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In Praise of 51%

Did you know that you just have to get to feeling good 51% of the time to make your life change completely? I’ve been teaching that and coaching that for over 12 years now, and this week it came up 3 different times with 3 different people, so I think that’s a sign I’m supposed to talk about this again.
For so long, I told myself that I had to somehow reach 100% of feeling great, joyful, etc. I guess that was the perfectionist in me. And then many years ago I saw this in a meditation. You just have to maintain at least 51% of feeling good to have your life transform. Wow, what a weight was lifted from my shoulders! I had been telling myself that I had to be at 100% all the time. And guess what? That’s impossible!
51% is the tipping point. If you can hold yourself in the place of feeling good at least 51% of the time, your life will start to transform dramatically. And the best part is, the percentages even out — meaning that there will be times you will be feeling at 65%, sometimes even at 85%, so even if you mainly stay in the 51-55%, you will start maintaining that vibration of wonderful, juicy, delicious joy!
The trick is to not dip back too much under 49% and if you do (or start to feel yourself slide), to do something about it right away. I coach people to have an arsenal of things ready to do when you start to feel yourself go into that dip. Things that kind of automatically make you feel good, or at least make you feel a little better. That’s all it takes, just feeling a little better. Don’t expect (or demand) that you must go into total bliss and joy, just do something, ANYTHING, to make yourself feel a little better.
Here are some things that work for me:
-Writing down a list of things I’m grateful for and thinking and feeling each thing.
-Petting my dog Daisy and feeling a huge surge of love for her.
-Listening to certain songs that just always make me feel better. The old Johnny Nash song, “I Can See Clearly Now” does it for me every time.
-If I’m at home, there are certain movies that just crack me up and I’ll put them on and fast forward to the scenes that make me laugh out loud.
-There are some videos on You Tube (usually involving cats or dogs doing something funny or babies laughing) that get me laughing and feeling better.
-Sometimes meditating (particularly a guided meditation) can make me feel better, but if I find my mind going a mile a minute, I stop the meditation and move onto something else (like music). If it’s not making you feel a little better right away, try something else. That’s why I recommend having an arsenal of different tactics.
-Going outside in the sun and appreciating the beauty of the sun (or the stars) and how incredible and big life is, will sometimes move me to (good) tears and really opens my heart.
-Dancing and really moving (I recommend being alone for this!). What does the bumper sticker say? Dance as if no one is watching. That really moves the energy!
This brings me to another important point. Do these things when you are already feeling good – don’t wait until you start into the slide. It’s a fantastic preventive measure. I listen to certain music everyday and it feels so good.
What are things that work for you? Click here and tell me about them, I’d love to hear!
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Claire says her Soul Adventure took her from grief and sadness to happiness and contentment and the changes were sustainable

“I don’t know how to thank-you for changing my life.  Before coming to Sedona Soul Adventures my life was a mess, in a 5 month period I lost my mother, the man I loved left me, my business was failing and I had to go for surgery. I did not see an end to the grief and sadness I was experiencing. When I initially called you my biggest concern was would the changes be sustainable? I am writing this note 2 months after leaving Sedona and I can tell you the changes are ingrained in me and will be for the rest of my life. I would like to share with you how you have changed my life, I now know what has been holding me back from reaching my full potential and I have completely let it go, I now believe that I will achieve everything I want, I let go of all my grief, my attitude has changed so much so that people who know me and even strangers comment on how happy and content I am. It was the best 4 days of my life and I want to thank you for helping me get out of my own way. You will always have a special place in my heart. I have full intentions of coming back to see you at least once a year. Thank-you! “  

Claire Sookman
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Many Blessings,
Debra Stangl, Founder

Debra Stangl

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