Procrastination – It's Even Worse Than You Think – Read This Now – Don't it put off!

What if I told you that procrastination is even worse than you already think it is, that it can damage your health and relationships, decrease your happiness level by 94% and lead to deep regret? Yikes!
I read the most fascinating article this week by Sandip Roy, who is a regular contributor on NPR. The studies he was reporting on show not only how damaging procrastination is, but the fascinating part is the longer we allow the procrastination to go on, the worse the consequences.
The study involved students handing in a particular assignment. Even though they had over a month to do the assignment, 86% of the class waited to hand in the assignment until the very last day. But the amazing thing in this study is what happened in the last 24 hours. The longer the student waited to hand in their assignment, the lower their grade was. It kept dropping every hour. The longer the procrastination went on, the worse the consequences.
He cites two other studies, one with over 10,000 subjects that was conducted through the Procrastination Research Group. In that study, 94% of the subjects reported that procrastination had a negative effect on their happiness! In another study by Procrastination and Science, 70% were found to be less happy than the average person! Those are staggering numbers!
Roy reports in the article that habitual procrastination damages relationships and can have a huge negative impact on a person’s career. One of the most chilling things he writes is “Procrastinators frequently resort to lies to reason out their delays, and are often found out, leading to disastrous consequences.”
He talks about that the 3 areas where most people procrastinate have to do with:
1) Education – most of us start procrastinating in school and the behavior and label follows us throughout our entire life;
2) Career – not getting things done and not taking steps to move forward in a career when we know we should be; and
3) Health – not doing the things we know we should be doing for our physical, mental, and emotional well being.
All of which leads to a life filled with regret.
I see this all of the time with our clients who come here for a Soul Adventure. So many of them tell us, “I’ve been wanting to do a Soul Adventure for years”. One woman this week told me she’s been wanting to do a retreat with us for over 5 years! Everyone says pretty much the same thing: “I wouldn’t give myself permission to spend the money or spend the time and I was afraid it wouldn’t work and I kept putting it off. Now I’m at a point where I have to do it.”
And then at the end of their Soul Adventure they always say “I wish I had done this sooner!”
If you aren’t living your best life or if your relationship isn’t giving you all that you want, it’s time to do something about it.
Don’t put it off.
How long has this been going on? 2 months? A year?
If it’s been going on for awhile, what are you doing to change it? If you don’t do something, it isn’t going to change.
As Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.
Something has to change. You have to make a decision to do something different.
As the studies show, the longer you allow the procrastination to go on, the worse the consequences.
Come here to Sedona and do a retreat with us. You will be amazed at what will happen in just 3 or 4 days.
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Wishing you a week filled with doing what you know you need to do,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Janet says after putting it off for years, her Soul Adventure was “the best thing I have ever done for myself”
“Sedona Soul Adventures was the best thing I have ever done  for myself.  I had seen the emails for years and longed to go but never made the commitment. When stress was overtaking my life and getting so out of control, it was the only place I felt I could turn to. It was an act of survival to get myself balanced again. Being a mother of two young children and working full-time I needed to take some rest and re-energize. It was better than I could have ever imagined it to be. The techniques I learned and the “AHA” moments gave me new life again. Trust me, everyone benefits with a better you. Thank you, Sedona Soul Adventures.”

Janet B, Henderson, Nevada

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