How to Connect With Divine Feminine Energy

In today’s fast-paced world, many people seek ways to reconnect with their inner selves and achieve balance in their lives. 

One powerful way to accomplish this is by tapping into the Divine Feminine Energy, a universal force that embodies qualities such as intuition, creativity, compassion, and emotional intelligence. This energy is not exclusive to any gender, as both men and women can benefit from connecting with it. 

When I came to Sedona for the first time over 20 years ago, I had just started my 20th year of law practice. I was completely burned out from having spent so many years in this male-dominated profession that was so cut-throat, aggressive and competitive. In the very first session I ever did in Sedona, I worked with an amazing energy healer, Ranjita, and she told me that my masculine energy had overtaken my feminine energy. That I was literally living my life from my masculine, rather than my feminine. 

In a flash, I could see how true that was! It was affecting everything, not only my work but also my personal relationships with my husband, my family and my friends. This realization started me on a journey to “fix” it – to start to allow my Feminine Energy to really come forth, stop dominating the masculine and rather, find the beautiful balance of that dance. 

Let’s explore the importance of Divine Feminine Energy in our lives, its historical and cultural context, and practical techniques to connect with this transformative power, ultimately helping you achieve harmony and personal growth on your spiritual journey.

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

Divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy are concepts rooted in various spiritual and metaphysical traditions. They represent the fundamental aspects of energy and consciousness, often associated with gender archetypes but not limited to them. These energies are not exclusive to any particular gender, as both exist within all individuals, regardless of their biological sex or gender identity.

Divine feminine energy is the spiritual essence associated with nurturing qualities traditionally linked to feminine energy traits, such as intuition, nurturing, compassion, creativity, empathy, gentleness, and the ability to receive. It is associated with the yin energy in Chinese philosophy and is often symbolized by the moon, water, and the Earth. Divine feminine energy represents the creative power within all living beings and plays a role in guiding individuals to cultivate their intuition and live their life purpose.

Divine masculine energy embodies attributes such as strength, action, logic, assertiveness, courage, protection, and the ability to provide. It is associated with the yang energy in Chinese philosophy and is often symbolized by the sun, fire, and the sky.

Divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy are complementary and interconnected forces that exist within the universe and within individuals. The balance and harmonious integration of both forms of divine energy are believed to be essential for personal growth, spiritual development,  and the overall well-being of individuals, society, and Mother Earth.

Connecting with divine feminine energy helps individuals tap into their innate wisdom and use their intuition, fostering personal growth on physical, mental, and emotional levels while promoting spiritual development. Embracing these energies allows us to cultivate self-love, intuition, and empathy towards others, which ultimately leads to healthier relationships overall. As a result, spiritual retreats dedicated to helping individuals connect to divine feminine energy have become popular.

The Historical and Cultural Context of Divine Feminine Energy

To understand the growing interest in divine feminine energy today, let’s consider the greater historical and cultural context of divine feminine energy. Understanding context is a proven way to improve learning. Complex and diverse, the historical and cultural context of divine feminine energy is shaped by various belief systems, societal structures, and the experiences of different cultures and individuals throughout time. 

One easy conclusion to draw when considering the greater context is that an interest in divine feminine energy is not new. The understanding and expression of divine feminine energy have evolved and been interpreted in diverse ways throughout history. 

When examining the historical context, we can look at ancient civilizations. Many ancient civilizations had deities and mythologies that incorporated divine feminine energy. For example, in ancient Mesopotamia, the goddess Inanna represented love, fertility, and war. In ancient Egypt, Isis was revered as a powerful goddess of magic, fertility, and motherhood. In Greece, the goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Demeter represented different aspects of feminine energy.

When I started doing a deep dive into the Divine Feminine, I connected the most deeply with Isis, Mother Mary and Quan Yin. I was fascinated at how the representations of the three of them are so similar. Isis is very often pictured holding her son Horus and suckling him, reminiscent of the many pictures of the Madonna holding the Christ Child.

Similarly, Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy, compassion and protector of little children. This is a beautiful statue of Quan Yin which I have in my home which came from my years of taking spiritual groups to Bali. She is over five feet tall and carved from a single block of wood. She has her foot on the serpent (whose ornate tail twists around her in the back), just as Mother Mary overcame the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Also see the small child at her right. 

An additional consideration when examining the historical context are historical periods when goddess worship or matriarchal societies were prominent and divine feminine energy was central. These societies valued qualities such as fertility, intuition, creativity, and interconnectedness. For example, some evidence exists that the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete was matriarchal. Another example that provides extra historical context is the worship of the Great Goddess in Neolithic cultures.

We can also look at feminine divine energy from a cultural context. Many indigenous cultures worldwide often have reverence for the feminine as a force of creation, nurturing, and wisdom. For instance, Native American cultures honor Mother Earth and have female deities and spirits associated with nature, fertility, and harmony.

An important part of the cultural context of divine feminine energy is the rise of patriarchal societies and organized religions, which resulted in a shift away from the worship of goddesses and a suppression of feminine energies. This led to the marginalization or demonization of feminine power and the elevation of masculine deities and qualities. Understanding this critical phase of the historical and cultural context helps to explain why there is now increased focus on divine feminine energy, which for centuries has been suppressed and marginalized.

In recent centuries, there has been a resurgence of interest in divine feminine energy, particularly through women’s spirituality movements and women’s retreats. These movements seek to reclaim and honor feminine spirituality, often drawing from ancient traditions, and emphasize women’s empowerment, healing, and the connection between spirituality and social justice.

In modern times, divine feminine energy is often understood in more inclusive and expansive ways beyond gender binaries. It is seen as a universal force that encompasses qualities such as intuition, compassion, creativity, emotional intelligence, and the ability to nurture and foster growth. Many individuals, regardless of gender, explore and integrate these energies into their spiritual and personal development, as they explore who they are and what purpose they are meant to fulfill.

Qualities of the Divine Feminine

The qualities of the divine feminine are characteristics such as intuition, creativity, compassion, nurturing abilities, and emotional intelligence. These feminine qualities are different than the characteristics associated with the divine masculine. But rather than creating conflict and opposition with divine masculine energy, the sacred feminine creates balance – whether embraced by men or women. 

Intuition, often considered the inner voice or gut feeling that guides us in decision-making processes, is closely linked with divine feminine energy – not divine masculine energy. By tapping into our intuitive powers and trusting them more frequently, we can access deeper insights about ourselves and others while making choices aligned with our true selves. Our intuition can guide us organically to greater balance and create lives of fulfillment, not regret

Cultivating divine feminine qualities can increase creativity. Creative expression allows us to explore our emotions and thoughts through various mediums like art or writing – ultimately helping us connect with the essence of who we are on a spiritual level.

Compassion, another essential trait associated with divine femininity, involves understanding the suffering of others while actively working toward alleviating their pain. This trait is typically not associated with the divine masculine. Compassion extends not only toward other people, but also includes practicing self-compassion – a crucial aspect for personal growth on one’s spiritual journey.

Embracing the divine feminine also means cultivating a nurturing and caring attitude towards oneself, others, and the environment. Strengthening connections, advancing self-development and promoting a sense of wellbeing can all result from adopting a more nurturing attitude. Again, this stance is not typically associated with divine masculine energy.

Developing emotional intelligence is vital for those seeking to embody divine feminine energy. It involves understanding our emotions as well as empathizing with others – ultimately fostering healthier communication in all aspects of life.

By connecting to the divine feminine, whether on our own or through a spiritual retreat, we can tap into the power of feminine energy and the great goddess archetype. It is important to note that these gendered terms are not exclusive to women and can be embraced by anyone seeking to balance their masculine and feminine energies. Incorporating spiritual practices like those used by ancient Greeks and Mother Earth worshippers can help us connect with our divine feminine energy and women’s power.

By embodying the qualities of the divine feminine, we can find balance within ourselves and in our relationships with others. Uniting with your interior holiness can enable you to gain access to a more profound comprehension and admiration for yourself.

How to Connect with Divine Feminine Energy

If you are wondering how to connect with divine feminine energy and cultivate divine feminine qualities, great news – it’s easy and there are many ways to do so.

Meditation and Visualization: Meditation and visualization practices can help individuals connect with divine feminine energy by quieting the mind, opening up intuitive channels, and creating a space for inner exploration and connecting with the higher self. Through meditation, one can focus on specific qualities associated with the divine feminine and cultivate a deeper connection with those aspects within oneself. Link to Blog on Why You Should Meditate as though your life depends on it

Chakra Healing and Balancing: The chakra system is believed to be an energetic framework within the body. Working with chakras can support the exploration and balancing of divine feminine energy. Specific chakras, such as the sacral chakra (associated with creativity and emotions) and the heart chakra (associated with love and compassion), are particularly relevant to connecting with the divine feminine. Chakra healing practices, such as meditation, energy work, or using gemstones, can facilitate the harmonization and activation of these energy centers, resulting in spiritual healing..

Moon Rituals: The moon has long been associated with the divine feminine energy due to its cycles and connection to intuition and emotions. Engaging in moon rituals, such as full moon or new moon ceremonies, can provide a framework for connecting with the rhythms of the lunar cycle and accessing the nurturing and intuitive qualities often attributed to the divine feminine by engaging with mother nature.

Creative Expression: Creative expression, such as through art, writing, dance, or music, can be a powerful means of connecting with and channeling divine feminine energy. Engaging in creative practices allows for self-expression, intuition, and tapping into the deeper realms of the unconscious, fostering a connection with the creative and nurturing forces associated with the divine feminine.

Building a Spiritual Support Network: Surrounding oneself with a spiritual support network, including like-minded individuals, mentors, or supportive communities, can provide a nurturing environment for exploring and connecting with divine feminine energy. Sharing experiences, insights, and practices with others who resonate with the divine feminine can offer guidance, encouragement, and a sense of belonging.

Women’s Retreat: Attending a women’s retreat specifically focused on divine feminine energy can provide a dedicated space and time for deepening one’s connection to the divine feminine. These retreats often offer, rituals, meditations, and opportunities for self-reflection and healing. Being in a supportive community of women who share similar intentions can amplify the experience and create a transformative environment.

These tools are not prescriptive but rather offer pathways for individuals to explore and connect with divine feminine energy based on their own unique journey and preferences. It’s important to approach these practices with an open mind and heart, allowing personal intuition and guidance to lead the way in cultivating a deeper connection with the divine feminine.

Integrating Divine Feminine Energy into Daily Life

Integrating divine feminine energy into daily life involves cultivating specific qualities and making conscious choices aligned with the principles of the divine feminine. Here are some suggestions to begin balancing masculine energy with feminine energy:

Cultivating self-compassion: Practice self-care and self-love by setting aside time for nurturing activities, such as taking baths, meditation, engaging in hobbies, or practicing mindfulness. Replace self-criticism with self-compassion by speaking kindly to yourself and acknowledging your worthiness. Nurture your inner goddess by prioritizing self-care as an essential part of your daily routine.

Embracing vulnerability and emotional expression: Allow yourself to be vulnerable by acknowledging and accepting your emotions without judgment. Create safe spaces to tap into your wisdom and express your feelings, whether through journaling, talking with a trusted friend, or seeking therapy. Engage in practices like meditation or breathwork to cultivate emotional awareness and release.

Fostering healthy relationships: Prioritize open and authentic communication in your relationships. Practice active listening and empathy when interacting with others. Set boundaries that honor your needs and ensure mutual respect. Seek relationships that support your growth, well-being, and authentic self-expression, especially of your feminine side.

Balancing work and personal life: Set clear boundaries between work and personal life. Build your feminine energy by prioritizing self-care and making time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation outside of work. Practice time management and delegation to avoid burnout. Remember that rest and rejuvenation are essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance – on a daily basis, as well as taking larger breaks, such as women’s retreats.

Connecting with nature and the environment: A natural way to connect with the divine mother is to spend time in Mother Nature regularly, whether it’s through walks in parks, gardening, or simply observing the natural world around you. Develop a sense of reverence and appreciation for the Earth’s beauty, wisdom and feminine energy. Engage in sustainable practices that respect and protect the environment, such as recycling, conserving energy, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

Integrating divine feminine energy is an ongoing process that requires conscious intention and practice. It’s important to be patient and gentle with yourself as you explore these areas and find what works best for you for connecting with divine feminine energy. Remember that the divine feminine is about embracing your authentic self, honoring your emotions, and nurturing your connections with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Understanding divine feminine energy is crucial for personal growth and spiritual development. Throughout history, ancient cultures have embraced the power of femininity through goddesses and archetypal symbols. Today, we can balance divine feminine energies with masculine energies to create harmony within ourselves and in the world around us.

We have many people who come to us at Sedona Soul Adventures who feel “out of whack” with the balance of their feminine energy and masculine energy. And oftentimes, they don’t even realize that is part of what is going on. Understanding the sources of this “out of whackness” can be very important:

  • Sometimes it’s the result of life circumstances, e.g., when I was an attorney for so many years and I became so competitive and so “masculine”
  • Sometimes it can be the way we were raised – sometimes little girls are pushed more into their masculine by a parent (even a well-meaning parent) who wanted a boy and continually put that kind of pressure on the young child
  • Sometimes it’s from a past life – the events of the past life can create a trauma which makes a person more domineering and competitive, living out more “masculine” traits. I’ve had many past lives where I was a very dominating male, super competitive and aggressive and part of my life lessons this time around are to heal those negative aspects.

This is why our retreats are so perfect for helping people to connect with their Divine Feminine Energy and nurture that connection.  All of our retreats are custom designed for each person, so designing the retreat specifically for that is so beautiful. Sometimes there are blocks to connecting to one’s Divine Feminine Energy such as the ones listed above. Discovering those blocks, releasing them and healing them are critical and would be the first part of the retreat. Doing a Karmic Clearing session is perfect for that! The next step is bringing you  into that incredible connection with the Divine Feminine Energy and doing sessions designed to make that happen. Finally, the Spiritual Transformation sessions designed to solidify the connection on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All along the way receiving tools and processes to continue to deepen the connection with your Divine Feminine Energy so that you’re living that all day, every day in an authenticate way.

It’s funny, when I first came to Sedona over 20 years ago and was told that my masculine energy had overtaken my feminine energy, I made the decision that I wanted to be a “spiritual person”, I wanted to embody the Divine Feminine Energy.  Somehow I had bought into the idea that meant being sweet and compliant and never getting angry. That I should be trying to act like a Goddess all of the time and speaking in a breathy voice, saying things like, “That’s so beautiful.” Ironically, this was at the same time that I was becoming well-known as a divorce attorney and people would call me on the phone and say, “I hear you’re a real bitch. I want you to be my lawyer.” They actually meant it as a total compliment, but it didn’t go along with my ideas of embodying the Divine Feminine Energy!

Luckily, I never did any of that because I knew it would be completely phonybut there was a time when I aspired to it.

It took me years of coming to Sedona and working with the amazing Practitioners here to discover the truth – embodying the Divine Feminine Energy means being authentic and loving and compassionate with yourselves and others. It means discovering, releasing and healing the wounds that hold us back from being authentic and loving and compassionate. It means living in connection all the time.  It means walking the walk and talking the talk and walking the talk. There is an incredible power that comes from connecting with and living in the Divine Feminine Energy that is almost indescribable. 

If you’re ready to heal your wounds and forge your own connection to the divine feminine energy,  come to Sedona for one of our women’s retreats! It is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

Debra Stangl

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