SSA featured in Forbes Magazine “my Soul Adventure was a major turning point in my life”

I am so incredibly thrilled that Sedona Soul Adventures has been featured in an amazing article this week in the Forbes Magazine online blog. It’s entitled

Autumn is an amazing person. This year she launched a clothing company that is ethically based, utilizing women in India, Holland, Kenya and New York. But even after having this incredible success, she was still feeling an imbalance in her work life and personal life. As she says in the article, here she was in “a time of dreams coming true with the release of my collection”, but at the same time she “was also filled with anxiety, uncertainty, stress and tears”.

I started my business in pursuit of professional satisfaction that would also create a sense of personal happiness. I decided to follow my dream at all costs sacrificing so much to make it happen, so when my dreams started coming true I was supposed to be happy right? I was wrong. My life was out of balance and I was very unhappy.

I was focusing so much on my business that my personal life was suffering. I longed to achieve a work-life balance. But how? I am blessed beyond measure to do my passion as daily work, but also longed to feel that other side of life: friendship, love, children, fitness, personal travel and time to myself to just be, laugh and enjoy the world.
Lately, my life as an entrepreneur was becoming stifling. There was always so much to do, so many rejections to arrive at one yes, attempting to manage my interns while I was having trouble managing myself, my time and emotions.
I needed to reset. It was time to make an effort in my own life in order to break unhealthy patterns that were binding me both personally & professionally.
The Catalyst For Cure: A Sedona Soul Adventure
I booked a spiritual retreat with Sedona Soul Adventures because I wanted to experience something transformative. I could have gone to Sedona to spend time in nature, hike the red rocks, meditate in their stillness. But I loved the idea of connecting with individual practitioners over a 4-day period, who specialized in everything from reiki and hypnosis to sound therapy and bodywork/massage.
From Thursday To Monday I engaged in the following 7 sessions:

  • Radiant Heart Healing – Learning to open the heart chakra & self-love techniques for healthier relationships.
  • Nurturing Massage – Identifying chronic muscular body aches and releasing them through massage/bodywork.
  • Healing The Relationship Wound – Looking at childhood wounds and beginning to heal them.
  • Inner Journey With Breath and Sound- Breath and music meditations with a focus on chakra activation.
  • Angelic Guidance – A psychic reading on a horse ranch just on the outskirts of Sedona.
  • Yoga, Heart & Soul Transformation – Barefoot yoga session on Sedona’s red rocks with prayer and meditation for manifesting life shifts.
  • Reiki & Hypnotherapy – Healing childhood wounds through visualization, mild hypnosis and reiki.

Through these sessions, I took a good look at my inner child, seeing how childhood wounds were affecting me as an adult. A realized the gravity of connecting to my center daily through meditation, yoga and exercise; and the importance of spending time in nature as the best healer. Being in NYC for over a decade I don’t think I realized how much that lack of nature was affecting me.
I think the most powerful tool of my Sedona Soul Adventure taught me was my intention to fix the perceived work/life imbalance, followed by my action to embark on the sessions needed for healing. These two tools used in tandem- intention followed by action- were symbols of my real openness to change. When you follow intention with action magical things happen.
All creative and entrepreneurial people understand the relationship between intention and action. In order to turn the invisible into the visible- to create something from an idea or inspiration- be it a business, change in one’s life, relationship, or health transformation you must first set the intention. Then that intention has to then be followed by action.
Intention without action means nothing. The overweight person who intends to start a new workout and plan but doesn’t follow that with action will remain overweight.
The workaholic who intends to find a work-life balance but doesn’t follow that intent with action, will see no change. I know my trip to Sedona will represent a major turning point in my life. For years I have had the intention of achieving this balance but done nothing to affect that change. My trip and investment in myself by taking a Soul Adventure represent my willingness to change. I feel some major changes coming. Watch this space.
Autumn Adeigbo is an ethical fashion advocate and entrepreneur. She is founder and creative director of her eponymous women’s wear label
She came to us in November and had an incredible experience. She loved working with the individual practitioners and in the article she outlines what happened in each session. She especially discusses “seeing how childhood wounds were affecting me as an adult”. She had major healing and says her Soul Adventure was “a major turning point” in her life.
And if you would like to bring balance into your life, connect with us. Isn’t that what life is about, having balance? Even if we are having success in one area of our life, sometimes we can be out of whack in the other areas. The key is to have balance in all parts of our lives – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Click below to connect with one of our Retreat Guides.

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