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In Praise of Feeling like a Million Bucks & other numbers

From Debra
“In Praise of….Feeling Like a Million Bucks”
After our newsletter about the Significance of 12 a few weeks ago, I got so many messages from people about how numbers are such a huge part of their life. I know for me, I love it when I suddenly look up and it’s 12:34 on the clock. It always reminds me of 1-2-3-4, meaning life can just be so simple, just 1-2-3-4. Or if it’s 11:11, that’s always a wonderful good luck omen for me.
And think of the ways we talk about numbers, all of the sayings that include numbers. We feel like “a million bucks” or “I’m putting in my 2 cents”, “it takes two”, “three strikes you’re out”, “a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush”, “all for one and one for all”. I love the Beatles song where they say I love you “Eight Days A Week”. Numbers can have such huge significance in our lives if we become conscious of them.
So I want to talk to you in praise of feeling like a million bucks. In my life there have been times when I’ve felt like 2 cents and there have been times when I’ve felt like a million bucks. And I must say, feeling like a million bucks definitely wins out. Don’t you just love that expression? Doesn’t it just say it all?
For me, feeling like a million bucks really means operating from connection. Connection on all the levels — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. When I’m in disconnection on any one of those levels, when all the spark plugs aren’t firing, it just feels terrible. And it is just like an engine — we can function, but just not very well.
But when the connection is there on all the levels, everything in our lives happen in a wonderful and easy way. Everything is better. Everything is smoother. Things happen — I’m excited and passionate. I’m feeling like a million bucks.
It took me a long time to realize that it was the connection that was doing it. I mistakenly thought for many years that feeling this way (or not feeling this way) had to do with things happening on the outside. When something that I labeled “good” would happen, then I could feel like a million bucks, although that wouldn’t always happen. And if something “bad” happened, it simply wasn’t possible for me to feel like a million bucks, or so I told myself. When I finally realized that it wasn’t about the things outside myself, that it was all about me maintaining my own connection, that’s when everything changed.
And the good part about it (as my dad would say), is that when you figure out how to maintain that connection, it pretty much doesn’t matter what happens to you on the outside, that centeredness, that experience of maintaining your connection can keep you feeling like a million bucks most of the time. Will there ever be things that will throw you off? Yes. Are there things that throw me off? Yes — I’m human. But I also know I have the tools to bring myself back into the energy of feeling like a million bucks when I choose to do so.
So if you’re not feeling like a million bucks and you’d like to and like to have tools to keep you there, please call us and come and do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. Call and speak with an Angel Guide and they’ll design the perfect retreat for you (or both of you, if it’s a couple).

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Debra Stangl

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