Before we were struggling, now we're reconnected

Are you struggling in your relationship?
Has the sizzle gone out?
Do you feel disconnected from the person you love?
What a terrible feeling – it’s the worst.
I received the most beautiful message this week from a couple who just completed a couples retreat here with us at Sedona Soul Adventures.
“Before our Soul Adventure, we were distant and struggling in our marriage. Now we are reconnected to each other and have new hope for our relationship. Both of us learned so much about ourselves and about each other during our sessions. We have a new respect and interest in each other and learned the ways we each contributed to the dysfunction that was our old relationship. Steve has learned tools for self love and to take off the pressure to make everyone else happy. Robin has learned how to relax with herself and Steve and come from her heart more and allow more ease and fun into both our lives. We are so grateful to each of the amazing practitioners we worked with for your skills, wisdom and examples of coming from the heart. This journey was truly transformational.”
I think the key words here are “we both learned so much about ourselves and about each other during our sessions.” This is why our couples retreats are so successful. We figure out the problems in the relationship, we figure out the healing that each person needs to do, we help them see who they are and who their partner is and in that space of compassion, love and connection are re-born.
This is why a couples retreat that is customized for each couple works and that’s why the magic happens. The problems that are going on with each person are different. Each person needs to be healed in a different way. Oftentimes we are in such pain from our relationship that we are blaming the other person for everything and we’re not even aware of our own pain.
Many of you know that I was a divorce attorney for 20 years and it’s still amazing to me that now I’ve spent 13 years  putting marriages back together through Sedona Soul Adventures! All those years doing divorces made me realize something that has been a huge force behind why our couples retreats are so successful. There’s always something going on with each person. It’s never the “fault” of just one person. When we figure out the problems with the relationship and the problems of each person that’s contributing to the problems, the healing can happen.
That’s why we spend a lot of time talking to each of you (separately) before you come. We want to know what’s causing the pain for each of you. Where do you hurt? What do you need? What do you need as a person and what do you need as a couple?
Then we put together the perfect retreat of sessions where you will do one-on-one sessions for your own healing and other sessions as a couple. All the sessions are completely private and that helps everyone to really open up. One of the most common things we hear people say is “I had no idea he/she felt that way”.
Our amazing practitioners (we have over 45!) have an incredible track record of working with couples – many of them have done this work for over 20 years.
Wouldn’t it be incredible to come back into love and connection? Wouldn’t it be amazing love to fall in love again? Not only with your partner, but with yourself?
Where do you hurt?
What do you need?
What do you need as a person and what do you need as a couple?
If your relationship is damaged, strained, unhappy, disconnected, suffering or if the sizzle has gone out, PLEASE DON’T LIVE THAT WAY ANY LONGER. It’s painful, it hurts, and if you don’t do something about it, it only gets worse.
There is hope. You can come back into the love and connection that brought you together in the first place.
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Josh and Jen say they are “on fire” after their couples retreat
“This was probably the most amazing experience we have had in our lives and definitely as a couple. We came out of the adventure much closer and with a renewed sense of direction. We feel like we are on fire! We are ready to go out into the world and live our lives with joy and purpose! We want to make the most of our human experience and use our close partnership to support each other’s life purposes. Our lives have changed forever because of our soul adventure and it was just the boost we needed to grow in marriage and in life. We have a whole new perspective on our lives and we can truly see the endless possibilities now. We both feel so blessed that we were able to experience this adventure together and we will most definitely return to discover even more about our true selves as we travel along this path. Thanks to everyone at Sedona Soul Adventures who made this experience possible. We wish for everyone there to receive love and joy that they have given us.”

Josh & Jen B., Dillon, Colorado

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Wishing you a week of connection and love,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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