My new book - Dancing In The Unknown - Buy it tomorrow (Monday) - Sedona Soul Adventures

My new book – Dancing In The Unknown – Buy it tomorrow (Monday)

I am so excited to be a part of a new collaboration of story tellers sharing their amazing journeys into the unknown! Our book Dancing In The Unknown is coming out tomorrow! Please help us become a best-seller and inspire people to let go and dance!
Please buy the book tomorrow (not today!). We are trying to make it an Amazon #1 Best Seller and that depends on a whole bunch of people buying it on one day (Monday, September 25).
I feel so honored to have been asked to be part of this. The moving force behind it is Betsy Chasse, who was one of the Co-Creators (Writer, Director, Producer) of What The Bleep Do We Know?. Do you remember that movie, have you ever seen it? It came out in 2004 and it is a documentary that starred Marlee Matlin and introduced the world to such New Thought people as Dr. Joe Dispenza. That movie had a huge impact on my life, especially in how I viewed the world from a spiritual perspective.
So imagine how shocked and happy I was when Betsy asked me to contribute to this book and write one of the chapters. Dancing In The Unknown shares the stories of 16 everyday people who have survived and thrived through the trials and triumphs of living the life they desire.
My chapter, is entitled:

My Sedona Soul Adventure
— How A Burned Out Divorce Lawyer Found Love, Happiness and Purpose
By Learning How to Surrender

I tell the story of how I left my law practice of 20 years, stepped into the Unknown and ultimately founded Sedona Soul Adventures.
I love how Betsy describes it:
“Every day I encounter people who are tired, broke, broken-hearted, rich and still depressed because they aren’t happy, they aren’t living their lives their way, or anywhere near the life of their dreams. I felt it was time to hear from everyday people about how they took a leap of faith and began dancing to their own tune.”
You can get the book on Amazon:
(Remember, buy it tomorrow (Monday) not today to help us hit Amazon #1. I’ll send you a reminder email tomorrow.
It was really wonderful to write this chapter and, as always, it really brought back lots of memories. The thing that still stuns me is that I allowed myself to stay so unhappy for so long. But that’s what we do, don’t we? We think that there’s nothing we can do about the hand which life has dealt us, that we have to stay stuck.
Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case, and that’s the story that each and every person in the book is talking about. Your life can be different, you just have to make the decision to make it different and then do something about it. That’s why I started Sedona Soul Adventures – so that people can do what it takes to have the life or the relationship of their dreams, because I know from my own experience that it’s possible.
If you’re feeling stuck, if you’re feeling like you’re not living the life you want, please connect with us. Talk with one of our Retreat Guides — they’ll dig deep to get at the heart of what’s holding you back and then they’ll custom design a retreat that will take you from where you are to where you need to be.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll-free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Retreat Guides will call you.
Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
Wishing you a week filled with Dancing In The Unknown,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
(877) 204-3664

Layce says she went from a “dark, hopeless existence to a joyful, abundant and grateful life” thanks to her Soul Adventure

“Prior to my Soul Adventure, I had been struggling with depression, weight gain, addiction, smoking and anxiety for months. I had tried medication and therapy and neither of those worked, in fact the medications only made things worse; more weight gain, less energy and sluggish thoughts.
During the adventure, I could already feel blockages opening up and hope coming back into my mind. I was in such a sad and lonely place prior that I immediately felt changes occurring. It was so exciting learning new techniques and tools to help manage my moods.
After completion of the adventure, I went home and immediately put my new techniques into practice. Within a month, I effortlessly lost 9 pounds and started working out again as soon as we arrived back home. I have taken a proactive approach towards my attitude, protecting it from negativity and situations that provoke anger and irritability. I live in the moment now and am able to see immediately when my emotions are turning and take responsibility for my well-being by using the tools I received during my retreat.
I had no idea that in less than a month my life would go from a dark, hopeless existence to a joyful, abundant and grateful life. Thank you Soul Adventures!”

– Layce R., Buena Park, California

Take a leap and come with me to Egypt – Feb. 11-25

Travel is one of the ways we can really make our lives be different. Doing the same thing over and over again, staying in the same place all the time is a recipe for unhappiness and frustration. If you want to really start living your life in a different way, think about coming to Egypt with me in February.
People are so amazed when I tell them I’ve been to Egypt 17 times and I’ve traveled (and taken groups to) Bali and Peru. Especially when I was younger and didn’t have a whole lot of money, people would say, ‘how do you do it?’ And the answer was, I made a choice. One of the decisions I made in my twenties was that I was going to travel. Even when I didn’t have much money, I arranged things so that I could go on trips.
I came to that decision because 2 things happened. My sister was living in Jordan and she invited me for a visit. I went to see her and then went to Egypt (which was a 20 minute plane ride) because I had always wanted to go there. While I was there I saw all these groups of tourists consisting primarily of retired people (because they have the time to take a 2 week trip). The problem was that there was a whole lot of stuff they couldn’t do, like walk bent over in the Pyramid, and most of them didn’t want to ride a camel. I remember having the thought, “I’m not going to wait to travel until I’m too old to enjoy it”.
At about the same time, my grandmother retired from her very demanding job as the Head Nurse at a hospital. She and my grandfather scrimped and saved their entire lives and she was always saying that when she retired they were going to start traveling. She retired at age 65 and they went on one trip, a car trip to visit relatives in Michigan (my mother and sister and I went with them).
We did a whole bunch of fun things (road a boat across Lake Michigan, went to museums, I loved visiting with my cousins), but my grandparents hated it. They hated all the food, all the places we stayed and thought everything was too expensive. They never went anywhere again. Traveling was just too far out of their comfort zone and out of their everyday work-hard life to even be something they could enjoy. When I saw that, I vowed that wasn’t going to happen to me.
Looking back, I’m so glad I made that decision. It has added so much to my life, not just the fun factor but in really appreciating other people and other cultures and in enhancing my spiritual life. Some of the most expansive spiritual experiences I’ve ever had have been on these trips.
So I invite you, take the leap. Do something very different. Come to Egypt with me. You won’t be sorry.
“I have never had a trip that was such a complete experience; mind, body, heart and soul. I really felt myself open to the deep quiet of Egypt and somehow, it changed my life”

– Jane Schafer

If you have specific questions, send me an email at:
[email protected]
Or call me – (877) 204-3664
I love talking about Egypt!

Debra Stangl

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