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From separate hotel rooms to marriage saved

I love it so much that we’ve had so many couples that we’ve helped through Sedona Soul Adventures. We’ve had so many couples come here on the brink of divorce (or breaking up if they’re not married) and it’s so amazing what happens. But a few weeks ago I was afraid it wasn’t going to work for one of the couples that came to us.
In the 13 years of doing this work, I had never seen before. The relationship was so done, so over, that they weren’t even staying in the same hotel room together. They didn’t even travel to Sedona together.
The first session that we do with everyone is an Orientation, so they know what’s happening and what’s going to happen and sort of ease them into the retreat. When it’s possible, I like to come to the Orientations for just a few minutes and say hello. When I got to the office for this Orientation, I was expecting to see Chris and Pat together but only Chris was there. I was early and their Angel Guide wasn’t there yet, so I started talking to Chris. Most people starting a retreat are usually a combination of excited and nervous. But Chris started telling me she wasn’t excited, she wasn’t all that interested in being here and doing this because as far as she was concerned the relationship was over. She felt like she was just doing this as a final ending for Pat to accept that it was over. And that’s when I found out they were staying in separate hotels.
Pat came in next and we hugged. I told them both I was happy to meet them and they went onto their Orientation. As I left, my heart felt a little sad, because I assumed the marriage wouldn’t be saved. I said a prayer for both of them that whatever would happen would be best for both of them, but there was a part of me that felt that disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to work our magic on this.
But I was wrong.
A miracle happened.
Everything turned around.
The marriage was saved.
You would think that after all these years and thousands of people that I wouldn’t get amazed anymore. But I really did with this one.
So what happened? Well, the first thing that happened was that the Angel Guide put together an absolutely perfect retreat for this situation. Again, I shouldn’t be amazed at that, the Angel Guides always do that, but it really was beyond perfect. One of the things I’ve found over the years in working with couples (first as a divorce attorney for 20 years and now doing couples retreats with Sedona Soul Adventures) is that when a relationship is coming close to ending that usually both people are very focused on what’s wrong with the other person. They’re usually so focused on that, that they aren’t looking at their part in the situation, not even a little bit. That’s completely understandable, especially when there have been a lot of hurts, or when infidelity is an issue.
If you aren’t familiar with how we do our retreats, we have you spend a lot of time talking with one of our Angel Guides on the phone before you come to Sedona so that the Angel Guide can get a really good idea of what’s going on, what’s happening, and what you would like to have happen in the retreat. When it’s a couples retreat, the Angel Guide speaks with both people separately. Then based on that deep conversation, the Angel Guide custom designs your retreat with different sessions and different practitioners. We have over 50 practitioners and many of them have been doing work with individuals and couples for over 20 years. The Angel Guide is a master at putting you together with the perfect sessions and the perfect practitioners.
We have a Proven Process that we use and it is so amazing how incredibly well it works. All of the sessions are completely private, so that you are working one-on-one or two-on-one with the Practitioners. In a couples retreat we find that the best retreat is usually a combination of some sessions as a couple and some sessions focused on each individual. What we find is that each person is bringing their own hurts, triggers, blocks and issues to the relationship and when we can clear those, magic can happen.
And that’s exactly what happened here. The retreat started with a session with both of them together, talking about the problems and the hurts, but that first session ended with both of them saying they loved each other and even Chris said that if the marriage could work again that would make her very happy, but she didn’t see how that could be possible.
Then they each did two days of individual sessions focused on their own issues. For Pat, she realized what a huge issue her anger is, especially within the relationship. During these sessions, she was able to see the source of her anger and change her relationship with it (which would then change the anger issues within the relationship with Chris). She said she felt free after this experience.
For Chris, she saw how events in her childhood had given her the false belief that she is unloveable. She saw how she was telling herself that the relationship with Pat was giving her more feedback that she is unloveable. She saw how by demanding that Pat love her, she was actually pushing Pat away. When she could stand solidly in her love for herself, all the negative parts dropped away. In her breath journey session, she saw visions and felt a direct connection with that highest part of herself, feeling a deep love for herself. She said she felt like a weight had been lifted.
They came into their final day of sessions as a couple, but things had changed for each them as individuals. Chris had dropped all her anger at Pat. Pat had dropped her demands. They learned a powerful forgiveness process that brought them into the realization that they love each other and want to stay together. Everything had changed around.
They left here in love with themselves and in love with each other and with tools to not only maintain that, but to keep it growing deeper.
As they said, it was “a new beginning for their relationship and for their personal self renewal”.
When I heard all this I was amazed and so happy.
As I said, we do this all the time so I shouldn’t have been so amazed. But with the way this started off, I was especially happy and grateful.
If your relationship is not where you want it to be, don’t wait until things are at the point of no return. Speak to one of our Angel Guides and have them custom design a retreat that will be perfect for you and your beloved.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Wishing you a week filled with miracles,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Sue says her life has been forever changed by her her Soul Adventure
“I expected results but was overwhelmed with the tremendous spiritual and emotional experience that took place. My adventures were paced perfectly so that each session seemed to build upon the next and I felt my body and mind were ready to move to the next level. The intentions I set the first day were achieved and my life has been forever changed for the better. I would recommend Sedona Soul Adventures to everyone, everywhere!”

Sue B., Aptos, California

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Debra_JorgeOne of the most amazing things we do on our Peru trip is the ceremony we do at Machu Picchu on the Solstice (June 21) with our incredible shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado. We rise before dawn and Jorge takes us to a special place within the complex. We’re sort of hidden away and on our own in this majestic place. Jorge leads us in a special ceremony as we start to feel the sun’s rays. It’s magical.
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“How do I EXPLAIN our trip to Peru with words? It’s almost impossible. But let me start by saying that Sedona Soul Adventures delivered the most sacred, fun and caring container for diving into an exploration of my own self and the connection to the Universe. Debra took complete care of us to fly and go deep, and Jorge was the perfect guide to open the real connection to the roots of Peru. Thank you Sedona Soul Adventures!!! We’ll travel with you to Egypt soon…”

Juan Montenegro

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