The Moon is Void of Course today (June 21) at 6:24 PM (Eastern) until June 21 at 11:30 PM (Eastern) and the Moon is in Aries.

The Moon is Void of Course today (June 21) at 6:24 PM (Eastern) until June 21 at 11:30 PM (Eastern) and the Moon is in Aries. Don’t make any important decisions while the Moon is Void of Course. For a deeper explanation of Moon Void of Course Click Here.
When the Moon is in Aries, it can be a very emotional time. You will feel a lot of enthusiasm and you can feel a real urge to do new things. This is a good time to think about new projects, renovations, etc., just wait until the Moon has moved out of Void of Course to make any final decisions. It’s possible for you to be more impulsive, but also very independent.
The Aries moon deeply affects the subconscious, so this is a very good time to go within. A good time to meditate, do yoga, anything that makes you feel more connected to the higher part of yourself. Aries also affects the workplace, so it is a good time to think about future projects, just don’t make final decisions. You might also find yourself tempted to make rash decisions during this time, so be on the look-out for that. Aries also stimulates the metabolism, so it’s a very good time to do physical exercise, just be careful to not over-do. If you are feeling frustration during this time, just take some deep breaths and know that this too shall pass!
And always remember, Astrology and other tools are simply that – tools. It’s good information to have, but it does not mean that this is the determining factor or controlling your life. We all have free will in all the choices that we make. I like to look at it as good information that can be transcended.

Many blessings,

Debra Stangl
Sedona Soul Adventures

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