2020 – The Year of Clear Vision (What if Money Were No Object?…)

My last two videos have been all about the New Decade and the New Year, setting goals, making lists, etc., but today I want to take a little bit of a different tack and talk to you about daydreaming your way to everything you would like to bring into your life.

I also want you think about a big question:

If money were no object and there was no possibility of failure, what would you love to be or do or have in your life?

Give it a look.

Could this be the year that you actually get what you want? Wouldn’t it be incredible if something really big happened to make this the year your dreams start to come true?

It’s so amazing to me, this week marks 21 years that I first came to Sedona. Over two decades! Wow! I don’t recognize the person who came here 21 years ago. She was so unhappy.

I came to Sedona in January, 1999 and that trip marked the start of my dreams beginning to come true. Maybe that could happen for you too!

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Lea says her Soul Adventure “healed the past,” gave her “clear vision” and the “tools to move forward,” and was “worth every penny”

“I was at a crossroads in my life and was searching for guidance as to my next step, although very aware of lingering past issues. Sedona Soul Adventures provided me with an opportunity to heal the past so my vision for my future is clear. It was the emotional “cleansing” that I needed and has given me the tools I need to move forward with clarity. Worth every penny.”
~ Lea K. 

2020 is here and I’m doing this series of videos to really help you to make this the most magical decade of your life. I hope you watched my two other videos about Not Dragging Your Old Stuff into the New Decade and also about How to have a Kick Ass New Year, because both of those are really great for that. 

perfect vision

But I also feel like there’s this huge piece for us to pay attention to this year. It’s the year 2020. The exact definition of perfect vision, of clear vision, and I think it’s a sign that we’re supposed to see that this is the year we’re supposed to get really clear on the vision for our lives. 

whats your vision

So what’s your vision for your life?  
What do you truly want?  
What excites you? 

In my other videos, I had you make a bunch of lists for different areas in your life and I think that’s really important, but today I want you to do something even more important. I want you to daydream. I want you to spend some quiet time thinking about your life and asking yourself this question: 

if money were no object

“If money were no object and there were no possibility of failure, what would I love to be or do or have in my life?” 

And while you’re doing that, I’m going to give you another piece of how-to advice that you might find a little shocking and that’s to…

Be Selfish.

what do i want

And I don’t mean selfish in the mean way or the way of the super ego. I mean, ask yourself, “What do I really want for myself before I take everyone else into account?”

Coming at this from the standpoint of “What do I really want?”, what would knock your socks off, what would make you dance with joy if it happened… just think of those kinds of things and then AFTER that, you can figure out how everyone else in your life fits into the picture. But first, Give Yourself Permission To Be Selfish Just This Once.

happy dance

With many people, I find that many of us, especially women, very often have a problem with this, because we’re so tied into taking care of everyone else first. But just for the purpose of this exercise, just this once, give yourself permission to think about yourself first. You’re just thinking about it, no one will ever know and your secret is safe with me that you actually spent a few minutes thinking just about yourself. 

So just take some time to think about the different areas of your life and ask yourself the question: 

if money were no object2

It might be something around your life purpose; it might be having a lot of money fall into your lap so that you could be free to live the kind of life you want to live.

raining money

And then be thinking about what is the kind of life you would love to live? 

Just daydream, let yourself go into that fun space where you’re kind of in between a meditation and being fully awake; let yourself get a little trancey, take some deep breaths and try to see yourself in the mist.  

You might see one or two things, you might see a whole bunch of things. 

You might have something already on your mind that you’ve been thinking about, so give yourself some time to dream about what that might look like, or how that might feel. You might want to think about the different areas of your life: 

live the live you want

Peace and Happiness 

When you ask yourself the question – “If money were no object and there were no possibility of failure, what would I love to be or do or have in my life?” – with regard to my work, wouldn’t that be delicious to give yourself free reign to just daydream about all the possibilities? 

And that’s what you’re going for here. A very important word: 


What would make you feel delicious? Or what would be delicious? 

As thoughts and ideas and images come in, jot them down. You don’t need to make a full blown list for now, you can do that later, just write down enough so that you’ll remember it later – or record it on your phone. 

When you come to the end of your daydream, start thinking about some ways to make these dreams more practical. Start thinking about which is the one that makes you feel most excited? 

And start putting some focus on that. Ask yourself:

What is one thing I could do right now to start making this happen? 

You might be surprised that even though your dream seems far away out there, just doing one thing can make it seem much more real.  

And then take another step.

And then another.

This is how our dreams become our reality. 

But it starts with your Clear Vision.

Give yourself the delicious time, because it really is delicious to do this – to daydream about what you want. Let it start with a dream and then bring it into your reality by… 

Imagining it 
Declaring it 
Defining it 

Dream it, say what it is, and then start defining it by exactly what you want. Define it to the point where you know exactly what it is and where you see it when you close your eyes.  

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You can have the life  AND the relationship you want – I know it.

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