3 Reasons to NOT Do Resolutions and What to Do Instead

It’s January 3rd and if statisticians are correct, many of you have probably broken at least some of your New Year’s Resolutions by now.

But don’t despair, I believe resolutions don’t work and research backs that up.

Here’s the vital question: How can you be happier at the end of 2021?

I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions 22 years ago. The day I decided to do that (or not do that), I felt such a huge relief. And believe it or not, that was one of the most amazing and productive years of my life.

Instead, I do something else (more on that below).

But first, as promised, here are the 3 reasons why I’m advocating you should NOT do New Year’s Resolutions:

1. They don’t work – people don’t keep them
Studies show that only 8% of Americans have stuck to their New Year’s Resolutions by 6 months out. I think it’s actually worse than that. My favorite “New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work” story is from one of my friends who owned a restaurant in Omaha, where I used to live. They had great food and a fabulous salad bar, and over the years, they discovered that on January 2, people ate twice as much salad, because they were acting on their resolution to eat healthier and lose weight. However, by January 3 it was already back to normal, with people ordering the same amount of cheeseburgers, fries, etc. as they had before. Their resolve was only good for one day!

2. They’re so negative – they make you feel bad about yourself
Even though the resolution can be couched in positive terms, such as “I resolve to eat healthier” or “I resolve to be more organized,” what people are actually doing in these situations is going over the behavior they are telling themselves they shouldn’t be doing. “I should stop eating like a pig,” “I should stop being a couch potato.” Even thinking those things about yourself is negative and counterproductive, and doesn’t lead to change.

3. They’re too general and not specific enough – they’re not juicy
Most people are making vague and general resolutions like “I’m going to lose weight,” “I’m going to get more healthy,” “I’m going to be less stressed.” All of these are too general, not specific and not measurable. Getting more specific — “I’m going to lose 25 pounds” or “I’m going to practice yoga twice a week” — tells the brain exactly what you want to have happen and it’s measurable.

But let’s face it. The worst part of most resolutions is they just sound so boring. “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m not going to spend so much money”… They’re boring, not fun, not juicy. That’s why they don’t work. There’s not enough juice to get you going, to get you excited, to get you to take action.

So here’s what I recommend: Set the intention to do something – ONE THING – that’s going to trip your trigger, rev you up and get you excited.

Really spend some time thinking about what is one thing you could do this year that would really make a difference in your life?
That would really make you happy?
That if you did it, you would look back at the end of the year and think, “Wow! Now that was a productive, amazing year.”

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing like achieving world peace, but it needs to be something that interests you, that excites you, that would make you think and feel differently about yourself.

The amazing thing is, that if you do something like this, it will make the usual resolutions start to fall into place. For example, let’s take something big — if you decide you want to run a marathon this year (when it’s finally safe to do that), you will accomplish the following resolutions (which happen to be the top resolutions people make). You will…

  • Get healthier
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink less
  • Probably lose weight
  • Not feel like a couch potato
  • Feel less stress
  • Probably play fewer video games and watch less TV
  • Probably spend less money on things you don’t need
  • Probably make new friends

And you would do it (at least most of it) feeling happy, excited and jazzed, which, of course, is the real reason behind resolutions in the first place — to feel happier at the end of 2021 than you did at the beginning.

And let’s face it, 2020 has been such a downer in so many ways, that it probably won’t take much to have you feel happier at the end of it, so why not really jump in?

What trips your trigger? What gets you revved up? What gets your juices flowing?

Maybe a better question is: What’s holding you back? What’s preventing you from having the most amazing, incredible, fantastic year of your life?

For most people, the answers are: time, money, my job, my family, my husband, my wife, my kids… And now we’ve added COVID to the list.

But what if you didn’t allow for those things to hold you back this year?

The year I stopped making resolutions was the year I started coming to Sedona and doing sessions with the amazing practitioners here. I started the year unhappy, depressed, overweight, hating my work, stressed out, burned out and feeling completely stuck. I ended the year so happy I almost couldn’t see straight!

I started that year thinking and feeling that my life was a total mess. I ended the year feeling so blessed and taken care of. It’s amazing what can happen in the space of a few months.

Did this year make you happier? If it didn’t, are you going to do something about it for next year? This is the decision that is at the heart of all New Year’s resolutions — What can you do to feel happier at the end of this year?

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