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Venus Retrograde July 25-Sept 6 – Protect Your Love & Money

Venus goes retrograde on Saturday July 25 and stays retrograde until September 6. I find a lot of people know about things to look out for when Mercury is Retrograde, but not a lot of people know about Venus in retrograde. There are lots of things going on during this time, so it’s a time to be very consciously aware and present.
Venus retrograde affects two of the biggest things in your life — love and money. Let’s talk about the love part first, but keep reading because the money part is really interesting.
When Venus is retrograde we’re being called on to really look at the value of the people and things in our lives.
Venus is the goddess of love, so of course, Venus retrograde will have a big impact on your relationships. This, however, is not a bad time for relationships, instead it’s a time to be very reflective about the relationships which are in your life. In your love relationship, is this truly the person you should be with? Is this your life partner? Is this person helping you to be all that you can be or do they thwart you? Do they build you up or do they tear you down? If they’re not helping you to be all that you can be, what needs to happen to change that around?
This is NOT a time to end relationships, instead it’s a time to go within and reflect on what you have and what you want.
This is not a good time to start a new love relationship, as there will be too many unknowns in the equation that won’t reveal themselves until Venus goes direct in September.
This is also a time when people who are married or in a committed relationship but are not feeling loved or cherished can justify having an affair. If you are feeling vulnerable, having an affair is never the answer, but especially not now.
Interestingly, this is actually the perfect time for RECONCILIATION while Venus is retrograde. Back up, take a deep breath and really look at your part in what is going on. Overtures made during this time will be met with the most amount of open heartedness. Have you wronged someone in your past? Have you mistreated someone? Now is the time to extend an olive branch and ask for their forgiveness.
All of this is true not only with your love relationships, but with all the relationships in your life — friendships, family, even co-workers. Are all of your friends people who lift you up? Do they love all the parts of you? Do you feel energized after you have spent time with them?
Or do you have friends who are critical of you? Friends who are negative in their approach to life and bring you down with them? Friends who are doing things that are ethically or morally dishonest? A few weeks ago, one of my coaching clients decided that a friendship had run its course. She had known this woman for so many years and their friendship was based more on things that were in their lives 10 years ago. They had nothing in common anymore. Worse, every time they got together, this “friend” criticized her and she would leave every interaction in a bad mood, with her energy depleted. As the saying goes, “with friends like that, who needs enemies?”
Again, this is not the time to say good-bye to your friends, it’s the time to re-evaluate the relationship. What can be changed? Can it be revived?
Family relationships that don’t support you can be a little trickier – in most situations, you can’t just ditch them. But you can spend this time in active reflection about what you can do to shift the energy of the situation. Perhaps you need to look at them with more compassion. Perhaps you haven’t been as loving as you could be. Do you find yourself clenching at the mere thought of having dinner with them? If so, you’re allowing your past to dictate your future. You can make the decision to forgive them their trespasses and that you are going to change the energy around. This time when Venus is retrograde is an excellent time to think, reflect and visualize how things could be different.
And again, it’s the perfect time for reconciliation. Have you wronged any of your friends or family? Now is the time to make amends, because it will be received.
This is also a time where people out of your past could come back into your life, especially around August 31. So be on the look-out.
A most interesting aspect about Venus retrograde (and what most people don’t know), is this can be a tricky time regarding money. Not a bad time, just a time to be more conscious and aware and present. And, of course, we should all be more conscious and aware and more present all the time, but it’s especially important now.
Don’t spend money during this time on what you would perceive as luxury items. This is a time when something that you thought was the most amazingly beautiful thing when you bought it, will be something you will look at and say “what was I thinking?” once Venus goes direct. Beware of purchasing something extravagant that you really want that you cannot return.
This is not the time to make substantial new investments, as things have a tendency to be overpriced or overvalued during this time. It’s fine to maintain investments that you already have, and this can be an excellent time to sell real estate or have a garage sale where you are selling things you no longer need.
If you are the type of person who does retail therapy (buying things to make yourself feel better), this is definitely NOT the time to do that. You’ll feel an extra sense of disappointment when Venus goes direct in September.
Venus won’t go retrograde for another 1-1/2 years. It’s an important  time for two of the biggest things in your life – your love and your money.
darren_cinthia-74The most potent thing we can do during this time is to reflect and really get at what’s going on in your life or your relationship. And certainly one of the most powerful ways of doing that is through a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. Sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us. Sometimes it helps to have someone help us.
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Wishing you a week filled with love and abundance,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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