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What happens when you connect with excellence and ignite your Divine spark

I’ve been watching the Olympics this week and I’ve just been struck by what happens when we are in the presence of excellence. It’s just so incredibly inspiring and it just makes us want to connect with that highest part of ourselves and to experience more and more of it. I love that feeling so much, don’t you?
When I was a kid, I did swimming, diving and gymnastics. I was a terrible (slow) swimmer and not very good at gymnastics, but I loved doing both of them. I was pretty good at diving (I was 6th in the state for women’s open diving when I was 12 years old, competing against women who were 18). Doing those three things has given me enough knowledge about them to really know just how absolutely incredible and amazing and unbelievable these young athletes are. Just watching them and experiencing their excellence is awe inspiring.
I especially loved listening to the fantastic gymnast Simone Biles after winning the gold in a team event. She was saying that when you’re doing well, you just want to keep on doing better and better, to keep on pushing the envelope.
And that’s what happens when we connect with excellence. There’s an energy to it, a vibration that leads you to want more and more and to experience a higher and higher vibration.
And understand, I’m talking here about excellence, not perfection. It’s funny, after I wrote that I thought to myself, “what exactly is the difference?”, so I looked up the definitions.
Excellence is defined as “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.”
Perfection is defined as “the condition, state, or quality of being as free as possible from all flaws or defects.”
Of course, none of us are ever going to reach the state of being completely free from all flaws or defects. It’s not going to happen, and striving for that will drive you crazy and lead to frustration and disappointment.
But we can all strive to be outstanding or extremely good. Striving for that feels uplifting and empowering and even better, feels like it might be possible.
I think one of the reasons we enjoy watching the Olympics (or sports, or concerts, etc.) is because watching another human being achieve a form of excellence connects us with that highest part of ourselves (which is free from flaws or defects). It connects us with that Divine spark that I believe we all have and we feel this sense of recognition. And it can re-ignite that Divine spark, if we allow it.
Have you connected with your Divine spark lately? Or does it feel like it’s all but gone out?
I believe our primary purpose on this planet is to stay in connection with that Divine spark and to do everything we can to have it be bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter. And amazingly, that’s what leads to everything else — happiness, contentment, good relationships, satisfying work, abundance, radiant health, etc., etc.
Do you need to have your spark reignited? Or amped up? That’s what I love about our Sedona Soul Adventures retreats, because that’s exactly what we do. We figure out what’s causing the problems with your spark and then we custom design the perfect retreat so that you not only reconnect with your spark, but it gets turned into a roaring flame. And we give you the tools to keep that flame burning bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter.
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Wishing you a week filled with excellence,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Dawn says “before my Soul Adventure I felt out of balance” and now she is more in touch with her “higher self”
“Before my Sedona Soul Adventure, I was feeling out of balance, off track, bombarded with daily routines, unsure of everything… especially myself and my spirituality. I want to THANK you and the practitioners that I worked with during my adventure for the kindness, guidance, and insights that I received.  Most of these experiences were very new for me and, at this time, very necessary in allowing me to become aware of my higher self. These amazing practitioners have shared their wonderful gifts with me and sent me away with a multitude of tools that are helping to guide me successfully along this new path.”

Dawn W., Galax, Virginia

You don’t have to be an SSA grad to come on our next Egypt trip                                      (Feb. 12-26, 2017)
One of our wonderful SSA grads signed up for the Egypt trip this week and she was telling me that her adult son is so jealous that she’s going to Egypt and she was telling him (incorrectly) that he couldn’t go on the trip since he hadn’t done a Soul Adventure. I told her that no, we have lots of people who go on the trips to Egypt and Peru who haven’t done a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat (although we have lots of SSA grads who have gone on the trips). She sent me an email the next day saying her son is going on the trip with her to Egypt! They are both so excited!
So I want to make sure that all of you know you don’t have to be an SSA grad to go on our Sacred Travel trips. There are many people who go on our trips who haven’t done a retreat with us. But it happens a lot that after they talk to people on the trip who have done a retreat, they end up coming to Sedona to do that as well.
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I love talking about Egypt!
“My visit to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures [Feb, 2016] was absolutely amazing! It was incredible to share this adventure with a group of like-minded people through SSA. I felt safe, secure and taken care of. The Egyptian people were so friendly, warm and welcoming.”
Diane Reynolds


Debra Stangl

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