Benefitting From Solitude: Taking Time For Yourself

Finding Time For Yourself In Solitude

Taking time for yourself may sound like a cliché nowadays. However, focusing on holistic health has never been more popular in our society. This is due to the modern, fast paced life that we are living in. Making the time to experience solitude in a positive and beneficial way is more critical now than ever to maintain balance in our lives. Solitude allows us to be alone with our thoughts. It gives us time to be with ourselves, reflect on our lives and enables us to find peace without the external influences and distractions. It also gives us the space to be creative and appreciate the little things that we ignore due to the demands of our daily grind.

Making The Time For Yourself

With so many distractions around us and roles that we have to fulfill, a time for ourselves has been deemed to be a crucial part of being holistically healthy. But how can we make time for solitude in such a highly connected and demanding world? Below are some tips for you to enjoy solitude.
Disconnect from distractions.
The first step is to find a way to disconnect from the world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for 10 minutes or an hour but cutting down all your connections from distractions such as internet, phone and other media can give you some time to be alone with your thoughts. If you’re in the office, find a silent spot wherein you can breathe and enjoy a little bit of peace and silence.
Simplify things and save time.
Most people find it hard to have enough time for themselves due to all the things they need to do –chores, social commitments, etc. If you’re doing laundry twice a week, cut it down to once a week or even once every two weeks, if possible. Try to minimize the time you spend on taxing chores and even minimize your social commitments. Remember that the simpler your life is, the more time you can have for yourself, enabling you to maintain a positive and balanced life.
Go to a spiritual retreat as a getaway
Getaways are mostly associated with vacations – and vacations do not always mean “relaxing” and “tranquil”. Going to a spiritual retreat is more purposeful compared to a typical vacation. Make it a point to treat your getaway as a time for spiritual rejuvenation. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to experience solitude in a very positive way.
Finding time to be alone may sound impossible if you have a cluttered and exhausting routine. Remember that solitude is highly beneficial when it comes to our mental and spiritual health and can benefit our physical health as well. By creating an opportunity to untangle yourself from distractions, uncomplicate your routines and social schedule; and enjoying a spiritual vacation, you are eliminating the serious threats of stress and anxiety.

Being With Yourself In Solitude

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