This is one of the most powerful times of the year and we’ll be doing ceremony at sunrise on that special day.



  • We have so much fun! We do so many amazing, incredible, fun things, in addition to all the beautiful and uplifting spiritual things we do. The shopping is incredible. We go to one of my favorite restaurants in the world, Indio Feliz in Aguas Calientes, and we see so many special places, including the compound and workshop of Seminario, a world famous master of ceramics. He’s a dear friend of Jorge’s and we get to visit with him on almost every trip.

“My trip to Peru was a life altering experience. I laughed, I cried, I experienced new dimensions.”
– Laura McConnell

So please join me on this trip of a lifetime.


Linda says “the entire Peru trip was fantastic,” 
“the best of all possible worlds”

“The entire Peru trip was fantastic, I would recommend it to anybody if they want to go to Peru, this is the kind of vacation to take. In the future, I won’t be able to travel any other way — it’s so much more meaningful to bond with the group, sharing a spiritual purpose, with a wonderful guide. You have the best of all possible worlds, all your daily needs met, no worries about train schedules or hotel reservations, and the benefit of a guide that is supporting your spiritual path. I didn’t want to leave Machu Picchu…” 
Linda Gunther

Download our beautiful “Machu Picchu & Sacred Peru” Report

Read all about Peru and its sacred sites, Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley and more. Get a feel for the amazing places, the people and the country itself.

Click here for all the info on the trip, including pricing.

And then I hope you’ll decide to join me on this amazing trip.

Questions? Email me at [email protected] or
call me at (877) 204-3664. I love talking about Peru!

3 Very Specific Reasons why you should go to Machu Picchu and Peru (April 27-May 10, 2019)

In this issue:

  • 3 Very Specific Reasons why you should go to Machu Picchu and Peru (April 27-May 10, 2019)
  • Suzanne says the Peru trip is “amazing” and “life-changing”
  • Download your free copy of my “Machu Picchu & Sacred Peru” Report
  • Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing for the Peru trip

I think a picture really is worth 1000 words. I was going through pictures of this years’ Peru and Machu Picchu trip, and the pictures definitely say it all. Look at the happiness on Selena’s face on our first day at Machu Picchu. This is such a dream come true for so many people. You can just hear her saying “Yes!”

And I love this picture of Jorge and I at Machu Picchu. What a joy to be there and to be in his presence for 2 weeks.

Jorge Luis Delgado is our shaman and guide during this amazing journey. You might know him from the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens; he’s in 9 episodes speaking about the incredible mysteries of the Andes and Lake Titicaca. Doing ceremonies with him, learning his teachings, and just being in his presence is such a treasure.

Here are more fun pictures. Glen dressed as a fox, giving me presents from the group on our last night. They gave me the most beautiful necklace and earrings from Lake Titicaca and a recreation of a chulpa from Sillustani, complete with small stones they had all collected for offerings (I didn’t even notice what they were doing!).
Here’s my husband, Richard, at Ollantaytambo. Can you feel the energy of this amazing place? Some people feel that Ollantaytambo is in some ways as incredible as Machu Picchu. The combination of the energy and the water here are so fantastic.
And here’s the group in front of Aramu Muru, the Doorway to Other Dimensions that was discovered by Jorge Luis. To do ceremony at this place with Jorge is so amazing.

And this year one of the members of our group, Jill, played the crystal bowls while we were doing the ceremony there. It was other-worldly.

So, as promised, here are the 3 Very Specific Reasons why you should go on our Peru and Machu Picchu trip:

  1. It’s incredible
  2. It’s amazing
  3. It’s life-changing


Is that not enough? Because it truly is incredible, amazing, and life-changing. And every year I struggle with figuring out how to really convey that to you.

So here’s a little more:

  1. It’s incredible because in two weeks, we connect with that highest part of ourselves in ways which we might have only dreamed of. We not only see these beautiful places (Machu Picchu, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Sillustani, Lake Titicaca), but we experience them on all the levels — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  2. It’s amazing because we learn so much, we feel so much, and we have so much fun.
  3. It’s life-changing because you won’t be the same person after this trip — you’ll be happier, more connected, deeper and more loving, as you allow all of this to really sink in.

So I hope those reasons – it’s incredible, amazing, and life-changing – conveys it all to you. If not, there’s lots of information on our website – just click here.

You can also send me an email – [email protected]

Or give me a call – (877) 204-3664 – I love talking about Peru!

Suzanne says the Peru trip is “amazing” and “life-changing”
“The Sedona Soul Adventures Peru Trip was AMAZING! It is my second Sedona Soul Sacred Travel trip and it, like the first (to Egypt), was life-changing. The magic of Machu Picchu, the peacefulness of Lake Titicaca, the energy of the Apu mountain spirits is not something you can read about – it must be experienced!

On this trip, we had the privilege of being in the presence of Jorge Luis Delgado, our Peruvian Shaman and Chacaruna (bridge person – messenger of light) who is an extraordinary guide, teacher and spiritual Master. I have been on my spiritual journey for approximately 10 years now, and I have learned and experienced many things, but Jorge had an incredible way of saying thing in such simple powerful ways, it was like I was learning them again for the first time.

I experienced with him the power of oral tradition – that it isn’t just the words that he spoke, but it was the energy and intention he imbued into his words that is the specialness of oral tradition. It is that energy which touches you and teaches you. He reaches you heart to heart, rather than from your mind. He led me on a Pilgrimage to my Inner Sun that deepened my commitment to a higher level of consciousness, that increased my understanding of the Cosmos and its wonder, and that fueled my desire to shine brightly in the world. I will be forever grateful for this trip and the positive impact it had on my life.”
~ Suzanne West, Calgary, Canada

Click here to watch video testimonials from people who loved the trip.

Download your free copy of my “Machu Picchu & Sacred Peru” Report

Get your free download of my “Machu Picchu & Sacred Peru” Report. It’s beautiful, 25 pages of photos and information about about Peru and the sacred places there. But be careful! It will make you want to go on this trip!

Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing for the Peru Trip

The pricing on this trip is really incredible, considering all that you get. The price includes 3 flights within Peru, all hotel accommodations (13 nights), Breakfast and Dinner each day, all transportation within Peru, Shaman Jorge Luis Delgado, all entrance fees, and travel insurance.

It does not include round trip air to Lima, because it’s usually less expensive for people to handle that on their own, depending on where they’re coming from. The Early Bird price is $5695 per person (double occupancy-2 people in a room), if you BOOK BEFORE OCTOBER 15, 2018. After October 15 – $5895 per person (double occupancy). If you would like your own room at the hotels, add $950 for the 2 week tour.

Click here for all the information on Pricing.

This will be a small group and it is going to sell out. If you already know you want to go, Click here to make your deposit.

I hope to see you on this amazing journey. Is this the year you give yourself the gift of Machu Picchu?


Bringing in the light of your Inner Sun

One of the themes of the teachings that we receive while we are here in Peru – from our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado – is about “connecting with the Light.” He talks to us about connecting with Father Sun; he teaches us about walking in the light; and he talks extensively about the light that is within each of us and how important it is for us to let that light shine.
And I’ve been struck on this trip at how many times there have been interesting beams of light that have shown up in our photos. The one above is of Jorge walking through a gateway in Pisac, an ancient Inca ceremonial site. Can you see the beam of light at the top right hand side of the photo? I took photos of everyone walking through that doorway, but Jorge’s was the only one that had that beam of light.
But the next one that was startling was this one. We were in an underground ceremonial cave that is on the grounds of Jorge’s incredibly beautiful hotel in Urubamba. The place is unbelievable — in addition to being incredibly beautiful, it has mountains on one side and the Urubamba river on the other, and it’s built on sacred ground. They discovered this underground cave that is completely dark except for one hole in the top, where at certain times of the day, the sun comes in just in a certain way. Jorge had me stand under the hole and I couldn’t feel anything, but everyone was oohing and aahing, and here was this picture. Unbelievable!
The next day, we were at the spectacular Temple of Ollantaytambo. The energy there is simply amazing – in fact, for me, the energy there is even more intense than in Machu Picchu. I took this photo of Richard against the mountain and suddenly there was this beam of light. It almost looks like a waterfall, but it isn’t, it’s simply light. I took another one and it wasn’t there. Jorge had just been talking about our Inner Sun and how we can use that Inner Sun that we all have, to connect with each other, with ourselves, and with the Cosmos.
Yesterday we were in Urco, which is a site that is so ancient no one really knows exactly what it was used for. It is pre-Incan. But it is obvious from the stonework and the energy that this is a sacred ceremonial place. We did a special ceremony here to bring up the energy of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) into our hearts. After the ceremony, Richard and I were lying on the grass talking, and Rick Reynolds (our wonderful Angel Guide who is also on the trip with us) took this picture without us knowing about it. He just thought it was a sweet picture and then we saw this incredible beam of light. And it looks like it’s going straight to my heart! I also love the look of love that is in both of our eyes. Peru certainly fills you up with love.
Yesterday we came back from our amazing overnight visit to the island of Amantani (which is in the middle of Lake Titicaca), where we stayed with a local family. It is always so special to be with them. I am god-mother to their son, Anthony, and we always do the most spectacular ceremony there. As we were walking back to our boat, I was just filled with so much gratitude, and took what I thought was just a simple photo of the Lake. Instead, this beautiful beam of light appeared in the photo. Again, I couldn’t see it, it was there when I took the photo.
It’s so interesting. It feels like these beams of light show up when I’m filled with love or gratitude, or feeling the special energy of these sacred places. Almost like it’s God winking at me in some way. I know the rational explanation is that it’s just some refraction of light that shows up when the camera is held a certain way, but I’m not that interested in the rational explanation. I’m more interested in the explanation that has to do with light and love and gratitude and energy. How about you?

Free Machu Picchu Peru Travel Report

I’m so happy to send to you as my gift, the 22 page Special Report I’ve just completed, “Machu Picchu & Sacred Peru”

Peru is such an incredible place and you’ll learn about some of the most amazing places in Peru – Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, the Nazca lines, the Sacred Valley and Lake Tititcaca. 

My journeys and experiences in Peru have been some of the most important of my spiritual life and I hope you’ll feel some of that as you read these pages. 

 Click here to download the report here for free


I hope you’ll join me on the June 21 Solstice as we do ceremony in Machu Picchu. Our Peru trip is June 15-28, 2014, and along our with our guide and shaman,Jorge Luis Delgado, we’ll be going to all these spectacular places 

• Machu Picchu 
• Lake Titicaca 
• The floating islands of Uros 
• The island of Amantani (spending the night with a local family) 
• The Sacred Valley 
• Ollantaytambo 

Can you imagine doing ceremony at Machu Picchu on the Solstice? 

And during the entire time we are accompanied by our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado, doing ceremonies and imparting his incredible teachings. I believe Jorge Luis is one of the masters of our time, and just being in his presence for this two weeks is life changing. 

Make the decision to join us now. Click here for all the information on the trip, including pricing. 

Or feel free to call me on our toll free number – 877-204-3664 – I love talking about Peru. 

“The entire trip was fantastic, I would recommend to anybody if they want to go to Peru this is the kind of vacation to take. In the future I won’t be able to travel any other way- – it’s so much more meaningful to bond with the group, sharing a spiritual purpose, with a wonderful guide. You have the best of all possible worlds, all your daily needs met, no worries about train schedules or hotel reservations, and the benefit of a guide that is supporting your spiritual path. I didn’t want to leave Machu Picchu…” 
Linda Gunter 

Many blessings,

Debra Stangl
Sedona Soul Adventures

The Lost Pyramids of Caral, Peru – A Peaceful Civilization?

In the last few years the world has been buzzing about the discoveries of the Lost Pyramids at Caral, Peru. Caral has been brought into my awareness 3 times in the past 7 days, so I think that’s a message that I’m supposed to pass this information to you.
Many archeologists (and others) now believe that Caral is the oldest site of civilization on the planet (Jericho was previously thought to be the oldest).
The picture above is over the main Pyramid in the incredible complex at Caral that includes Pyramids, an amphitheatre and houses. The Pyramid itself covers the size of almost 4 football fields and is 60 feet tall.
Although it was first discovered in 1948, it has taken many years for the excavation to take place. It appears that the area was a thriving population center, but amazingly, no evidence of war has been found in all the artifacts that have been discovered. No weapons have been found, no battlements, no walls, nothing to indicate that warfare ever took place here. There are many who believe this was an incredibly peaceful civilization that belies the common belief that war is somehow genetic or part of the human “make-up”.
As I send this to you I am about to embark on our annual Egypt trip where we’ll do ceremony inside the Great Pyramid once again. It is so incredible to me, the connections that I continue to find between Egypt and Peru – the pyramids, the mummies, the belief and devotion to transformation and a higher way of living.
Watch this amazing video “The Lost Pyramids of Caral” on You Tube that was part of the BBC Learning Documentary. It’s the first of 5 videos (10 minutes each), the first time I watched it I got the chills.
If you got the chills (hair standing on the back of your neck, or your heart opening, etc., etc.), let me know. I love making those connections.