Mother Egypt and personal strength

Greetings from Egypt! Oh my Goddess, everything on our trip this year has been so wonderful! The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the Nile Cruise, the people, the hotels, the food — everything has been spectacular.
On the day we arrived I was actually feeling a little discombobulated — the accumulation of “stuff” going on at home. But within 24 hours, everything shifted. The energy here is so strong that it brings you back into all the quiet strength you have inside. Mother Egypt wrapped her arms around me again and I quickly realized how meaningless the “stuff” is that we think is so important in our small lives. Nothing is more important than our connection to Source and you just experience that here big time. It’s almost as if you can’t help but experience that as you are surrounded by the enormity of this civilization and its dedication to all things sacred.
At the very beginning of the trip we rode camels to the Great Pyramid – (here’s a picture of our group – see the Pyramid in the background?) and this overwhelming sense of the deep connection to the Divine was truly anchored in. Along with a deep sense of peace and just pure fun.
The Steppe Pyramid is believed to be the first Pyramid ever built and the acoustics at this place are almost unbelievable. It’s in the beautiful and lush town of Saqqara. Here’s me in front of the Steppe Pyramid. I love the look on the camel’s face and I love the two guys just sitting on the sand with their donkey.
Next, onto the Sphinx – here’s Amy and Shelly hangin’ out with the Sphinx
We spent almost an entire day at the Cairo Museum seeing the treasures of King Tut (and so much more!). The gold, the jewelry, the opulence still amazes. His death mask made of gold and lapis lazuli is one of the most spectacular in the exhibit, which covers an entire floor.
One of the most interesting places we go to is the Serrapeum. The Egyptians worshipped the Apis bull and because they were considered sacred, the bulls were mummified. The Serrapeum is a huge underground complex about 20 minutes from Cairo where the bulls are buried in enormous sarcophagi made of granite. You can see how huge the sarcophagus is, as we’re all standing under the lid! We were so lucky, there was no one else there, and we were able to do the most incredible ceremony in that special place.
Serrapium 2015
Here’s the obelisk of Hatsepshut at the fabulous Temple of Karnak. Karnak was built over a period of 2200 years (!) and the sheer magnitude of the place is overwhelming, and so beautiful.
It’s considered good luck to walk three times around the scarab at Karnak, so of course we all did that.
And what a fabulous ceremony we were able to do in Karnak. I was vibrating for hours afterward and over dinner people shared some incredible stories of what they experienced during that ceremony.
And here is beautiful Luxor Temple. We always go at night because it’s lit and so spectacularly beautiful. And Luxor Temple is always orb central. Look at this beautiful picture that our group member Jim took last night (thanks, Jim!). Can you see the orbs in this picture?
Luxor Temple Orbs 2015
What are orbs? Many different people have many different explanations — beings from other dimensions, spirits of people who have crossed over, inter-dimensional conscious energy.  I can tell you after taking photographs for over 20 years at sacred sites around the world, when they look like this, they are not a light problem with a camera.
Today, we went to The Temple of Abydos. What an amazing, incredible place. I believe (and so does our wonderful guide, Raafat) that this is the most beautiful temple in all of Egypt. And I would add that it has the most amazing energy. Look at this fabulous carving of Isis giving the ankh (the key of life) to the Pharaoh. Look at those beautiful colors which have survived for these thousands of years. You can almost feel the loving support he’s receiving from the goddess. We did a very powerful ceremony here.
Abydos is also where you find the carvings of a helicopter, a tank and a plane. See them in the picture? How is it possible? What are these? We had a long discussion about all the possibilities, as you can imagine. That’s one of the most fun parts for me about going to Egypt — discussing all the possibilities of how all this came to be.
And again we did the most fantastic ceremony in Aybdos. The veils are thinner here in Egypt, so even people who haven’t done much of this before are kind of amazed at what’s happening to them here.
Tomorrow we start our 5 day Nile cruise, then onto Abu Simbel and on our final day we have 2 hours of private time just for our group inside the Great Pyramid. That ceremony is so other-worldly — I can’t wait.
This is my 14th time going to Egypt and my friends are always saying to me “aren’t you over Egypt yet?” and the answer is an emphatic no! The energy of this sacred place just gets me every time. And it’s new every time.
And to answer the thought you might be having, we have all felt so completely safe. The Egyptian people are so warm and friendly. Everywhere we have gone, we have been warmly welcomed. And, of course, they’re happy to see Americans who are interested in shopping (and the shopping has been phenomenal!) I watch CNN occasionally while I’m here and I find it incredibly ironic that while I’ve been here there has been a terrorist alert for the Mall of America and there are no terror alerts for Egypt!
By the time you read this, I’ll be on the plane back from this magical journey. I’m so blissed out already, I can’t imagine how I’ll be by the very end.
And you might want to start thinking about coming to Egypt with me next year. We always do the trip the last two weeks of February because the weather is so perfect during that time. It’s safe, it’s beautiful, it’s incredible — if you feel a pull to Mother Egypt (you know who you are), I invite you to come with me next year. Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll make sure you get all the details when we announce the trip.
Wishing you a week filled with adventure,
Debra Stangl, Founder
Sedona Soul Adventures

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