How to clear your mind and achieve more

January is a wonderful time when we’re thinking about what we want to have happen with this brand new year. It’s so exciting to be in that energy of all possibilities.
But how best to accomplish all the things you want to accomplish? It can be so overwhelming.
Here are three simple steps I’ve used for many years myself and also teach to my coaching clients. I’ve found these three steps to be life changing. And you’ll be able to tell, I’m a huge fan of David Allen and Tim Ferris. Here are the steps, with deeper explanation below.

  1. Make a list of absolutely everything you want or need to do and faithfully add to it as new things come in.
  2. Prioritize the list so that you always know what comes next.
  3. Identify 2-3 things each day that if you got them done, you would feel like you’ve really accomplished something and then do those things first.

Do a brain dump and have all your To Do items in one place.
I can’t tell you how liberating it is to know that you have a list of absolutely everything you need to do in one place. Many people use a huge amount of energy just trying to remember everything they need to do. If you have everything listed in one place, an amazing thing happens. On a mental level, your brain knows that everything is on the list, so you don’t have to expend any energy remembering everything there is to do. On an emotional level, there is a relaxation that happens, a feeling that everything is covered. Wouldn’t it be amazing to start to feel relaxed about everything you need to do?
The easiest way to start this is to simply sit down and type or write absolutely everything that comes to mind. Do a brain dump.  Even the smallest things should be included in your list, because how many times don’t you keep nagging yourself about doing some little thing that needs to be done?
I do everything in a Word document that automatically re-numbers everything. This helps immensely with prioritizing (see below), so as I take something off the list, it’s priority is automatically re-numbered.
For many people, the hardest part is simply doing the list. I invite you, I implore you,  to take 15 minutes after you finish reading this, to make your list. I promise you, it will make your day.
After you’ve made the list I find it’s most effective for most people to have the list broken down into Categories. The ones I use are:
Business (I break these down into long term, short term, things I’d love to do if I have the time and projects (with each project broken down into specific actions)
Phone Calls (I usually set aside a certain amount of time for phone calls and do a bunch of them at once)
Errands (so I have them in one place when I’m out running around)
Things I need to buy (so I do it all at once, especially because I buy a lot of stuff online as beautiful, tiny Sedona has very little regular shopping)
The critical piece here is to be continually adding to the list and updating it. The most important element of this is having everything in one place and your brain knowing that you have everything in one place. You can’t imagine the amount of energy (and time) you save from the relaxation that comes from knowing that everything is in one place.
Prioritize your list so you always know what comes next.
Whether you are talking about your work or your personal ‘To Do list’, you will be amazed at what happens by knowing what to do next. Again, there is an energetic that happens because your brain always knows that you already know what’s next and you don’t have to think about it or remember it. But most importantly, when you’ve finished one thing you don’t waste time in figuring out what to do next, you already know. It also keeps you focused so you do the next thing you’ve already identified, as opposed to letting yourself do something that’s not productive. On on energetic level you waste less energy because you always know you are working on what you’re supposed to be working on and not worried about the other things on the list. The worry and concern about the other items dissipates because you know (both consciously and unconsciously) what you’re supposed to do next. It helps you stay much more focused and present.
Identify 2-3 things you are going to do each day and then do them first.
In our hectic world, so many people feel like they never get anything important accomplished. They’re doing stuff all day long and sometimes into the night, but by the end of the day it feels like nothing got done. That’s a really terrible feeling. And, of course, all of this is about feeling good and feeling productive.
There is something positively magical about identifying 2-3 things that you can (realistically) do each day that if you do them you will feel like you got something accomplished. Because first of all, you are starting off by setting the intention of “if I do these, I will feel like I got something accomplished”. You’ve already made that deal with yourself.
The key here is the realistic part. On some days, you may only be able to realistically do one thing. It might be something that is so complex that it will take all day, or all the time you have allotted. But how often have you put something off thinking it’s going to take hours and hours and then when you do it, it only takes 20 minutes or you discover that there is some other piece of information that you need? Getting “just” that one thing done will make you feel really great.
The other key is to do these one or two or three things FIRST. This is especially true in your work or business. Do these things before you read email or answer phone calls, unless you think there might be some precious information in an email. WHAT? Don’t do email first, are you crazy, Debra? That’s right, this is about YOUR time and your precious life energy and not allowing others to dictate what you give your attention to.
Because this is truly what this is all about.
Your precious time.
Your precious life force energy.
Your conscious awareness.
What you focus on during this precious time you have on Earth.
Wishing you a week feeling relaxed and accomplished! And I’ll see many of you at Sedona Wisdom Days!
Many Blessings,
Debra Stangl, Founder
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Wishing you a week feeling relaxed and accomplished and I’ll see many of you at Sedona Wisdom Days!
Much love,

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