Birth trauma may be affecting you

It’s Mother’s Day today and I want to acknowledge all of you moms but I also want to acknowledge YOU for being born and that you were able to go through the birth process. That might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but I will tell you that mental health professionals have known for quite sometime that there is significant trauma that happens at birth (even Freud discussed this). This is trauma that is probably still affecting you in ways that you don’t even realize. I know this was true in my own life, but the good news is there is something you can do about it.
What many people believe now is that at your birth, depending on the circumstances, an impact was made on your psyche and some decisions were made. Because this decision is made from a place of separation and fear, it is always a lie. Practitioners call it “the personal lie” and it can plague you throughout your entire life unless you do something about it. If you can figure out what your “personal lie” is, and you do something about it, it can change your life (it changed mine). This trauma is associated with normal births, but it’s even more acute if there was something unusual (baby held back, mother on anesthesia, breech birth, twins, artificial insemination, premature or late birth, etc).
So the problem comes in the personal lie we tell ourselves because very often that trauma keeps coming up in our lives in a negative way. For example, if the nurses held you back because they were waiting for the doctor, you might find you go through life holding yourself back. But most often the personal lie seems to go to your self esteem and self love. After being in the idyllic, perfect, comfy womb for 9 months, suddenly you are dragged kicking and screaming into the world. And then the doctor (usually) whacks you on the butt to get you to breathe. So having thoughts of “I shouldn’t be here” or “something is wrong” can affect you the rest of your life. For example, always feeling like something is wrong. Or, in relationships, always reaching a point where you want to get out. The personal lie usually affects our relationships the most, our relationship with ourselves and with others.
Let me tell you about my own birth trauma. I discovered this many years ago when I started doing breath work. In my first breath work session, I started doing the connected breath and suddenly I started seeing images of my birth, it was like watching a movie. My mother had already passed away by this time, but I remember that she had always told me that I was the first child where the doctors had given her anesthesia (she had given birth to my 3 older brothers without anesthesia). The image that I saw was that my mother was completely passed out and suddenly I realized that I was stuck in the birth canal. She wasn’t pushing and the doctor didn’t realize that I was stuck. I completely felt all the fear that poor little baby was feeling in the dark. My thoughts were “I’m stuck”. “I’m all alone”. “There’s nobody here to help me”. “I have to do this all by myself”.
When I found this out at the age of 38, it was stunning. I felt “stuck” in my job. I realized that from the beginning of my work career, I always worked for myself. I was an attorney for 20 years and always had a solo practice, except for trying a partnership with 3 other attorneys for one year. Guess what? It didn’t work out and one of the reasons was because I always felt like I was pulling the weight for everyone (“doing it all myself”). I had left my previous marriage because I felt “stuck” and I felt like I had to do everything myself both financially and emotionally. Now I saw how I had created all of these situations to heal my birth trauma.
At that time I shared an office with another attorney. He was also into spiritual work and when I told him about the breath work, he decided to do it. In his, he saw an image (also like watching a movie) that he’d been born in the hallway of the hospital. He decided that must be wrong, because his mother had never told him this. He called his mother and she said yes, that the two delivery rooms in their small hospital were in use and he was born in the hallway. The message he took in was “I don’t fit in”, and he saw how that message had followed him all his life. He was a loner in school and he also was not someone who fit in with the other attorneys. He was a very kind, spiritual man, so you can imagine that he didn’t “fit in” with other lawyers. When he saw this and how it affected his life, it turned around immediately. He saw this for the lie it was and he actually became much more gregarious and outgoing.
We had a Sedona Soul Adventures client who came last year and in her breath work, the birth trauma that came out was “I’m not lovable”. She saw how this had plagued her throughout her life, resulting in relationships that didn’t last. She just wrote to let me know she’s getting married in a few months. She met her new husband right after she got home from her Soul Adventure! He fell in love with this new, lovable woman.
There are basically three types of Breath Work, Rebirthing (which focuses only on birth trauma), Integrative Breathwork and Holotropic Breathwork. Holotropic Breathwork was designed by Stanislav Grof, M.D., who was a psychiatrist who worked with many clients using LSD when it was still legal. Under Dr. Grof’s guidance, his clients had incredible personal transformations and mystical experiences. When LSD became illegal, Grof spent years trying to find an alternative. He read ancient spiritual texts and developed his breath work using connected breathing and music designed to move energy through the energy centers.
We have developed a hybrid of breath work here at Sedona Soul Adventures that is designed to:
a) Remove emotional and energetic blocks that are holding you back
b) Identify and release birth trauma that is negatively affecting your life
c) Move you into an ecstatic, mystical connection with the Divine.
We’ve been doing this for over 13 years now, and it’s sort of amazing what people report with their breath work — feeling emotional blocks lifted,  seeing visions, connecting with people who have crossed over, connecting with their Angels and Guides, literally experiencing the presence of the Divine. It’s pretty incredible. It’s become a centerpiece of the work we do here.
I continue to do breath work as part of my own spiritual process. It’s so interesting to me that before doing breath work I had to do everything myself. Now I have Sedona Soul Adventures with 10 employees and 45 practitioners — it’s so much more wonderful to not do everything all by myself!
So what do you think your personal lie is? What’s the most negative thing you think about yourself? This might be the result of unhealed birth trauma.
Do you know the details of what happened at the time of your birth? If your mother is still with us, it might be interesting to ask about any details you might not know about. But even if you don’t know, it will usually come out in the breath work.
But the real question is, what’s plaguing you in this life? Do you suffer from abandonment issues? Do you feel like you’re good enough? Do you truly love yourself? Are you living a happy, content life? Are your relationships (with your partner, your family, your friends) happy and satisfying? If not, you may want to delve deeper and do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat that includes breath work. It can transform your life. It’s still amazing to me after all these years and thousands of people what happens.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. They’ll connect with you on a deep level and then they’ll design a retreat that’s perfect for exactly what you need. So that you can start to live the life of your dreams.
Audrey says she was empowered by her Sedona Soul Adventure
“I’m not sure that any other trip nor retreat could possibly be more awesome than my Sedona Soul Adventure in that beautiful Red Rock Mountain land of God. I have so much love in my heart. I feel exhilarated. I am physically 100% rejuvenated and revitalized from all my experiences, especially the breathwork. I am emotionally raised to another level – more empathetic, more sympathetic, more stimulated, more expanded, more empowered. I thoroughly enjoyed every experience – I now know the real meaning of SYNCHRONICITY! Thank you all for everything you planned and followed through with to make my Sedona Soul Adventure so meaningful.”

Audrey L., New York, NY


Wising you a week of rebirth and reinvention,

Debra Stangl

Debra Stangl

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