The coming eclipses are already affecting you and your relationships – here’s what to do

We always get a lot of people calling us who are under stress and having a difficult time. But the past few weeks have been unusually intense. In a meeting this week with my Angel Guides (the people who talk to each person and custom design their retreats), we talked about how things seems to be even more intense right now. One of my Angel Guides (who is also an astrologer) said – “it’s the eclipses – the effects are already showing up”.
I knew she was right and I immediately did some additional reading on it and let me just tell you – if everything feels to you like it’s going to hell in a hand basket right now, it’s not your fault! There are cosmic forces at work here and knowing just a little bit about it can help you not only weather it, but come through it better than ever.
Eclipses are times of great upheaval. They turn everything upside down and inside out. They upset the natural order. There are so many incredible historical things that have happened at the time of eclipses, but for the average person (like you and me), they tend to cause upheaval in our relationships — not only with partners, but with other important people in our lives and even with our relationship with ourselves. Underlying problems that already exist in your relationship (communication problems, mistrust, lack of connection, etc.) are brought up to be examined and healed. These problems will either be healed or they’ll continue to get worse.
There are 2 major eclipses that are happening in the next few weeks and they are of such huge import, that you are probably feeling the effects of them already. Let me explain.
The first one is a lunar eclipse on August 7. In a lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the sun and the moon. Lunar eclipses are designed to purge things from our lives that are no longer working. So from that standpoint they can be tremendously helpful. The problem is that most eclipses do things with a lot of upheaval, and most people don’t like change that is big and fast. So you have two choices here – you can ride the wave of change or you can resist it. Resistance usually causes even more violent, volcanic change.
This eclipse is in Aquarius, which means there will be laser focus on problems in our love relationships and friendships. You may even be thinking about throwing in the towel on your relationship. Remember that this eclipse is very emotion-driven. It may be best to wait to make life changing decisions until you’ve really had some time to sit and think. And definitely wait until the solar eclipse on August 21.
Because it’s the total solar eclipse of August 21 that is the one to get ready for. This is the first time since 1918 that a total solar eclipse is crossing over the United States, going from Oregon to Nebraska to South Carolina. Astronomers are calling this The Great American Solar Eclipse and many astrologers believe that this will affect people in the U.S. even more dramatically because it will pass directly over us.
In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Day turns to night. The temperature drops dramatically. You can see the stars sparkling in the sky. Can you imagine how this other-worldly event must have terrified the first humans who saw it?
People who have seen a solar eclipse have described it as one of the most incredible and spiritual experiences of their lives. I heard someone on NPR describing the experience about a month ago, and immediately decided “I need to do this”. It won’t be in the US again in my lifetime. So my fiancé, Richard, and I have booked our flights and hotel and we’re going to see it in St. Joseph, Missouri.
This is both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. New Moons are all about new beginnings. New Moons are always very impulsive and this one seems like it may be even more impulsive than usual. Because it is focused on relationships, we may feel the need to “throw the baby out with the bath water”, but wait until things settle down a little to make decisions like those.
Which takes me back to the beginning. We have so many people calling us right now who are thinking seriously of ditching their marriage. Or singles are calling us, saying they’re feeling disconnected and disjointed and at cross-purposes in their lives.
Here’s the good news — these eclipses will help you focus on all aspects of relationships (with a partner, other people close to you and yourself). You can see the intentions of others and discover imbalances which are causing disharmony. You can get more in touch with your own needs and make choices based on your highest and best interests.
So, while you may be feeling all kinds of upheaval, or feeling like you don’t know what to do, this is actually a very powerful time and you can utilize this energy to your advantage. This is a time when things can really be shaken up and changed. And definitely changed for the better, if you can use the energy to your highest good.
The most important thing is to do something. Problems that aren’t addressed during this time won’t go away, they will simply get worse. This is the Universe telling you it’s time to take action and do something.
Come to Sedona and do a retreat and let us help you to navigate these difficult times. If you’re in a relationship that’s having some difficulties, don’t let the eclipse find you with the rug pulled out from under you. Or if you feel like you aren’t living up to your full potential, we can help you with that too. The great thing about our retreats is that they are custom designed for each person (or each couple) and the even greater thing is that they work!
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Debra Stangl / Founder

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