The Moon is Void of Course today (October 4) at 2:32 PM (Eastern) until October 5 at 5:24 AM (Eastern) and the Moon is in Aquarius.

The Moon is Void of Course today (October 4) at 2:32 PM (Eastern) until October 5 at 5:24 AM (Eastern) and the Moon is in Aquarius. Don’t make any important decisions while the Moon is Void of Course. For a deeper explanation of Moon Void of Course Click Here.
When the Moon is in Aquarius, you will feel an interest in new things, far out things. There is a sense of emotional detachment during this time. There is more of a focus on ideas and intellectual pursuits than on emotional connection. You may feel a bit more blunt during this period and other people may be more blunt with you. This could actually cause tenseness in your relationships, so be aware of that. For most people during this time, friends become more important than family. More focus might be placed on people in general as opposed to individuals (social consciousness).
This is a good time for people working with technology, with electricity and electronics and other types of science. New and original (even unconventional) ideas can best be fostered during this time. This is a very good time to do things to strengthen your cardio-vascular system. Be careful with your joints, veins and eyes. Be careful when handling electrical appliances. This is an excellent time for meeting with groups or in clubs and a wonderful time to contemplate (but not decide on) a new adventure in your life.
And always remember, Astrology and other tools are simply that – tools. It’s good information to have, but it does not mean that this is the determining factor or controlling your life. We all have free will in all the choices that we make. I like to look at it as good information that can be transcended.
Many blessings,
Debra Stangl
Sedona Soul Adventures

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