How To Overcome A Lack of Self Love

In today’s video, I’m talking with you about “How To Overcome A Lack of Self Love.” It’s so interesting to me, for almost all of the (almost) 9,000 people who have come to us over the years, lack of self love is at the root of almost everyone’s problems.
One of my favorite parts of this video is the quote from the Buddha:
“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection.”
If you don’t totally believe that, please watch the video.
I hope it helps.

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One of the biggest challenges that so many people who come to us face, is lack of self-love. And I have to say it’s a challenge that I’ve really had to work with in my own life. It’s just so pervasive.
If this is something you’ve been feeling, here are some possible reasons why and how it shows up…
For most of us, something happened in our childhood. Someone we cared about, usually a parent, says something that we take on — you’re stupid, there’s something wrong with you, you’ll never amount to anything.
You maybe have a Faulty core belief – deep inside, you believe you’re not okay, or that you’re not good enough, that usually leads to Negative self talk – when something happens do you find yourself saying things “I’m so stupid,” or “what’s wrong with me?”
Are any of these true for you?
You see, when we look a little deeper, we uncover what’s really going on and then when you go deeper still, you see the compound affects showing up in many areas of your life.
If you think there’s something wrong with you, if you think you’re not good enough, or if you think you’re not enough, then it’s going to affect all the areas of your life, what I call the Fab Four:

  1. Relationships
  2. Work
  3. Money
  4. Health

What are the ways you can see how this problem is affecting these areas of your life?

  • Relationships – If you think you’re not enough, you’re going to attract relationships where people don’t really love you or take care of your needs.
  • Work – If you think you’re not enough, you’re never going to be able to truly succeed.
  • Money – It’s hard, probably impossible, to bring in a lot of abundance if you think you’re not enough.
  • Health – And what I find is that people who think they’re not enough, typically don’t take very good care of themselves, and it seems to be at the root of many health issues.

If you don’t love yourself, that’s going to sabotage every area of your life.
We had a woman here a few months ago who had been placed for adoption when she was born – her mother was a drug user and she was taken away at birth. She had this very deep sense of, “what’s wrong with me that even my own mother didn’t want me?” And of course that wasn’t true, her mother knew she couldn’t care for her properly. But then she was adopted by two parents who were constantly upset with her that she wasn’t doing well enough in school, they criticized her constantly, all she ever heard was that she wasn’t good enough. She got married very young to get out of the house, married a man who mistreated her (because if you don’t love yourself, you can’t bring in someone who’s truly going to love you) and got divorced at a young age when the abuse got too bad. By the time she came to us, all the areas of her life were messed up — she was in another bad relationship, she hated her work, she hated her body.
So what can YOU do to begin to start loving yourself just a little bit?
Take yourself off the hook – look around, are you really that much worse than anyone else?
Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, that’s a recipe for disaster.
Start noticing your self talk and the way you talk to yourself. Think about it. You probably speak more kindly to your dog or your cat than you do to yourself.
As the Buddha said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection.”
Are you going to argue with Buddha?
These are great places to start, and as you work through these, you’ll begin to uncover other ways to help you find your way and overcome the lack of self-love.
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You can have the life or the relationship you want – I know it.

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